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    If Ms. Bradshaw didn’t enjoy Sophie’s set,
she could have simply said, “Sophie B.
Hawkins was the downer of the entertain­
ment" and left it at that. What she wrote was
unnecessary and scathing. And clearly not in
keeping with the enthusiastic response from
the audience.
One can only hope that her comments
don’t leak out to the music community at
large, thereby limiting the opportunities to
attract major artists to Portland Prides of the
future. In closing: Sophie rocks; Lisa can’t
even roll.
1 have no problem with what the adults
wear or do in the parade, but if you are going
to represent a youth service, then there
should be appropriate supervision of the kids.
1 did notice what I believe was a Washington
youth service, and the kids were having just
as much fun but were not put on display in a
sexual manner.
I’m sure I’ll get a lot of flak for this, hut let’s
get real. They are kids, and even if some of them
are older than 18, they are still representing a
youth group.
M a r k e N ielsen
B er n if . C o n s t a n t in e
Being boring
T o t h e E d it o r :
egarding Lisa Bradshaw’s recent article
concerning the Pride festival and her
review of Sophie B. Hawkins: I must say you
are extremely narrow-minded for being a
I really was blown away to hear you said she
was “boring.” I find that interesting coming from
someone with a desk job.
Ms. Hawkins is an exciting, talented and
cute musician. 1 recall she plays around four to
five instruments. She has Grammys and is a
national act. I was tmly grateful that she was
chosen to play our city.
Who really cares about comments, anyway?
The entire gay population is always sharing their
opinions, so she should he able to speak her
mind, tcx). Sophie is honest, and I enjoyed her
perspective on life.
I am so sorry you are so negative. Your whole
article was just that. Maybe next year you won’t
he on the rag.
E lla n a N o rto n
Act your a g e
T o t h e E d it o r :
or the second year in a row, I could not
help hut feel embarrassed for the repre­
sentatives of the Sexual Minority Youth
Recreation C enter in the Portland Pride
parade. For a youth service to display their
kids in a scantily clothed manner and allow
them to make sexual gestures to the crowd is
quite sad.
My partner and I have been together for
six years. We want to get married. We have
always wanted to get married. We can ’t.
* Will we eventually break down and have a
“ceremony” ? Yes. A t Cirque de Celine, possi­
bly. But it’s not marriage, and we all know
My partner and I complained about it to
one another for about four years, then we got
involved this past year in various organizations
that actually work toward the legalization of
same-sex marriage. This has resulted in more of
a feeling of “what I am doing” vs. “what am I to
Does anybody care?
T o t h e E d ito r :
he celebration of Gay Pride in Portland was
on a beautiful, warm, sunny day, hut for me
it was as uncomfortable as can be. As queers
walked around with their lovers and family and
friends, I was lying on the ground under a tree
near the lovely Porta-Pottys.
A sudden case of fixxl poisoning from the
festival food, 1 suspect from the day before,
had left me in anguish. And while I was vio­
lently vomiting as the parade went by, 1
thought to myself, “All these QUEER people
walking past me and not one has asked me if 1
was OK, or if I needed anything, or if they
could help.”
I think I was looking horrible, plus 1 was
on the ground most o f the time because I
couldn’t walk around due to my dehydration.
People lcx)ked at me and just walked on by,
like they were looking through a jewelry store
window. I cried because I felt alone (and
needed help) even though all these people,
who supposedly are my community, didn’t
give a shit.
More than four hours later when I couldn’t
stand to vomit one more time, 1 asked security,
and a nice woman (thank you) called a cab to
the Oregon Health & Science University
emergency nxxn, and 1 was greeted by nurses
and dix:tors. I am sad and disappointed in the
queer community.
So for most, Pride is a time to celebrate
struggles, rights and expression, but do we
care about our own people? As demonstrated
to me so nicely, no we don’t.
lthough 1 haven’t asked him yet, he’s
someone 1 want to spend the rest o f my
life with, and 1 started making plans for a trip
to Canada just as soon as 1 heard the news. It’s
going to be difficult for the United States to
not recognize such marriages, though no
doubt many states will try. My only wish is
that our country had taken the leadership
position on this issue, as a standard bearer for
equality and freedom.
K e it h D aly
B r a n d o n R ic k e
n Marty Davis’ story on politicians who were
present at the Portland Pride parade even
though they were not after our votes this year,
you omitted one who was present [“D in ’t Rain
on My Parade,” June 20|. I was proud to see Rex
Burkholder from the Metro Council present—
not just because he represents me in Northwest
Portland hut because he has been a longtime
supporter of diversity in and out of Metro.
As for those who show and smile when they
need our votes— then fade away when we need
their support— they count on us forgetting and
picking them as the “lesser of two evils" choice
when the next election rolls around. Shame on
Governor Ted, Mayor Vera, the Portland City
Council and other local politicos like Commis­
sioners Serena, Lisa and Diane for supporting
the community only when we can give some­
thing to them (our votes).
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S c o t t S eib er t
Accidents in
the universe
To t h e E d ito r :
’m one of those aging Nxxners. I came out in
my early 20s in South Minneapolis wearing
my flannel shirt and comfortable shoes.
My partner (at the time) and I participat­
ed in the lesbian baby boom and gave birth
to two girls (one now 14, the other 8). With
love and disgust, my 14-year-old likes to refer
to me as a crazy, lesbian, feminist hippie.
(She also wishes I would get a real job, but
I’m a sculptor.) And of course, my spiritual
leanings are decidedly New Age. Therefore,
I’m pretty sure there are no accidents in the
So it came as no surprise to me when I heard
the date that Ontario’s Court of Appeal told
Toronto’s city clerk to issue gay men and les­
bians marriage licenses. It’s Judy G arland’s
In spite of being a lesbian (rather than a
stereotypical gay m an), 1 recognized the date
so quickly only because 14 years ago June 10
a Judy Garland special was on television and
she was singing “Over the Rainbow” in the
602 SE 38th Ave.
Portland, O R 97214
Wed - Sat
f 1 had a partner, I would, but I think recog­
nition of it here would be sporadic. I think
we’re going about this process all wrong, how­
ever. In todays world, “marriage" is a religious
institution, and in that context, we’ve already
won the battle— many churches will happily
marry gay couples. W hat we want is a civil
union that defines the rights and responsibil-
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ities of people joining together to form a sin­
gle household. I think if we stop confusing
the terms and separate the church and the
state as they’re supposed to be, we’ll be much
better off.
A l a n B a t ie
I U nique
it's ME
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• • •
We are not by any means political activists,
hut it does make a difference in our feelings on
it, our awareness. If anyone goes to Canada
with the misconception that their marriage
will be recognized stateside, I would say you
should most likely stay in Canada. Don’t
worry, it’s only a matter of time before I can
smuggle Celine back to her native land...you
may now kiss the groom.
Everything Photographic
To t h e E d ito r :
D y G u lo tta
egon Camera
Cheshire politicians
predict will be the afterm ath of the
U S . Supreme Court's decision in
Laurence vs. T exas? Should
homophobes start waving their
white flags, or is this only the first
of many battles in Justice Antonin
Scalia's so-called “ cultural w ar"?
(Please see related item on
Page l .) Respond at
ivww.justout.com. (Don't forget to
include your nam e, city and
daytime telephone num ber.)
I G arden
l A rt ,
G ifts
& M ore
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