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    2 ▼ jun * 16. 199 9 ▼ Just out
just out
steppin’ out
sin c e 198 3
VOL. 12 NO. 16 JUNE 16,1995
Renée LaChance
Ariel Waterwoman
Inga Sorensen
The true story of
two girls in tuxes
Kristine Chatwood
( P - 19)
Pride events: a recap
Linda Kliewer
(p. 21)
Amazon Dragons
make waves
Meg Grace
(PP- 22-23)
E. Ann Hinds
C. Jay Wilson Jr.
E. Ann Hinds
World news
Norwegian queers are booted
from peace march
Rupert Kinnard
Kelly M. Bryan
(P- 6)
National news
Jann Gilbert
Ambling Bear
An art show featuring the work o f 18 dyke artists enhances ‘‘Lesbian Visibility ” in Portland. The show
is at the Justice Center window gallery, Southwest Second at Madison Street, through June 30.
Teri Ventura
guest editorial
Kelly M. Bryan
Kristine Chatwood
AI Kielwasser
Risa Krivd
Andrea L.T. Peterson
Bob Roehr
Richard Shumate
C. Jay Wilson Jr.
Rex Wockner
are available
Local news
Rural and urban HIV/AIDS
providers vie for equal shares
(pp. 13-15)
Kids o f gay and lesbian
parents can join a new club
The spirit of pride
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Each year Lesbian and Gay Pride celebrations have increased in size
and complexity; this year is no exception
Eighth Mountain Press
celebrates 10 years
(p- 17)
by Susan Leo
tives from as many groups in the community as we could think
t is with great pride and joy that Pride Northwest Inc.
of. We held meetings and we called people. We listened and we
brings the 20th anniversary Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and
went to work.
Transgender Pride Parade, Rally and Festival to our
The community wanted to get back to Waterfront Park and
community. Mindful of the successes and mistakes of the
we worked hard to make that happen. We wanted everybody to
past, and with a clear commitment to the future, the men
be in the parade, so we made it free. We wanted to have as many
and women of this year’s Pride Northwest Board and Commit­
tee worked for more than eight months to produce an event that
groups and community businesses as possible at the festival, so
would be fun, accessible and representative of as much of the
we lowered the rates to record lows, and we worked with groups
community as possible.
to make the booths even more affordable when that proved
necessary. This year’s rally has over 150 booths— many more
Twenty years ago, a mere handful of queers gathered to­
than any Portland Pride festival has had! We tried to balance the
gether in the South Park Blocks—as if "mere" and “handful of
politicians and the entertainment and provide mike time to
queers" belong in a sentence together. We came to celebrate our
people who hadn’t been heard from last year. As Oregon’s
lives and our community in the ways we could with the re­
sources and opportunities available to us at the time. And almost
largest Lesbian and Gay Pride festival, we wanted to recognize
the good work being done throughout the state, and next year we
every year since, we have claimed the third weekend in June as
ours. First with fairs, then rallies, then marches and dances and
will take nominations for such community honors as Grand
picnics. Pride festivities and events have increased every year in
Marshals and the Spirit of Pride Awards.
number and in complexity.
This was. in many ways, a watershed year for Lesbian and
Gay Pride: Faced with a debt from past years of more than
This year’s Lesbian and Gay Pride weekend was the culmi­
$6,000, we raised enough money through events, grants (thanks,
nation of months of work by a remarkable group of 20 men and
Equity Foundation) and sponsorships from community busi­
women, with ties to virtually every element of our community
nesses to clear the good fiscal name of our community and to
and with a commitment to make Lesbian and Gay Pride bigger
give us a running start at Pride 1996. We want to thank everyone
and even better. While we each knew at least one person on the
for all their support, and we invite you to become a part of Pride
committee, most others were complete strangers. But we went
Northwest Inc.
to meetings and. over time, we figured out not only how to talk
to one another, but also how to trust. We knew from the
beginning that as diverse as we were, we still weren’t every­
Susan Leo is the chairwoman of Pride Northwest Inc.
body—so we created an advisory board made up of representa-
Oregon Gay and Lesbian Film
Fest ends post-Pride doldrums
(p- 31)
In the Life at last
(p- 32)
Gay Lives to counter hate
(P- 33)
A profound new playwright;
a delicious spoof
(pp. 34-35)
Kate Bomstein, gender outlaw
(p. 36)
Does Liz Smith have nothing
better to do?
(p. 37)