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    Community notes
Juniper House is a place to live, not a place to die. Communities
o f Women Art Gallery grant expands base.
The public is welcome to purchase from or
contribute to the bike box. The proceeds will go
to the Cascades AIDS Project to help their
work in education, research and support for
people with AIDS and their friends.
Communities of Women
Art Gallery
Juniper House
he idea of being an artist, to some of us, is
very romantic. Long days spent painting
have to admit, I was a little scared at the
or drawing in some tropical paradise — or liv­
thought o f walking into a house with termi­
ing in Paris where many well known artists have
nally ill patients. It wasn't the AIDS that scared
great works of art. But the realities of
me — it was the thought of dying at such a
being an artist are quite different, especially if
young age. But once I walked into the house
and was greeted with warm friendly smiles, I
you are a woman.
Along with the fact that women artists, in
felt right at home.
most cases, have to work much harder than men
Juniper House is “ a place to come live, not a
to gain the same amount of recognition, most
place to die,” says Doug Foland with a happy,
galleries and museums discriminate against wo­
tired look on his face. Doug is the resident
men artists.
manager o f Juniper House, a facility which
Kam ila A l-N ajjar
According to a recent article in the Village
provides adult foster care for patients with
Staff Reporter
AIDS who can no longer care for themselves
“ Collectors traditionally stay away
A recent U ofO graduate in journalism, Kamila
and who do not have a support person to care for
from women’s work . . . [Georgia] O'Keeffe
is the youngest Just Out staffer. Kamila grew up
to be dead and buried before the Na­
them at home.
in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.
tional Gallery in D.C. would give her a
Doug says that the main goal of Juniper House
is to have a comfortable home setting. Instead
on the Oregon Coast.
With this kind of discrimination, women’s
o f the isolation which patients experience in
Camp Westwind is a private facility with a
hospitals. Juniper House emphasizes the hos­
has not achieved the high market value com­
two-mile secluded beach, hiking trails, canoe­
pared to their male counterparts.
pice concept of care for house residents.
ing. horseback riding, rustic cabins and lodges.
Next d(X>r to the Juniper House is Assisi
In Portland, however, there is an
Men by the Sea is a retreat designed to be
House, which opened in October. Assisi House
currently being made to help women
whatever each person desires, whether it is
will provide a place for newly diagnosed AIDS/
gain access to art resources and assist them in
meeting new people or being alone.
ARC residents who are able to do the activities
acquiring skills needed to pursue their artistic
The retreat will be facilitated by Don Posten,
of daily living for themselves.
The woman responsible for this is
M .S. W. The fee is a sliding scale of $60-
With help of many volunteers and the combi­
Dianna Long, who strongly believes that wo­
120 and includes all meals and lodging.
nation of both houses, Doug says that they are
men in the community need a space to feel
Call (503) 223-8299 to register.
building a family-style community to make life
welcome and a place to exhibit their art w ithout
typical limitations placed on them.
much more comfortable for PWAs.
“ There are less slots for women artists in the
community, if you are a woman of color or a
he Bicycle Repair Collective, located on
lesbian, people don’t want to talk to you. Gal­
hoenix Rising is sponsoring a weekend
S.E. 45th and Belmont Street, has set up a
leries go for trend, things that are popular. . .A
retreat on December 4-6 at Camp West-
box for recycling working bike parts to benefit lot o f women’s art is not acceptable to these
w ind. located at the mouth of the Salmon River the Cascade AIDS Project.
people . . . ” Dianna said in a recent interview.
A Metropolitan Arts Commission grant was
awarded to Dianna for a Communities of Wo­
men Art Show. The show will feature women
from many different walks of life in our com­
munities with no restrictions based upon
income, color or lifestyle.
At present there is a grant proposal to the
McKenzie River Gathering Foundation to fund
the bare bones of Communities of Women Art
G allery's First five months. The grant requires
that COWAG will develop a board of directors
and hire staff to produce a networking party to
introduce emerging artists to gallery owners.
Their plan also includes implementation of
three other shows: The Inspirational Show,
messages from older women artists to younger
or newer women artists; Women of Color Art
Exhibition; and the Fourth Annual Lesbian Art
Movement Show.
Atlantean Treasures is your Westside crystal book­
The proposed gallery hopes to gain support
from the community, especially minority and
store. We offer a warm atmosphere for beginners to
alternative lifestyle women, to crossover into
advanced students. We carry a large variety of books
the larger art scene.
The initial Communities of Women Art
Bicycle Repair Collective
Men in the Woods
and crystals, and can supply you items for your
personal growth.
Show will take place at Art Down the Alley
G allery/Percy’s Liveable Art Studio on 3764
S.E. Hawthorne Boulevard. The opening
reception is scheduled for Tuesday, November
17. from 7-9 p.m. A performance piece,
“ Joan o f A rc” by Carolyn Gage, is planned for
November 27 and an evening of talks, “ Wo­
men in the Arts — What It’s Really Like,” is
scheduled for December 11, at 7:00 p.m. The
show will close on December 31.
For more information regarding the Show or
Gallery, contact Dianna Long at 234-2054 or
235-0654, or write P.O. Box 42624, Portland,
Oregon 97242.
Lesbian mothers and
childrens group forms
ver 70 women and children overflowed
the Banquet Room at Old W ives’ Tales
for the first monthly Sunday brunch o f a new
group for lesbian mothers and their children,
and other women who have or want to have
children in their lives.
At the Sunday brunches, women can assem­
ble into smaller, special interest groups. The
next brunch is on Sunday, November 8 from 10
a.m . to 1 p.m. atN W Service Center, 1819NW
Everett, lower level. Sliding scale for brunch is
women $2 to $5, children free.
A Halloween Party was the first of a series of
women and children’s holiday celebrations be­
ing planned The next is a Thanksgiving Dinner
on Thursday, November 26. For location and
food coordination, call 282-1529.
In addition to celebrations for Channukah
and Christmas, one project is an early evening
New Year's Eve party for both women and
Participation by women of color is particu­
larly invited, as the group would like to have
cultural celebrations by making use of school
holidays such as Martin Luther King’s birthday
for joint childcare and a meaningful observance,
or for Cinco de Mayo and other holidays.
For a group that has not even named itself
yet, the new women’s and children’s organiza­
tion is off to a fast start.
An interests survey now being circulated has
several dozen proposed activities. To receive a
copy or for further information, call 282-1529
or write Women and Children’s Group, 2717
NE Hancock, Portland 97212.
A secret garden
n November 27th, “ A Secret Garden,”
located on 33rd and Belmont Street will
re-open selling Christmas trees, house plants
and various handmade gifts.
Patrick Landels and Phil Dube started “ A
Secret G arden” last December selling Christ­
mas trees and were succesful enough to restart
their open-air plant and flower garden this past
April. “ A Secret Garden” will be open through
December and will re-open again in April with a
full array of flowers and plants.
Classes offered monthly:
Spiritual unfoldm ent I & II
Crystal classes
Spiritual healing
Hours: Mon. - Thursday
12:00 - 8:00 PM
1 2 :0 0 * 6 :0 0 PM
1 2 :0 0 -6 : 00 PM
Counseling by appointm ent only.
4 7 0 9 S.W. Beaverton Hwy., Portland, OR 97221
Jusl Out • ® • November. I*#t7