Just out. (Portland, OR) 1983-2013, March 30, 1984, Page 9, Image 9

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W om en w ho w ant to q u it sm oking ca n
a tte n d a free, introductory seminar, spon­
sored b y BrecrttieFree, a t 10 a.m ., 1 p.m.
or 3 p.m . in room 510 o f the G alleria, SW
9th a n d Alder. Feel free to bring your c ig ­
C om e d a n c e to the sw inging b a n d S/s-
ter Tomato from 8:30 to 12:30 a t Reed
C ollege Commons. There'll b e tangos,
waltzes, swing, hot jazz a n d blues from
the 30s a n d 40s. C om e hear songs like
Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That
Swing a n d Storm y Weather p la y e d with
spice b y one o f Portland's to p Women's
bands. D on't miss the D ance o f a Lifetime.
W heelchair accessible a n d signed for the
hearing im paired. C over ch a rg e is $3.50
a n d $1.75 for Reed students. Be there or b e
Wlndflre, a support group for gay, les­
b ia n a n d bisexual youth, meets a t 2:30
p.m . in O ld W ilves' Tales b a n q u e t/
m eeting room , 1300 E. Burnside.
W om en w ho w ant to stop sm oking ca n
b e g in w ith a free introductory seminar,
sponsored by BreafheFree, a t 10 a.m., 2
p.m ., 6 p.m . or 8 p.m. in Room 510 of the
G a lle ria a t SW 9th a n d Alder. Feel free to
b rin g your cigarettes.
Auditions for E very thin g in the Garden by
Edw ard A lb e e w ill b e held Tuesday. The
p ro d u ctio n w ill b e d ire cte d by Jerry Leith
a n d w ill run from M ay 25 to June 30. C all
Portland C ivic Theatre for details,
G ay Males Together (GMT) m eet at
7 :30 p.m. a t the PSU Smith Center, room
229, to pro vid e a forum to discuss issues of
im p o rta n ce to g a y men.
Echo Theatre presents its first annual
Choreographers Showcase a t 8 p.m. at
1515 SE 37th Avenue. In the spirit of support­
in g Portland's ta le n te d artistic com m unity
the Echo is featuring the works of several
lo c a l choreographers. Tickets are $3.50 at
the door.
Portland artist Ronna Neuenschwander
w ill g ive a slide presentation a n d talk
a b o u t her recent adventures in Timbuktu
a t 7 :30 p.m. a t Northwest Artists Workshop.
522 NW 12th. Ronna's experience an d re­
search in Timbuktu focuses on the Salt
C a m el Caravans, follow ing the salt trade
through Timbuktu through M ali, one o f the
last rem aining ca m e l caravans in the
photo bu Art Thompson
NW Repertory C om pany presents 1984 o p e n in g A pril 4. From left, Anna Donner as the
la nd la dy. Bill Merkins as Winston a n d Karen L. Hallm ark as Julia.
w orld. Admission is $3.50 a n d $2.50 for
NWAW members. A reception w ill follow
the presentation.
The Kathleen Tracy Band, a Seattle
b a s e d wom en's group, is com ing to Port­
land. Judy's, 1431 N.E. Broadway, an d
Strega Productions present tw o concerts,
A pril 13th a n d 14th. The shows start a t 8:30
p.m . Admission w ill b e $3.00.
The b a n d is prom oting their prem iere
ta p e release, "Signature" w hich will b e
a v a ila b le a t the concerts.
Kathleen a n d her b a n d com b in e o rig i­
nal b a lla d s, R&B, quasi-country a n d rock
to p ro d u c e a unique sound. Their tunes
a re u p b e a t, p o ig n a n t a n d hard hitting.
None are disappointing. Don't miss this
opportunity to hear a versatile a n d
ta le n te d wom en's b a n d !
Northwest Artists Workshop a n d Vir­
ginia C afe are c o lla b o ra tin g on a "Buck
D a y" on S aturda/, from 2 until 8 p.m. The
d a y is cen tere d around a Napkin Art Con­
test w ith over $500 in prize money.
Artists a n d hopefuls are en cou rag ed to
b rin g their pens a n d pencils a n d try for the
prize money. Each hour there w ill b e a
“ q u ic k sketch" com p etitio n, with the w in­
ning entries ju d g e d against ea ch other a t
the e n d of the day. Prizes in this category
are $150 for first p la c e , $50 for second
p la c e , a n d $25 for third p la ce . For the
h a rd co re entrants who w ant to drink and
d ra w a ll d a y long, there is an "unlim ited
tim e " c a te g o ry with prizes set a t $200 for
first p la c e , $75 for second p la c e , an d $25
for third p la ce .
M eg Christian w ill b e perform ing a t the NW Service Center, Saturday, April 21st a t 8 p.m .
Seating is lim ited to 1000 people. See Just Entertainment for m ore inform ation.
Just Out, March 30-April 13