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Theresa Demeresta ppears a t 8:30 p.m.
a t Judy’s, 15th a n d NE Broadway. $1
cove r charge.
The Elizabeth Leach Gallery opens
an exhibition o f lim ited edition etchings at
8 p.m . a t the gallery, 207 SW Pine. Richard
Diebenkom a n d W illiam Wiley, both
m a jo r west coast artists, will show through
A pril 14. Diebenkom is a Portland native
a n d has established his reputation on his
Ocean Park series. W iley's works de al
m ore with the la nd scap e of the m ind than
the visual terrain w hich inspires D ieben­
kom. For inform ation c a ll 224-0521.
Shakespeare's rarely p ro d u ce d "p ro b ­
lem c o m e d y /' All's Well That Ends Well,
opens a t 8 p.m. a t The New Rose
Theatre, 904 SW M ain. The play will run
Thursdays through Saturdays through April
28. Sunday discussion m atinees are
sche du le d for 2 p.m. M arch 25 and April
8 .
Peter Fomara directs the com edy,
w hich exam ines m oral issues in a society
with m oral problem s. O pening night
tickets a re $11 a n d a ll other perform ances
a re $8. Tickets are a v a ila b le through all
TicketLink outlets, 227-4080, or through
The New Rose box office, 222-2487.
The Northwest Film Study Center’s
7th Portland International Film Festival
continues. Today see The Marathon Fam­
ily from Yugoslavia a t 7 p.m. a n d Luden
Brouillard, a C a n a d ia n film , a t 9:15 p.m.
The festival continues through M arch 25.
C a ll 221-1156 for details.
Portland Civic Theatre presents
Picnic, the story of a young penniless drifer
a n d a sm all tow n girl, a t 8 p.m . on the
M ainstage. The p la y opens tonight and
runs Thursdays through Saturdays through
A pril 21. Robert Nielsen directs the play, by
W illiam Inge. Tickets are $6.50, $5.50 for
students a n d seniors. C all 226-3048 for
The Runner Stumbles continues to play
a t 8 p.m . in Portland Civic Theatre’s Blue
Room. The explosive mystery, by M ilan
Stitt, is set in a rem ote C a th o lic parish in
Northern M ichigan. Bill Dobson directs.
See The Runner Stumbles Thursdays
through Saturdays through M arch 24.
Tickets are $6.50, $5.50 for students an d
seniors. C a ll 226-3048 for reservations.
Laurie Holland plays Rita in
The R unner S tum bles
Sumus Theatre Ensemble presents
Artichoke a t 8 p.m. in the Bonneville Power
A uditorium , 1002 NE Holliday. Joanna
G lass' work involving a C a n a d ia n farm
fam ily a n d their resolution of a long­
standing crisis shows on selected dates
through M arch 31. Tickets are $7, $5 for
students a n d seniors a n d are a v a ila b le in
a d v a n c e from TicketLink locations. C all
Lovesong, A Springtime Serenade, the
e ig h t perform ers b le n d co m e d y a n d
d a n c e into an energ etic series of humor­
ous story ballets a n d c o m ic d a n c e
sketches. The production, choreo­
g ra p h e d by Bob Bowyer, uses b a lle t, jazz,
m odem d a n c e a n d m im e. Tickets are
$12, $10, $9 a n d $8 a n d are a v a ila b le at
C elebrity Attractions, the auditorium box
o ffice , Gl Joes' a n d Stevens & Son. Ameri­
can Ballet Comedy w ill a p p e a r for one
perform ance only.
Windfire. a ra p group for lesbian, gay
a n d bisexual youth, m eets a t 2:30 p.m. in
O ld W ives'Tales b a n q u e t/m e e tin g room,
1300 E. Burnside.
Metropolitan Community Church
presents the M.C.C. C offeehouse a t 8 and
10 p.m . a t Judy's. Broadw ay a n d NE 15th.
Adm ission to either show is $3. C hildcare
w ill b e a v a ila b le a t M.C.C., NE 24th and
Broadw ay.
The Pink Party and Happening begins at
8 p.m . a t the Echo Theater, 1515 SE 37th.
D ance a n d enjoy hair art, DJ'ed w ave
a n d d a n c e music, art, cotton ca n d y and
more. For w om en only. Admission is $3.
Portland G ay Men’s Chorus’ 19th m ajor
pro du ction , features a colorful p a le tte of
am orous Am ericana. See it a t 8 p.m. in the
Benson High School Aluditorium , 546 NE
12th Ave. Tickets are $6 a t the door or from
Sensorium, Forward Gear, Roxy Heart's,
Som ebody's Place, Dugan's. C.C.
Slaughter's or any Hult Center outlet.
American Ballet Comedy makes its
Portland d e b u t a t 8 p.m. a t C ivic
A uditorium under the auspices of
C elebrity Attractions. The com pany of
A b e n e fit for actors in the production
The Runner Stumbles w ill b e held a t 7
p.m . C a ll 226-3048 for reservations.
Beyond Utopia shows a t 2 p.m. and
Mama, I’m Alive shows a t 7 p.m. as part of
the Portland International Film Festival.
C a ll 221-11156.
A p a n e l o f w om en ages 25 a n d under
w ill share co m in g out experiences and
explore the to p ic Young Lesbians a t the
Robert Motherwell's Graphics
Portland Art Museum
Æ A qq 129,1984
Ju*» Out, March 16 -March 30