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“That’s a great button!”
"Where did you get that button?”
And my favorite, "Reagan for ex-president.”
These are just some of the reactions I’ve had to this button I’ve been wearing for the past
several months. The comments have come form all age groups, from teenagers to senior
citizens, and not one person has been negative.
But getting the Reagan gang out of Washington takes more than talk. It takes involvement in
the electoral process and working for candidates who believe in social change.
The first step in the process is registering to vote. The next step is familiarizing oneself with
candidates and their views. Then getting involved and voting is, of course, the most important
Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980 by approximately 25% of the eligible voters and he
called that a mandate. I believe all that dismal turnout proved was that the majority of voters in
this country believed themselves to be disenfranchised. And Reagan confirmed it
So, if you are worse off now than you were three years ago, it’s time to do something about it.
Register, get involved, and vote!
Jay Brown. Editor
______ _______
Woman's Place
just that
Dear Just Out.
h saddened me to read over the “W omen’s
Center" controversy in the last issue of Just
O ut. In Holly Hart’s response to the accusa­
tion that Old Wives’ Tales is not a W omen’s
Center, she proceeded to defend herself by
affirming that maybe two very reputable
wom en’s organizations, A Woman's Place
Bookstore and Portland W omen’s Health
Clinic should not be called as such because
of their inadequacy to fully meet a ll women’s
needs. Specifically, referring to A Woman's
Place as “A Lesbian Place,” not a Women’s
A W om an’s Place Bookstore carries the
largest selection of lesbian literature in Port­
land! I’m so glad we can be so supportive to
the Lesbian and Gay community! Fifty per­
cent of the clientele are lesbian or gay and
fifty percent of our volunteer workers are les­
bian. Does this then mean we do not support
all women? Our Science Fiction section is as
large as our lesbian section, and sells just as
well, yet no one, as of yet, has claimed we are
catering to “science fictionists.” All too much
emphasis has been put on sexual preference.
It's not THAT important!
What is im portant is the time and energy
wasted squabbling amongst ourselves!
BRAVA! To the dedicated women and men on
both sides of this issue, for putting time and
energy into W omen’s issues, in the first place,
b u t social concerns, especially in this day
and age are such th at without a consolidated
effort on all our parts we may lose (very soon)
everything to the New Right and Reaganom­
ics, we worked so hard to g e t Let’s stop
in-fighting and support one another’s efforts,
before we destroy ourselves and the small
dent we've been able to accomplish. I know
we can do it! Good People— we are all on the
same side, remember?
In support.
Sarah Koehl
A Woman s Place Bookstore
Just Out-
Regarding the “investigation” of the con­
troversy about Old Wives Tales in your Feb.
17 issue. My roommate, Naomi, and I were
fired from our jobs there late last year. After
some misunderstandings and legal hassles
about getting our unemployment benefits,
we both found other jobs and moved on in
our lives. Rosanne King, a reporter for Just
Out, called and asked Naomi if she wanted to
talk to her about Old Wives’ Tales. Naomi
declined, saying that she didn’t want to deal
with it anymore. Rosanne said something to
the effect of — Holly said such and such
about you — and baited Naomi into giving
her side of the story. At the end of the conver­
sation, Rosanne asked Naomi if she could
use her name in the story. Naomi said no, not
unless she saw the article first Rosanne went
ahead and published the story, although
neither Naomi or I gave permission to have
information about us published in Just Out.
We feel like we have already worked hard to
get over the negative experiences we had
with OWT, and that we didn’t want to be
dragged around in this tiring controversy
anymore. There is no use in debating Holly s
side versus our side in print We feel that it
was very unprofessional for Rosanne to use
information that Naomi did not want to share
in the first place. We really don’t care what
happens at O W T now, and we feel psychically
exhausted and wounded by the whole thing.
— Maggie Cloud