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Thendara House
Reviewed by M arty Conway
Another in the Darkover series, Thendara
House is the journey of discovery for its two
main characters; Magda, a Terran intelligence
officer and Jaelle, a member of the Guild of
Renunciates — Free Amazons. Through an
oath, the women change places stepping
into a world and culture as different as night is
to day.
Magda, hiding her Terran heritage, must
learn to accept her strength and inner sense
of self to become a free Amazon. Just when
she has started to feel secure in Thendara
House, a violent confrontation with a man
and his two hired mercenary swordsmen
puts her place in the Guild into jeopardy as
she unknowingly violates an honor code.
Jaelle, raised as a free Amazon, marries as
a freemate to a Terran intelligence officer
previously married to Magda. Believing in her
G ay/lesbian
poll shows
am bivalence
In a recent nationwide telephone survey,
52 percent of the gay people asked said they
support anti-discrimination laws for gay
people, and 47 percent said they would not
let a candidate’s homosexuality influence
their decision to vote for that person, accord­
ing to a newspaper poll.
The nationwide telephone survey of 1653
people showed that 44 percent said they
know someone who is gay, but about two-
thirds said they were “ unsympathetic" to the
homosexual community.
Laws banning job discrimination against
gay people were supported by more than half
of those polled in the nationwide survey. Sup­
port for non-discrimination laws was appreci­
ably higher in California. A separate telephone
survey of 1889 Californians indicated that the
state may be the most hospitable to gay
people. O f those surveyed, 58 percent said
they did not oppose gay and lesbian lifestyles;
37 percent said they did.
love for her mate, she begins to question her
oaths taken at Thendara House, only to find
she is becoming his property.
The discoveries Magda and Jaelle make
about their lives and their love for each other
eventually bring them into a life threatening
Definitely not the best work of Marion Zim­
mer Bradley, Thendara House is a book to
be read and thought about Although this
work starts slowly it will definitely keep you
interested. What was distressing about this
story is that even though it is set in futuristic
times it contains the sexism, racism and vio­
lence we see in the world around us today.
Homphobia is still a problem, even in
Thendara House amongst the free Amazons,
who take the oath, “And I further swear that
the members of the Guild of Free Amazons
shall be to me, each and every one, as my
mother, my sister or my daughter, bom of
one blood with me, and that no woman
The nationwide poll showed that opposi­
tion to lesbian and gay lifestyles was prom i­
nent; 52 percent opposed while 44 percent
did no t The East was the only region where
more than half said they approve of homo­
Anti-gay feelings were strongest in the
South and the West, and among funda­
mentalist religionists. More women than men
said they knew gay people and were more
positive about gays.
The poll showed that there is strong re­
sentment in some parts of the country to the
increased political organizing by lesbians and
gay men. Those polled said they were un­
sympathetic to lesbians and gay men as a
group, and 46 percent said they were "very
unsympathetic." Roman Catholics were gen­
erally more tolerant of lesbians and gay men
than were Protestants.
The polls were conducted by the Los
Angeles Times; the nationwide poll between
September 17 and 22 and the California poll
between October 15 and 20. The nationwide
poll is calculated to have a 3 percent margin
of error and the California poll a 2 percent
margin of error.
sealed by oath to the Guild shall appeal to me
in vain.” (Excerpt from the Oath of the Free
Perhaps Thendra House was meant to
show what the future could and would hold if
we do not work to change things today.
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