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    P R O F
Band does more
than iust come out
and play
by Eoe Sicutar
Several years ago, the cry arose for a loud,
proud, joyous expression by Portland's les­
bian and gay community, and a group of
musical individuals organized to give the an­
nual June march its own Lesbian and Gay
Pride Marching Band. Today the group lives
on, and this year's band is making music all
year round. The band is serious (but never
too serious) about performing much more
than once a year, and the tunes played are not
your average marching music. For recent
gigs at Judy’s and the Lesbian Forum, the
hits were "Midnight Soul Patrol," "The Wil­
liam Tell Overture" (a.k.a. the Lone Ranger
theme song) and, still to be perfected for
MTV, "Beat It" And while this year the 20-
member band is the largest yet, new mem ­
bers are being sought.
This year's band organizers are currently
arranging for a spring and late winter per­
formance schedule to include various types
of appearances. The band's purpose is to
entertain both players and listeners, and in
the process, to educate both. Besides giving
audiences a positive view of lesbians and
gays in light of their talents, the band is a way
for members to improve or revive their musi­
cianship in a relaxed atmosphere. People
with skills other than music are also involved,
and their help is encouraged (for information
on becoming a “band aide," read on).
A frequent story heard among musicians
in the band is that when they came out of the
closet, a xylophone, saxophone or sousa-
phone was left behind gathering dust.
Through this group, they have been able to
reclaim a part of their past they had thought
lost forever; rusty skills were polished up for
several members for the first time since
grade school. And while the band is not able
to train beginners from .scratch, several clas­
sical musicians have joined the brass and
percussion sections and learned to play in­
struments helped by their previous keyboard
and guitar experience. The band can use
players of all sorts: besides the instruments
previously mentioned, people are sought for
trumpet, cornet, trombone, French horn,
clarinet, oboe, flute, baritone, drums and
percussion. And if the only thing you need to
make your talents heard in the band is the
instrument itself, get in touch with an
organizer at the numbers listed below. What
you need may be located through our musi­
cal grapevine (it worked for me and my snare
drum; call soon'for prompt action).
Besides musicians, the band is looking for
people to form banner and uniform commit­
tees, and to work with us in promotion, or­
ganization and fund-raising. A drill team may
be getting together and for added excite­
ment, any ex- or would-be cheerleaders are
invited to do their stuff. Finally, anyone who’s
All Gay
for men and women
Members o f P.L.G. Community Band with
interested in being on hand for the thousand
and one things that need to be done at a gig,
is most welcome to be an official Band-Aide
For information on any and all aspects of
joining the Portland Lesbian & Gay Pride
Marching Band, call 287-3260 (one of our
fearless leaders cannot be as out as to put a
name in print but emphasizes that commit­
ment to the band is a way of being heard and
seen, possibly masked, at the march and
certain other gigs) or 23 3-1206 (Kristan). For
musicians, rehearsals are most Thursday
nights from 7 til 9 p.m. at M t Tabor Middle
School, located at S.E. 58th and Oak. Phone
for details, and to check whether we re prac­
ticing on any given Thursday. (Post-rehearsal
socializing after nine o’clock can be counted
on since the band that plays together stays
together.) For further news of upcoming gigs
and rehearsals, check the calendar of this
JGLY 31st
Sailing out of Nassau
Van Nuys/In Touch Travel
1600 SW 4th, Ste. 120
Portland, OR 97201
2 2 5 -0 0 6 4 ask for David
Toll free in Oregon 1 -8 0 0 -4 5 2 -9 4 4 6
Just Out January 20-February 3