The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, October 25, 1890, Page 173, Image 12

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are most abundant has retarded the growth of the lumbering Industry in that
region. These very necessary adjuncts of development are being supplied
gradually, and with tbem this heretofore dormant resoucre is being made to
yield up a portion of its wealth. One of the first lines to penetrate the fast
nesses of the Cascade range is the Oregon Pacific road building eastward from
Ytquina bay through the mountains and across Eastern Oregon to a connec
tion with some transcontinental line. The lumber business being opened
up by this road has already assumed important proportions, and promises
next year to be materially increased.' Several new saw mills have been
built in that region this summer and others are in course of construction, as
also a number of lumber chutes and log ways. The timber along the North
Santiam is not surpassed by any on the coast. It consists principally of
yellow fir with some white pine, hemlock, oak and maple. Long train
loads of lumber are daily shipped from the various saw mills along the road
to be distributed to various points in the Willammette valley and for export
to California and other markets. This business will admit of almost un
limited expansion as the supply of timber is practically inexhaustible.
At present there is, perhaps no other avocation that attract so much
attention, and creates so much general interest as does the searching for
the precious metals. Of course the principal interest rests with gold, and
any direct and positive knowledge that helps in the finding of that metal is
of great bent fit and eagerly fought after. Most of the fundamental attri
butes of this are well understood, but a constant recurrence to those testa
will often save dissppointment to prospectors. Science Ntwt gives the well
known teste with other Information. It says that many cheap alloys of
base metals can be made which very strongly resemble gold in color and
luster; but, in the absence of a complete chemical test, the high specific
gravity of gold (19.3) is the best test of its purity, though this has been in
geniously Imitated by covering the heavy but cheaper metal, platinum,
with a layer of gold. Iron pyrites and other yellowish minerals are con
stantly being mistaken for gold, by inexperienced persons, but a very sim
ple test will show whether a doubtful specimen is really the true metal.
Gold on be shaved with a knife, like a piece of wood or horn j while py
rites and other worthless minerals will crumble under the knife. Very few
chemicals have any fleet on gold. Selenic acid will dissolve It, but few
chemists have ever seen this very rare substance. A mixture of nitric and
hydro-chloric acids will distolve It, as will, also, a solution of chlorine gas
in water. Any of these chemical reductions, however, are very unstable
and as the metal is never destroyed it is easily restored to Its solid form.
Pure gold is never changed by heating in the open air. The only abso
lutely safe way of determining the value of metal, however, is to submit it
to a practical assayer, who Is accustomed to such work, as many details
are required to establish its identity which may not be carried out by the
Let it be said to the credit of the city of Portland and her enterprising
merchants, that our Industrial Exposition this season is unquestionably
more complete and attractive than any similar undertaking on the coast.
No pains or expense have been spued by the management or the exhibitors
to make the exhibition a pronounced success.
The visitors to the exposition undoubtedly hardly realise how much la
bor and expense have been devoted to making the exhibits interesting and
attractive. The goods displayed were, many of them, largely manufactured
especially (or the exposition, requiring months In their preparation, while
much time was necessary to artistically aud attractively arrange the dis
plays; hence, it is undoubtedly due to Portland's enterprising merchants
that visitors to the exposition should make more than a passing examina
tion of the various displays; particularly is this true as regards the exhibits
of Staver & Walker, the leading dealers in machinery and vehicles on the
Pacific coast.
The carriage display of this company occupies the entire south eud of
machinery hall gallery, and is undoubtedly one of the most artlstio and
elaborate displays of the entire exposition. The decorations are particularly
beautiful, the white and gold blending harmoniously, and, under the
brilliant electric lights, setting forth to splendid advantage the stylish
" Tandem " outfit and the elegant Coupes, Rockaways, Landaus, Victoria
Phivtons, Extension Top Cabriolets and other finely-finished vehicles dis
played therein ; also the fine exhibit of the celebrated Tompkins A Mande
ville harness, robes, whips and horse goods and carriage furnishings.
This exhibit of Staver 4 Walker is undoubtedly the most artistic and
complete display of the kind ever seen in the west, and compares favorably
with the elaborate displays in the large eastern cities. The exhibit, as a
whole, is in keeping with the acknowledged reputation of Staver & Walker
as leaders in fine carriages and harness on the Pacific coast.
Their machinery exhibit occupies the entire northeast corner of Ma
chinery hall proper, and is replete with interesting features, prominent
among which will be noticed a splendidly-finished Chandler A Taylor self
contained engine; Snell A Meharg vertical engine, Charles P. Willard A
Co. 's marine engines, all in operation; also a Ross feed cutter, Perfection
water elevator and purifying pump, Bucyrus brick and tile elevator, Ray-
mond Perfection re-press, with some finely-finished specimens of ornamen
tal tiling. A Pulsometer steam pump, discharging a large volume of water,
attracts the attention of all passers by, and is a marvel of ingenuity and
mechanical skill. They have, also, displayed a pyramid of the Menasha
wood split pulleys, Chicago Rubber Works belting, American leather belt
ing, Ohlen saws, and In fact, a large and varied line of the machinery, ve
hicles and supplies for which they are general northwestern agents, and
which are in general use to-day throughout the entire northwest, being rec
ognized as the standard of excellence wherever introduced.
All visitors to Portland will undoubtedly find it to their interest and ad
vantage to call at the headquarters of Staver & Walker, at the New Market
Block, where they will find displayed the most varied and complete stock
of machinery and vehicles handled by any one house In the United States.
They carry everything required by the farmer, stockman, millman, and
orchardist in the pursuit of his labors, and by the Introduction of their Im
proved machinery they have done as much as any other one factor for the
development of the Industrial resources of the northwest.
Much credit Is due Staver & Walker for the completeness and attract
iveness of their displays at the exposition, which clearly indicate that no
labor or expense have been spared In their preparation, while the individ
ual exhibits throughout the exposition indicate that Portland Is a great Job
bing center and that her merchants are public spirited and desirous of ex
tending the trade and commerce of the city.
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