The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, May 03, 1890, Page 558, Image 14

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It tkit f ty ettatti erf fftJ li!mtt. jn!!y
M .fty I bitf UiJ rf ti0 ti'4 la a Tral
tr, t lUtf flft lU tt-ftt! rM-ftJrt erf j,U'dly,
I m L I; e U lU v!twlra 0
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l'u1'b U 1.u. i'i j;ft)ly Ururl la the jn! l; erf
U kit 'it it, Un 1 ll my ttitnh at I
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! itfc4 IllfC M ft! ediffttiiAl U I lid bd-at
I 4 t'ahwMy, ti'itt, I;) , Uil that hat ( r.i
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1 . Uftl II eit e'jt tU tir- turfl 1 lf in tnting
, M e4t eti Mftftib! pfv!ir1k.l rt
!! la UUf.u) tttt( trl If , can yK
f'urt y-wa df4 yn?
Allt lWl, I iw lr !..,; lo t;tk rf that litw
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lt viUf t a t7 it.L la rf a tv rri -jt
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ixttlif n lufK ) t fc Hilit 7 r.trft m Luvot
IU iMi lt u ji'-.jrt, ,b4 t tby MwJ
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tftfat tif u U tl ,t U erf ) , t.
pti J t4HW
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li.ft I ft I ftm ft f 4J 'mi.i Lftw xm
U.wl If t! U f rtt r Itrt,, urt tt ta trf fttcfck l ivfftfl u U..t 1 1 a , ia ,
Ultt trf lWr'tf ftl tlf.M J J,t )WS)
t.ita UlttMrf .a terJ ftbj la k, fc,
M4 tW.
1 tmutM trf 1 4tl Ci,4 1 art,
M; lt tfeo lU-j, a! l7 Urt
Thwgh Uli be not true, jet U it fiction real: A
niffp! thnrcb m1 m to kindly trrtted by a yonti nm
h u orfMicn to mention the young min'i kiodnm ia4 u
think him (ur it. The young man, who wu povHod
tnif hicTpui fnM erf humor, informed the itrangrr thai lt
thmkt vrre due the congrrgation aa be vai ptid U diig
Uifir kindnf.
" lid you like Mii Kalrcom1eilon'a evening drm?"
" A jMtU ol It."
" Yea, bat part?"
" Tleparthe bad on!"
M. Wnmxia-M'i ee; yoa are from New Jerary.irtal
Ma JtmiHii (frutn New Yolk) Yea; alwiyi baeifta.
A rJ rtory ia told by a member of one of our popjtf
rharthfft-a rbnrch nhoee religion doea not aluayi exprtta
ftt'f In fjritl tttrntlon which la, and ia not, lornetlmei tUti
I) t!fnjfr wlio bare chanced to atray into the flo. k. A 1!;
time op to the metnhrr in quwllon, jAe to ber and u!J ai
drtin-d lo mike atrinitr ra feel welcome, though the iUtd lU
b.i n in the thurch but a few montha beraelf. I'-ut Imif ie
iiurjie to btn Uiat tle "atranger" to whom lie
praking wu an long time member of the tburch.
?7 ' : ' : ' I ' I I
1 jrfr i : yf I I, , J ;H
p 1; tlitae of the lapma' - J r
!" tekU We do Dot bull oar tl tea rrr " --'4
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