The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, April 05, 1890, Page 423, Image 7

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their (ruty toj overhanging your h-aJ, in ajaranc Um of lhc tail, ill oftrn hue ft kln that will iiaa-
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The (Juinault narrvation contain nearly fiii,() Skin of thli ran animal are ulul al fim IV
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living ujon the reservation. Tlc laml Mnrie ijuite nlilrig the kln in th! rri a
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grating lamia for the cayune of the noble iwah. majority are of a Urk, ruh bron, the inf-rir ww
The -a ottrr, rtf' rrrl to at bring hot from Uwrr Wing of a lighter hal of bron grttr rally the iklm
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otter, of which thrrr are N-vrral p-ir, none of ht h of - ottrr it the little iiltrr o4fr.l tiv4 rf hair
I .mon the rich ami valuable fur of thrir marine flecking the fur, much enham lug It Wanly aifl ft l.
iouin. The common Utrr of Kurow ia the Lutrn net.
Vvlprii, nhile the AnirViran variety, fouml in the Tl habitat of the ir ottrr l ll North iVlftV
northern region o( the continent, ia the l.utm (mi uran, on Ihe nait of Amrria ami Ada. Thry rr
lnii or SlnllU. The genuine M-a otter U the .'nAyri formerly ahutolant aa tit ojth a lwcr falif 'f nia,
JAin'tut, anl JifTi-ra aomewhat in aj-j-aranre from the hut are now al lmi ktii .uth of the (VhmhU riur.
othrra, hoth in form ami fur. The common otter are An animal of audi grtat tahw, an l omij.yli.g j coi.
a juatic in thrir hahit, ami have wthl-el tor ami a j-aratirrly limilnj arra, ran rx-t h t. r a-ritrr
lightly llattrnr.1 tail, a large, blunt hral ami abort initiation to iuh an f UiA a to rm-br it titrmtrly
rar. Tle -a otlrr livr in the watrr, an li(T r rare; an! tbU in the fate that ha onrtakrn th ott'r
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-t uliarity of thi animal i the lmiarnraa of it kin, harvrt. The f rt yrar a!Ur th ili-rry of th fry
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an l an otter only thrre M long, fr,m nout to the gulf the ftrtt a.n It b-k 11 hoM tin
to r-l i,' thrir fi'in.l'ft matrrially,
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' ' . H 1'aul Ulaml, ll. mrmUr of tbr
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tU r4l, ami if I 'it i ( ai
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