The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, April 05, 1890, Page 421, Image 5

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IT U my purjx.M' in nvrral artirlr to pive a d-rip-lin
of lh wtnrty and olji-ct of inlrrri along a
route to ami through a hithrrto unnplorrd region
of the 1'arifir tiorthwrM, which, whm known, ran
not help tut 1h-c;iui fjtritotm fir the picturnjurn-i
and variety of iU w-rm-ry. I rtfr l tin region of thr
Olympic rang tf mountain.
IV journey rralljr Irgin at !luiain, on Uray'
harUr, where the traveler tale the tradir little
itranur Till If and enjoy a morning ride of fourteen
miln down the channel to
Ii!iKn'i Mint, at the north
ide of the entrance to ,
(Sray'i harlmr. llrri the
dinUme acrof the int r
in alut otto mil, and from ,
an ohwrvatory constructed
in the tp of the tree you
ran trace the action of tin
water around the Minl, t
fmm whre the rolling I i 1 - ,
Iowa of old 011 an whip and '
lath thinlv into fiaiii '
ujx'it the gradual incline of
the andy la!n. the water ,
at each um-irf lp , -coming
IrM turbuhnt, un- ,
til the frightful wave have ,
jrtit their force and are re.
duor to ripple that kin
the hrlly U arh of the har )
Kir and Mire with a rilling V
laugh, ixarcely diiturhing 1
the trampil lui f the
iftti le watrr.
Krm thii rrow'a it at
imt daily ran tn the
hij of rt.mmero? laden
with mrrdunliw, wafted
hither of g-dfig out orrr
the Ur Udrri with lumber, the rinipal r t ft f the
(iray'a harUr country. When I the lUurx h tu j:
cr out and make f r me hlp o.f the 1 ar, wailing
lrf chanr to I towr-1 in, I am rnnind"! of the
liu".i f ght in our r-nl ar tlwertj the war ahJp.
th Kei'-iryt and tle ,(.V-ivt
Si fralittir it the torture of of tbw Irate
h!e trrti, lili to r:t Mture'a ratal armamrr.t,
l-tinf thrush the watr, that ! hate franl my!f
d.pjMf.Ud, whn k h ct.e within h'!S;.'i d--Ur
of a ihfp, that m rt h!'t tf fly- 'Ji
and tj Crt UUhl fftk
IVvta ta''i IVfcl GrtttU( a d lave tf
.Tig tit iffia a in
tmty milr, the Utrh i Imrd at intrfval of a half
milewilh drrrika hudt al'Ul mlday Uttirrn lih
and low atrr, at thf t p of wh'uh the hunUr tU
hi timr, during the miiiinrr month, ! tin lh"
otlrr, the fur of hh h art amoiit the hmwI aluht
inrt w'lih in the mart of the world
At the "Oyhul," it mile alte ljm.-n', htr a
(rtiott of the trit of ()inault Indian, and I tar
eiit the line drawn Utwrm the "Tyrw man and
hi tavr he anrUr wrre Ukrrt in laltle many
yrar True, at the prrrnt day thry are nt-t de
prive.! of thrir litany, hut a IfttfC a drn rntof the r npirrr and the
man will int at hi tirh
k l-r a the n of h'. fath
) rr'etlate
A f-w rniUa aUte
the wfnk of the tAui
hip ,Vrrik, whi h M U
d-n ilh '.) t-n of rail
' rtd irrti I tf the 0 It A N
Co, and, two yrar a', a
a ijpj"d, thrrtih ll
Irunkrn ddnnh of lh
raptain, w allows) to run
ah"fr, thrre he U in tlw
tU Inilil of the trrairf,
' the uril) Ull"W Nhini
and rollini ntrr an t thro'
- Ir r Iron 1 h, and friht
r of ler, lurnl o y
turty, aiol jt ofjprrn,
. awr at 4taf f( llf
- hin liwfk of it, an atai'rth
' 14 little l,li hfthl in
1 rH.U't with tU wii i r
rmmta of fttjf Ih'fe
J a?e many Uhf till-fir
' of hipwr V ?'! at 1 1
the Ufhlre k'l ar-I
thre rul!-f, !
tin. an entire ihip'a ail gra I lally d j jr-
lr. thrJih the an I l!'Jt the i lU wdy
one tvi roM'-Urr! tA trry muri'k!.'t ij ti "
tt ly.
mil' aUte tU "0;h'4" tU I bjL rtttr, a
itrram a ly fr I'd at l ti k r.-l i,U lh
while two mil' frthr vn m i..f rk, "IVj-h
I'li,"aa!lr In lU Min d a!t, Ul a '4
tntUl if mil ft I. taw I ! M'd',
rI iU U Ut at-ie lU watte thl U
AUt luuUtt hate rr'.l a ?;.a!J ct fi, llv.l t
the rl Pt lU c;if 4 , '"'
t;tt.f ottrlap tU fyi, I 4 l'. tt '
rTi'r iV
f i . .
: V" .