The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, April 05, 1890, Page 430, Image 14

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Ji kd t, f ,.t U jr.iJr V lay t'vh yu a Icimm, but things got wore and rf-
i;ii!f !'- )'. "" I thought that Ia.t evening that I would explain, or pj,.r't if. t :( ,j,ijt '! r S fr h K'tut thinjf, tut you were so coM that I jut could not
n.5 1 U mm! m Im . ri lU?Ur Dik and II tty had known each other at another
U ii ikU'jn.u ku 1 hit nf u. n ami tim) k1io.iI, ami had corrcondcd some. He had even
l.t f.u-.u 1 f, ! p) that h had Um Ui n to -c Ur once. When school closed he Wrljt
ffij 0, O.xi lii Mi, hi ,-u lie Uv home with me to vicit her again. Oh, Part, I have
iVu i :i a?l hti.ifg JVwt.ily a U-en miwrable, f.r I never expected to e you
ft l v !-f i ! urijn. ami a j ale, again aftr I r nl that item about your going wett
j.. '. i ! ,t i.-',!r f I l,m jin the ro hoy. I thought then it wan heraui jou
D re r-. unhappy anl angry. Why, I Ml like a mur-
ll Ui.U' i!ff tU-, j. f tU tiur, in an dr r, or om 'thing, ami I scarcely knew whom I hatej
,i't'i j.t J ;j ,,,. j fKji, luon-, pick or mvM'lf, though he never realized hit
(, Ut.J- -, hi hi t l't t'r Mlii.jf t!,ik ami part in tin- affair till since you have Ucn sick; then
he ,n more anxious than ever to nave your life."
"Km !,. Km' U LU I 'Von fr Utvr, All thin, ami much more to the same efTt. pal
i-i .:i fi ;! ,tt j m, ,1,,,'t J,,,,, lt-n th-now happy lovem, but it was a long time
I Ui, I U,-;f.i n.(it ilir . t, Uf.-re art thought to aek why Cresswell called
' I f. I1 ., f , . r t Jrt uU i,.-t. it 1 Ic r fi often at her hoarding place.
4 - f !! I am fry I rwr ffK, ?, "Why, Dart, you we it waft very filich of me, but
t A I , iU .fu u tfi,t p..,! trr t r ,,,,,1 1, 11V(. n j.r,.,,., for yolJ ftt co,inil,.nmil,tll
,f W 1 ' ,iM M- ori tim.,arl a hK.n a Dick came I rememUrel that hr
?. .t!,.., ,ntt.,f!,.." p,l( p,rtrait,; M I immnliately arrange-1 with
!,f 11 ",-l''f-lly l'TU noile f..r him to have mine lne f..r yu by the end of th
U.uu mh, U I U. UM; r,u , ,U , lr, .,, (f amiu.t , ,m(j t) f(jf u ( f ((J
W ., . if tl.e .M .t.Uf,,,.,,, ,,ur, II, did not know whom it wa,. for, though"
J i iv i .,. u.i r.,.i .,, ()fll! All(, you wm, I(lanninj? Urh t )1(t.
K , . .... lishtful urpriM. fr me aixl I acting like a brute, or
'ull'-nlTT lUt ,U , ",:;,tll W.n.M-,he.nswerc,U,niling
,n ,k ' bf i'f a.d tU .V man- hp-Ujfli Ur t.-arf.
tU I...l.t... ,uu!ff f,f ir f (,ff.t "'Air, ii, that end well they ay, but I have
UW., ' I tUt ..tU, t r ,flir ( f t.)1(!l;ij 'u',r"l I itrnbly ami have you, I know, and all f-r
bfcl t..iU ,.. rikll ,u fM t'.r,! j-nouVV he .aid in di.guf-t.
T1 lol.ic K. t,. , , , , ;Ur" able to return to the ranch the
!U' ,!" -Jr-.tU TV t.,r'y -.mrhow Pot to the men at the'VMl-
,, ' 'M ," ! h i.' they would m ver have U en able to ace.,r,t
"-4 " t 1 ,t,r -,..1 ilf n , r urrat .hang,, that had Come over the '!..'
' ih..b: a,,) n, j,lM , ""' T r,"i;,,'bomtfllowig,nuimlrremicelwiih
a I IU i! Ik ,,;. i , i " V""",1 U,"in' 1 nrrat!n U fore the bit cf
Mt.- o .MMi,,,,,!, ?(l (f ,,,rf l;Mlr. ,,rUi, f. In the rwl; auminrr ow t-f ll.r
4--M..tHUt I , ,t u . j,,,. k, .r ,; , M " Ur i..r rMTitr, appointment of "Ovcrr at
J - 4 I j .M .,lM M!, ,,t.t.. 1 'mth,ti Ui,eh,M and Dart Wylie went faM l
- uiiv,,,.i,
t.M'-tt..u,rl,. .. Wli,,. , . , , t""r.'wtbnjratiihatUieyni.tus.weought
m H ; 'n,,,,1M(il(, b;l p;.l.." Ml lau,i4,rrt with If.
i tU til , U' 1 f H.-r bunK U in rfin tlarir l-rctlr
tt.ifu, lUIIMr,,,,,,,,, r.-.r 1
at u x.tu4tyu 1 .kJ "'"r ' l,fhat l-rtrait you M never have lrn
wal ,, , ,th, ,. ;rVr ? , '- h ,i,f " LfM- 'it.g Ur t.nd,rly said-'
" vJ ' ' ,,;,U:' ! I it. iU 1 ' 'f'11 day in all the year?" ('AII'WttL MtLVItU.