The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, April 05, 1890, Page 427, Image 11

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IT wa Kantrr morning.
I'rrakfafft over at the Sinithort ranch, rath
man ru'i-l him If m duty or inclination die
Part Wylio, the ovcrwtr, aw a half dorm of thr
mm ride o(T in an man)' dilTt rent direction, and thrn
turnI in nrrct Jifgul fnnii lltt? gang gathered al"Ut
the table in the lcing rahin for a day at card.
Urtlcndy hi' piul alut the jtrrmii-- fr half an
hour or mure, thm, repairing to the hd, addld hi
favorite broncho ami gallo-d off acr the frirn
It wan likt-ljr to 1 a hard day f r him, and he note
d nd if KttU r could rvrr bring care and joy to him
Hr had Ini n a ranchman a little mure than a yrar
and half, and thu far had utt rljr faih-d to afhliatc
with hit companion, though to a man they MTtcd
him. He could n4 gt ul t their way and man
ner of looking at thing. To hint Sunday wa Sunday
aa writ on the plain, whrre no dumb 1-11 had rvrr
chimnl, an in the rattern university, from which (to
iin hi own riprrwion) he had "graduate! to hmmr
a rowhny." He did not profit to I a Christian, hut
he w-(rnri the Uv three mm lived with tin ir drink
ing and paltry Letting on card and horn . Vrl lr
nrvrr reproved th in. and thy imply rall'il him a
"trnd-rf'.t" and In Id no grudg o long a he wat a
civil over rr. "IW fellow," he thought, "tUy har
known nothing httr, iU"d on no higher plane"
Thru he would add bitterly: "IMtr I had Urn Urn
to my urroundingi.M
It wa late and thr r-t had dim-d whm hr walked
hi jald ny into tlx " tUnm nt," a th !)
ralll thr half d n ram h Luildwgt grouj-I l--rtf.rr
in thr nt,( r.jf-ky hilUide.
Thr u,k had MVnJ hi" harr of thr raf f illy
hrd"l r?k', and at one Ugan to tprrad Lit dinner
Th wrre th legitimate fruit of a few Lent
lught, at an rnormout ri. of a "jiiattrr"
My mile dittant, ly Wylie thr tummer lfrr,
Thr toral haitily d .4ti lh yourg wtrt
tritr to the tiny cabin built f r hit rj i
m '-Ultoft Propping into a thair, he Luri"I Lit fa
in hit ban It and gave himlf up lo i'trpll u-
mei yrafi Uf.rc I Lad gfa I i'.fl ttvui tU
i!!a;r mh(d of hit nalitr j-!v and ttiUfA th
iU uoiirrjty f'f a f ur jrtft ro'irtr : fa '.!
wat t-t a wralihy n an, tyt h nant t' d L t d ity
l y l loy all that rma!fI to him ( U wif? i (
hit j-fAk tvAsf wif at'd tiUt iLddfrri wrf Lit
t ;l Part K!ra; hin-t- il Lit lU f.ft ! 1
lt thku, at-1 thr j j.t vj i lt I un ut fwl
lUrt wat a wl lr aakr youth, a gI ttudnt, fmr
hioking and winning Amng hit cluutt wat ti,
a dainty, Lttlr, "hrown" girl, who t.u Utry w-m tl
young inan't htrrt, ar ! nt aft- tm Tr hno thr
world contain"! no othrr maldrtt ki l-orty atvl rharm
itig, and, lt of all, hr txmn to rjully !'air.t
with him
Koa Hatingt wat a fiv rrraturr, with l-ruwn,
curling hair, Lrown, rnrhng lih, Lf.wn, liquid tjr
and .!nk and whit Un hhr had j Mly, 4d hkr
way t and a wndrtmtly im'nt,ihtld hkr rij fril'U
It wat on an Kattrr mrn, at ihry t.) a f ntin
Utt ah lir in thr rha waiting f r thr frl i f th
'JUartrttr, that hr llunhftd unnj-t'dly Into a d
laration of .vr, and wa th)ly, hut readily, arj.trd
" Kri.m thia timr f.rth Kalr r thall I to ivr d.-nM;
.Jrd and arrd.H hr had whi-fd at v.U
Uitdl OUtti lr
lirforr thr nrU hal I h a new ttudmi afrt"l at
thr univrrtity a man who only wanted a o-w wtekt
lnjil hranhr( a man with a dark fa-, half i
ry$, et,lt unknown, and tlnlttrf rij fettioci Noio.r
ti.'i murh tM tiir of him Ulild h wat tri Wtlkii g
with iMa Hatting
".i you knw him, !ra?" her l-oer oJu'' ,,l"l
at thr flrt o 'itinity
She ci.!"fr. vi Iriitly, rt;t anwef d
M'r'f"r Pay lntrI'M'r nt"
aft wat i, nat'ifally jealont or n4. -j. jt, t. l
..n forget thr titaltrr, untd a rej(iti.u of lh in
hit f) fu!!!'d him de i ld!y
"Why, tK.rat. )ou mutt I lrK with that t'r
well, y.-u arr with him oftm In i)-U j U
id a;ain
drawing j her i,ll fguri-. tU aott'rd La'
"Urally, Mr Whr( if yvi arr j.- In li Ui 17
rvrry n.'Orii.el.l and !! I to yl.t, 1 think w
Uttrf tr fati "
"i)h, lf , )oi -l oi t n-ean It ; "
"I tan anl 1 d I Lt' a mn it yl mA
iim--! lloio
"IMa Mim llattirgt.dt I tin-lrrtUn-l that )oi
aj.j.ty tb Urmt t' n.?"
"t'nderttal ht I4i" h rt.rl tv
ily, aikd tlen Uftn I" ry
Inttar.tly Lit ' t't f 'j: ,?'. A knthi
Utid Lr L r!aj"l her in Lit arn.t
A fn-iihatti f at a iult ( nw, U
rallir 1 Lim!f all n.a tf,r of I. if I M'. o
A th Mit dty tU jMt th irk if. an at tU
utj tan. a if (. avl tJ'y a!kl ' half a
tit V,t I 'tter
lurt L'r-I f l l it L'U L 1U ril
t-that L :'"! at h" I-' 1 1- fi-"l