The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, November 02, 1889, Page 226, Image 2

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L SAMUEL, Pub., I7I-3-B Second St., PORTLAND, OR.
Knltnit In Ikt fm( Offlrt m VIiiiiwi, Onon, ur tmntrnmUm Wroufft
(A mum nl road mid nil, t.
UMCRIPTION RATIS Strictly In Adunnca.
On Var,
la Munthe,
i oo I Thru Munthi,
I I) I Slnglt Lopiei,
(VCupiea will In no cm be Mnl to iubacriben beyond the term
paid for,
The WilT 8hori offeri the Beit Medium for Advertis
ers of any publication on the Pacific Coast.
ONE of tin' greatest manufacturing t'litiTprinrH of
tin' west in tho iron works at Oswego, nix miles
iiImivi' Portland, on the went dank of the Wil
lamette, whose extensive plant iH illustrated in
thin number, I'lirtlaiKl fails utterly to realize the mag
nitude ami iiiiNirtaiii'c of thin industry, which in con
verting tin- iron of her hill into money for the miort
of her business. The company in manufacturing a mi
erior quality of iron pipe, lining charcoal in tho fur
naces, which in Is-nig uned in large quantities in San
Francisco, Portland, 'LVoma, Seattle ami other cities
of the Pacific coast. It him contractu now that will tax
its present capacity to its full extent for the next two
years However, the iticHtion of doubling the plant
is under consideration, and this will undoubtedly noon
N' "I I" View of the imiiortance of this industry
Ui the city the Wkst Smohk is of the opinion that no
men handling the public ney in a trust urollicial I
capacity, should ever give his consent to the sending '
of a single dollar out of the city for the purely. f
any material this company can supply. Portland can
not afford, for the nominal saving f a few dollar, to
fail to give so iin.rtaut a home industry its emtio.,
nous and cheerful suport.
! discovery of gold in California, as mines were then
j being worked in the southern portion of the state. Rut
even if it were, the monument should bear the names
; of others, ns well as that of Marshall. It was Captain
i Sutter's enterprise in settling in the Sacramento val
1 ley and sending Marshall into the mountains to build
a saw mill, that led directly to the discovery, and the
' latter was but an accidental agent. But for Sutter's
j efforts, the discovery would not have been made for
J years. Marshal! lived a useless life and died a loafer.
If a monument to commemorate the discovery of gold
is to be erected, it is well that Marshall's name, and
even Bennett's, should be carved on it, but also there
Hhould appear the names of John A. Sutter, Charles
M. Weber, John Bidwell, Peter Lassen, Pearson B.
Redding, and others of the pioneer settlers of the Sac
ramento valley, whose labors rendered the discovery
possible and so shaped tho condition of affairs that ad
vantage could be taken of it.
Again has the question ns to who discovered gold
in California Un brought up by the proiti,,,, (o
rrwl a monument Jnhi.-h W. Marshall, and the
t-laiina of Charles Bennett, frequently put forth, are
again presented by a man who " knows all the (M "
from hearsay. The evidence of a score f
Jtvple, and the diary of Captain Sutter, has settled
U-yond a doubt the fact that James W. MurslwU was
the man who discovered gold in the tail rare at (,lim
aUit the '.'.MIi of January. MsM . ,)t
generally Ulieved and demonstrated that it was the
veritable royal metal. This was not, !,,.., . tf)i
A contract has been entered into, which took effect
November 1, by which there shall be a joint operation
of the lines of the Union Pacific and Chicago & North
western roads, each company to furnish its proportion
of the equipments and take an agreed share of the re
ceipts. By traffic agreements now in force by these
companies this makes a through line from New York
to Portland and Puget sound. Through passenger
trains will be run direct between Chicago and Pacific
coast points. This combination is made by the Union
Pacific to place itself on an equal footing with the
Northern Pacific, which company began some weeks
ago to operate a through service to Chicago by way of
the Wisconsin Central. Theso moves all point to the
early combination of the railroads of tho country into
Heveral gigantic systems, each of which will have ter
minal points on the Atlantic, Pacific and the gulf.
A surveying corps to finally locate tho lino of the
ireat Northern formerly known as the Manitoba sys
tem, from (ireat Falls, Montana, westward across the
K's ky mountaina to Missoula, has taken tho field, and
'"iiMruction work on tho lino will be commenced n
'H'ly in the spring as tho weather will permit. It i
later! that the (ireat Northern is buying up tho stock
f the Seattle, Lake Shore it Kastern, with theinten
ti"n of making that road a part of its line and sectir
it terminal rights in Seattle. However this may
Hu-re i little doubt that theso two roads will con
t. probably at Spokane Falls, and that by way of
the (Iregon Railway & Navigation lino, which will be
MwHtmla ere long, the Creat Northern will secure
'ltrJ'-'' to Portland, thus giving Portland and Seattle
"""""r thr,,,lt.h route to the cast over an entirely n w