The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, September 28, 1889, Page 77, Image 13

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"7" HE city of Pendleton in NorthcHHti'rn Orvuon. the
I t " ii i ii t i 1 1 11 I'niintv sunt, in iiiniimr tit tint fi-iint in a !
manner that in attracting the attention of business
men nnd rajtitalintH of the northwest. Just now
the completion of the Hunt railroad into the city in the
moat imortant enterprise that i in progres. That
road halted tux mile outside of Pendleton last fall
while the proportion made hy Mr. Hunt for a bonus of
$S0,(KK).(X) and certain dejiot facilitic wan Wing con
sidered hy the busine men of the town. The advantage
that would accrue from having a conicting railway
wa appreciated and the proposition made hy Mr. Hunt
wan accepted. All terma have lcen complied with and
the road linn just la-en completed to the city. Thin given
l'endleton flint class railway connection to the ea
iMiard cither hy way of Portland or Pnget sound. It
also give it connection with two great transcontinental
railway system the Union Pacific ami the Northern
Pacific. For several yearn the city ha had the main
line of the Oregon Railway A Navigation company and
itn real growth date from the advent of that railroad.
The competition of another well cfiipcd line must
rcHiilt in ImmicIU to the business intercut of Pendleton.
All tratlic over the Union Pacific Wtween the east ami
tint U'l'tit tillMMt'M thromrh Pendleton on the Oregon Kail-
way Navigation line and ninsiderable transfer freight
for the branch that extend up into the Walla Walla
and Paloue coiintrie i also handled there.
Last year the huilding oicration of the city aggre
gated in value a quarter of a million of dollar. Thi
year they will far exceed that figure. The court house
just 'Wing completed cost ITO.tmH. A public wli-l
huilding erected last year cost To prevent
damage hy the annual flood of the Umatilla river,
which flow through the city, a stone wall wa built at
f mum tb.m :i:.m Urge brick bl.s k
nil AJ l in. w - ,
were reared and other are now in cour" "'
truction o that the business str-Tt of Pendleton j
present the aparanec of a city thn-e time it sire, j
It ha adoien husines block that would be a credit ..
to any city. The warehouse capacity of the town ha-
Wn increased hv the construction of a gram ..levator
this year. A live .Uily ncwsparr and two weeklies
are well m.pported then-, two banking house do a
flourishing busim, the public school are ably u
Uinnl and a private academy hH a large palr,,
from the city and the tributary settlement
ha water "work, cl.tric light and n,,,la, ,l
stnrt. and a tnrt railway line i pr-r" 1 r
larp.hotelpr.,videg(la ' '
Many other improvement .r, in .l
theLly grow th of the town ,m p.,
completion. The Htiilation i '-""
Umatilla river fumishe a reliable water Hwer that
now turn the wheel of a large number of manufae
turing plant, among which i a flouring mill with a
capacity for turning out three hundred barrel a day.
Furniture, lumWr, brick and iron eating are among
the other manufactured article that are produced in
Pendleton. There are admirable facilities for conduct
ing manufacturing oeraliou there.
Pendleton i situated o near the I matilla Indian
rexcrvation that eongrc wa constrained, in 11, to
oen to settlement one section of land that had pre
viously Wlonged to the reservation, an a to permit the
expansion of the city without encroaching Umii the
domain of the Indiana. The town ha occupied that
tract and i still reaching out for more territory. A
bill passed congress nearly two year ago providing for
the allotment of the land of the entire reservation,
but o much time ha U-en consumed In arranging eer
tain preliminaries that the law ha not yet tiecti carried
into effect, though it probably will Ih the coming fall.
Then there will U ojicned to settlement a large tract of
very diKirable farming and graiing land and only
homesteader can lake it. Hy thi arrangement the
land will I' kept out of the hand of Hi ulalor and it
will I' made immediately productive, which i one of
the chief object in imposing restriction a toentrie
Pendleton justly regard the matter a one of the newt
iiuNirtant having an Immediate Waring iion the pr.-i-riiv
nf i be eitv. The country to U oniicd i fully
a rich a any other tributary to that center and under
the meager tillage of the Indian the I little of the
reservation that i In any Utter tate than aUdule
wildnes. A s.rtion of the reservation may W classed
a almost suburban proierty.
The whole country almul Pendleton I rich in agri
cultural advantage' It characteristic are the am
as th.e of the celebrated Walla Walla country, but It
is les thoroughly brought under cultivation Urauw
cm thickly settled. Irrigation I m-l necry In
farming there, (irain. fruit and all ordinary farm
i,r..luct are raised In abundance. The f.s.t hill of
thelllue mountains, a Wm uuU in.m i cnnicmu, auoni
the Ix-st of pasturage and the t. k Interest of lbs
eountry are Important. Umatilla I on of the prln
.i,,,,! wool growing countic of Oregon. The whole
Umatilla country i not a level plain, but I rolling
lu.l and there are difference of climate and
I. iwecll the ei.-l ridg-s and sheltered valley i tlml
r.plr of .lilT. rt nt can afiir batlon that will
tuit them A numl- r of .trram traverse tli hgloii
,, lT..rd it a g.l supply 'f '' ' "f
Vllir Pendleton I mrroiindnl by a fertile country
',Ut i. I-ing develoj.-.! by a g-sl .1.. of citlin and
tl. town is urs to contlnu th rapid growth that U
!,.. in prgr-