The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, September 21, 1889, Page 41, Image 9

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0 ny the least, the
sight of vegetable
garden in the hciirt
of a large city is a
most novel line. In
congruous an it may
seem to find turnips,
ties of these industrious Oriental. On tho one ido
in Ix'iiuty, ornament, luxury, Mlneniont, on tin' other
it bare physical existence, in which tho faintest appre
ciation of nil tlmt goes to make up our higher civili
zation seem to U wmitiit!. The Chinoso gardener
in intensely practical in hid doinost io arrangement.
Hi houite in mere hut, constructed in tho imptct
poHsihlo iimimer from odd nml end of board picked
nit wherever he can lay hi lunula on them. It roof,
iH-ets nml cnhhagc ' ami often it side, i covered with tin cut from coal
growing in luxuri- oil eaiut, ami the furniture consist of a few lxo,
tincc ami profusion rickety chair, plain wooden tahle, ami har.l wooden
in the midst of pain- hunk Umii which to deep for the few hour given to
tinl residence nml roiiose. lie cat tailed rice a the chief article of iliet,
. . . . , i . . . i . i ii...
nurrounded on all sides hy property valued at the ! ami hut sel.loni imluige in meat, iwwi, or nnnw
price choice urban
home always eom
mnnd, yet such a sight
can he witnessed in
Portland every day in
tho M,') that tnnke up
the yearly round.
Through tho very cen
ter of the choicest res
idence district, and but
a few minute' walk
from the business
streets, tho curving
channel of a deep can
yon taken ita way, and
in the bottom of thin
run a mi mil stream
of water. On tho fer
tile alluvial tint along
the treain, in Home
place aeveral hun
dred feet in width,
and extending well up
the nideg of the can
yon, are gardens of
vegctnbleH,froin which
a large proH)rtion of
the city families de
rive their nuppl'ie of
garden "truck" or
" Ha."
Perhaps the most striking
contrast that can le found in
the world between l'aucnian
ami Mongolian i to I' neon
right here. On the high ground
are the palatial residence "f
our wealthiest citizens, and in
the gulch, often not more than
-"yard away, are the shan-
- -V WW'
' - -
numerous vcgrtablc i"'ii
hi. h he btlH.r Uriix odcd
no such thing a an eight hour
law, nr an? Uw that re.trlct
the Imur of laln.r. M rl
early and work alni"t cm
linuouxly until l"-',"l 1
jtii-nt toil in' oii.plih' dally
. mu.h a lw..t'fticiu
would do in dy of l. n hour
ly ut.lulog rverylvilald"
Inch, by cropping thr iine
ground wverl lime Jrr
nnd by ii'iiotaot li' of lb"