The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, August 01, 1887, Page 647, Image 66

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of our nature ty Wins In hU pre-mf , while it
w no uncommon ovurrvncc to meet with vt
ona no positive in nature a to arvum u t
either gwl or ill, ami when revcivcl intolho
family, nu h an one come either to brighten or
Might the inont iunre-1 tic of relationship.
" Perfect oUtlicmv majr U wtiin! from hil
ln n, an long an they ran W kept from lal an
iatcn," ail a mother to me not very Ion
ago, " hut let them onre enter hal company,
anl they never wi-iii the lume again." I !
know of a liunhaml driven almt to distraction
by domestic trouble, warning another against
the association of hi wife with a certain lalyof
the neighborhood, becau' idte had brought
tlirv lifa.HU-r into one home, and he wan euro
hhe would into another. I know, furthermore,
of home w here Htiport ha Intii taken away,
where, in the plaa of Htnilin countenance,
there are the of fearful forclsslmg and an
guish. Their nun ha gone ilown into night,
all Uraiiie the husband anl father choervil
aKxociation. Yen, we ail know of these thing,
aii'I deplore th fart they are true ; hut how
ran they N la-tiered? We may not able to
ameliorate thee condition, utile we sotin
fortunate an to enricinv them in our own fam
ilies, for ca h cane require a cure ivu!iar to
itaelf. l'.ut what dor foment un, in the pre
vent ion of hii h (xrurrvim-n in our own house
hold, In our home to in the most interesting
ct that we are ahle to find? Arc we nuking
any ferial cirrt to attai h our children to it
aii'I to it discipline? llowmin hof that whi It
strictly Udong to home ilo we ur into the
earn of mme out' tjuite outside our h"iue i n t r
ent, to nroive, it may le, an irritant in Mum?
How many womanly effort do we make to
pleasing and attractive just for Mir home folk?
If we are not doing all thesy things, and ewn
more, wc are falling l low the true standard of
a good hone kirjtT. It U inui It rai r to had
into the right than to prevent frm the (.,'.
U-l woman' art ion N jswitive lowar l the
goo-1, and if flu! Ie a the and on the a! rt, h r
homo will U? Iter highest -urir of pleasure,
her greatest blessing, while her family, in far
an nhe in consistent, will delight in ler dehght,
ami accord in her dislike.
It in uid that the ije n U the ."an i h i
lamln, in her ren-nt viit Ut u t a, a rry
mtn h ifiti rtte-l in the methyl an l iiii.!'i
tionn of our nwntry, ! ially any that !
thoUjJjt cvjM le U"l ailiofiif 1h r p- pie. flm
lelihtil in otir e-l' ational ijittuti"t f-f
girla. he viit.-J WtlMrjr, anl uy'iUA
In her own lanue, hy ww of the if'r,
who itel a national rin. In lu r reply to
the Kni tinj;, ttn Kapi4ani nil I that when
he left her pai leMite, he lioi r trvamel f
Kfiiiji m lav f intitutii.n tie I rntirvly
to the el'i ati-u of girln, an l that he l-il l
alaR carry the rememl ratev with lu r. Ir
ha, In the no thIaltt future, we h!l hear of
a k!n-lrel institution to oir Wi!iy, ptin
inj( Into evileiue in the ini'Ut ef the 'n(w
m t an. Hie ImU for t amni the HaWiti
ian jxple are of an inferior nature. The ijum-h
in very intelligent, an I, It ( nal I, la well in
formal on n ial aiel phtkal i:!lrf, l th in
i:tml an l Ane riia, he !- nt A
otir laiik'ua'e. Hie I (t.i.iii4ioi-l l y the lu if
aparent ti the throne, I'tino-M hiiiiokalaitl,
fitter to l'rtnei .ike,ke, hwe nal fate of
January lat all will r ineiiiUr. Tle prineA
f akn the l!nlih ljiiu HueMly, in highly
intelli- tual, an l U unoiii.!ilu-l in moi .
A (ew yearn an'o it wan thought iu foj f f..f
a woman to a foreign itiii-iu(y, iin!r he
were a miiwioiiarv'n wife; Imt n, mitral U
the t lufit' wrought t Kr'tri pratial wtk In
thin tlirw tioii, that tin re are twenty fxir Imit'
'In-l uuinaff i . woiiii li in the lul-l"ii fu I I, U
nilen prulatly an e'ul nuiitU-r -f marrtr'l wo
men, atel puhlie opmloii lun ihanl l.ut
fail' fi mui It on thi lh at the mUioii
fu ll I now tlioiilil to l one tif the pU'i-n
nuilr-l i ially to woioeu,
I'r. I m y M. Ilall.t Va4r, ha l niui'
piling if the )oiii W'tim n tit on i
rirtint tif illin, an l toiopaiifia' it with a miiil
lar hl 4 iih n at ,ui rt tU p. 1m
muni r of ateine aitioiiif inaV (
y rvivli-l thM aiiM'iijf f main tih n!.
MlM .h- bllfi !loW i one i( llrfi o.'!nfi
the N i y f.f the ('o!'.r!V Idd'iU U"4t 4 Wo-
men, an I U of'.eii at the llanar I aniv i t o.! I
in, where, tlrt-y uy, ! in rr;w h-l hy h
ftu l' iiU wi'.h a l-e a'lieinl anejnttii li ivf
1 relee.
Aoof'hna' to Mm. Mary A- l imner, ll. tv
are o two hun !fl anl lr,y artrli tty
pati'ia . j n to wook n, an a'tnt koh at li
l ((iiistiiia of 'ii'iry.
A very pn'.ty way to a ihyii,U, U
tle !-,!! ut, w hi h hp frv an r itl. ;
TaVe !r:p 1 t.Mf, al an if- h a(l a I 'f
wile, anl nil Uf ln Vmi, rh tut It a tity