The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, August 01, 1887, Page 590, Image 14

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Many of tho ancient tombstones, moss- of Scots. On the left hand of the door,
grown, and inscribed with quaint and as we enter, is the small, quaint, oaten
startling emblems, yet stand against the pulpit, from which John Knox, on the
wall of the south transept fifth day of J une, 1559, preached the de-
The castle is a grand, old, ruined for- nunciatory sermon which instigated the
tress and palace, founded in 1200, bold- populace to the destruction of the cathe
ly situated on a rocky promontory, over- dral and all other monastic buildings of
hanging the sea, and washed to its very the city.
foundations at high tide. The window Trinity, or Town, church, erected in
is still pointed out from which Arch- 1112, is, of course, one of the chief pla
bishop Beaton (Cardinal) witnessed the ces to be visited, for it was here that
martyrdom of Wishart, by fire, in front John Knox preached his famous icono
of tho castle, and from which very win- clastic sermon spoken of above. "We
dow he was himself suspended, after saw here a remarkably efficacious in
having been assassinated in his bed strument for enforcing silence some
room, in 151G. Every castle has its what in tho form of a helmet, composed
dungeon, but this has one more horri- of iron bar and having a piece to enter
ble than tho many. It is tho celebrated the mouth, the whole gear fastened on
"bottle'1 dungeon, its name being de- the head behind the neck by a padlock,
scriptivo of its forra-a hole, twenty- " It doth appear that one Isabel Lind
four feet in depth, cut in the solid rock, say," in the spirit also of furious fanati
Prisoners were let down by a pulley, cism, using the privilege of her sex, was
swung from a beam in the upper room, wont to interrupt and denounce Arch
to utter darkness and slow, lingering, bishop Sharpe in the midst of his pul
hopelesi captivity and death. pit ministrations, and this machine is
St Salvator's college, tho eldest of the believed to have been invented orcon
thrco, founded by Bishop Kennedy, in structed by his orders to keep her quiet
1150, is now known as tho United col- Two " culty stools," or stools of repent
lege, sinco its incorporation with St ance, are also preserved here. On the
Leonard's, in 1717. A handsome, mod- east wall of the great aisle stands the
em structuro has been substituted for the monument of Archbishop Sharpe, whose
old one, St Salvator's chapel, now known assassination figures conspicuously in
m tho College church, is, with the tower the historic records of Scotland. Scott
attached, tho only part of the original introduces this in his "Heart of Mid
buiUing. At tho east end of tho chapel lothian," as leading up to the Proteus
is tho founder's tomb, a gorgeous piece riots in Edinboro'. The costly struc
of mmi elalxrato stone architecture, ture is of black and white marble. On
with its columns, canopies and pend- tho upper part the Archbishop is repre
anU. In 1CSS tho tomb was opened, eented as supporting the church, with
and in it were found six splendid maces, angels, shield, mitre and crosier. In
which must have been hidden there at the center the primate is kneeling, whilo
ho Umo of tho reformation. Edin- an angel places upon his head the crown
boro Glasgow and Aberdeen universi- of martyrdom. Beneath an urn is a
lift have ono each two were kept by St bas relief depicting the murder, the fig-
2 g; &n? Tmhyz very spiritedly Bcuiptured. In the
much ho most splenchd, was shown to background the assassins are in pursuit
Llrl Inn Vm11 WUh R f th Caee In f they are put
Mardrobe that belonged to Mary Queen ting the primate to death, while his