The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, August 01, 1887, Image 1

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Thirteenth Yeail AUttUST, 1887. Nnur.n K
HE MAN who com. 'down from tho mountains, mul united
plained because tho with numerous other streams, whco
train stopped fifteen fountain beads are, aim), tho melting
minutes before tho snows and crystnl spring of tho moun.
lovely Multnomah tains, ilows iacrfully through mile of
fall?, to give paH- grain.carjeted valley and titnUr-clad
engers an opjtortu- hills, bearing on iU Umom tho commerce
nity to " Beo n dab of a vaat region, rich with tho fruiU of
of water falling on tho soil, suddenly reaches tho brink of
a rock," could find this basaltic precipice, fortyono fret In
no fault with tho volurno of water jxjur- height, and plunge over. Tho ixlgn of
ing in a mam of surging whito over tho tho fall is Jagged, broken and Indented,
basaltic rocks of tho Willamctto falls, at and tho water, instead of inuring over
Oregon City. Even if not entranced by in ono smooth sliest, forms numerous
tho beauty of tho scent-, his mind could separate cataracts and cascade many
not fail to bo impreBBcd with tho jwwer of them making together from almoat
displayed and tho vast energy waiting opjoito directions, lulling tho wabr
to bo converted to tho economic uses of into foaming whit', ami sending ap
man. Tho falls (seo largo threo-pngo great clouds of spray, which sparkles in
engraving opposite pngo 5W) win ex- tho sunlight and shows tho brilliant,
pressioiis of admiration alike from tho prismatic colors of tho raibluw.
poetical and practical. Tho former ex- Tho rmtao Willamette is of Indian or.
claims "How beautiful! how grand!" igin, and not French, m would apjar
and tho latter, " What immense power! from its orthography. It is pronounced
What an oprwrtunity for manufacturing Will -mm tr and wa originally sailed
on tho largest scale!" and loth are right, and pronounce! Walmmd, by tho ear.
for beauty, grandeur, power, and ceo- best pioneers, as appe ars from old rc
nornic manufacturing conditions are ln-ro ords, diaries and publications, and this
combined aa in no other spot on tho orthography is still adhered to by a few
great continent of America. of thm who can not I induml ti ahpt
Tho Willamette river, having como tho modern form. In theory they are
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