The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, April 01, 1885, Page 94, Image 2

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track at Uw lty' prosperity mack a th ilesu-actloa of half t dotea of th
aily tnwurt triterprtaea ooold not equal, Th oompenr which publish that
J"ml imf apwsrd of IHMU annually In wage of employe alone, and
though IhreavfoarUie of it Is hmerht tn frm the mitaM, If In 11 TUt anil put
la etrealaiioa la Uia city. HceliUa Oils, It gives nilo)rmMt to a paper mill, and
thus directly enauina hum manufactures, lu publisher an property mm,
and aalarally interested In tha city's welfare. At for Thb Wnt Haute, it baa a
aalery lia) of HVlui par annum, which repraaenla aimplr th help employed in
Uw business, editorial, artistic and mechanical d-parimenta, eirluair of ma
terials of any kind. Thia money ia all spent in Uw eitr. thouich Uw city patron
age does aot owl one-tenth of Uwt nam. Thro hiruro simply "how wliat
Ueaw Jouraale ar doing directly for Uw financial welfare of Uw citjr, without
referring to tlw great benefit Uwy eonfar upon II in oUwr directions. Tlia
figure alao show how liltla either of thoe Journals depends npon tlw city paU
ruaage for Miiiport, and they ought to oonlain food for sanalderabl thought br
orb aa mar Imagine Uwt, because they par itlwr of Uiem a fw dollar, thuy
ar lu il maana of support. War It not fur Uw large foreign revenue enjoyed
by Uw paiwra of Portland, thia cilr would ba represented br a por.rttr lot of
crab Joaruala Ihan anr cilr of ita aiaa can produce. Let not our people tak
loo murk cm! it to themaslvs when bnaatinf of Ui au parlor olwraclor of Port
IwhI Journals,
I r i du lo Uw Mail marehanta of Uw cilr to state Uwt they amjiot Included,
aa a class, in Uw criliciama of Uw preea. The arc aa enterprising and public
spirited, In tlw main, aa Uw Mail merclwnte of anr cilr. In fact, thar ar Uw
vraalMl eufl.rere fnim the prevailing aiwthr. With UwoapitaliateduiugnoUiing
10 build ap lha cilr or ita irade, anil contain-1 hair attention to mortgages anil
nail rolla, Uw poor retailer tula himaalf alowlr bain pulverised between exor
bitanl mile uo on hand and MaimaUim ia basin on Uw oUwr. It ia Uw
large dradora, and especial lr Uw capiullai and larger proiwrlr owners, who ar
ransttlng Uw attention of th pree. Thaaa man have mail Uwir moncr hers,
and II la a reasonable demand Uiat Uwr du somsthlng for Uw eilr'i welfare-all
tlw mora reeaonabl baraua lir au doin Uwr ar at Uw aaro Uma helping
tlwmaaltaa. Il ia not a caa of charttr la anr tens. It la aimplr a queeUun
wlwilwr li prompt and Intelligent action, and Uw exhibition of a libaral spirit,
Portland ahall advance rapidlr In population, wealth, trail and influence, or
whHhar, br Uwir pnawnt "maeterlr Inactlrltr," oar moneyed man will permit
ba ta drop gradually hark to tlw second or thinl plan among Uw citiaa of Uw
Northwest, tear theological frtemle aar Uwl Uw first atag In tlw art of conrer.
iua U a raaliulion br Uw alnnar of lila hat condition. II la Uwn in the frame
of mind lo aw Uw need of saving (rac ami erek Uw proper remedy. To Uirow
oar people Inlo Uila desirable menial condition waa Uw aula object of the preea.
11 eaeeaa lo hare heea al leaet perliallr auooawful, ami il la lo ba hopol Uwr will
e Uw aeoeaaiir of applin( Ihe aarini (raca of Intelligent nirpriaa.
Ma? of our bualneaa man admit Uw full Irulh of Uw facte th preee hea
aeeartod, and aak lo be pointed to tlw remeilr. The alitir aleta, but it la no
Ire-minale-heailaehalnip nor oaeJaHile-oimaumptioii-cara, Il ia a ormraa of
tfealaeeM which amluallr bullda up lha palinn'a aretem anlil ha beoomee poa.
aeaeed of runw and acta bohllr ia proud ounNnouaMaa of health and alrendh.
Ilnaedlr etale.1, Il eonaiaia of a rlaurnua puh ia all direrUima of our wholeeale
trad, Uw eataliliahmenl of manufeotaraa, and lha peraonal and bualneaa patroa
aaa ut hoaw ladualriee. A few reara of each a couree of treatment will do win),
dee for Ponlaad. or tlw ftret part, let the wholeaajera make a iaoroua fturt
lo ealeml Uwir trad and aonteM new te.U with Uhnw bow oomprlnc them. If
IraaeponaUoa or Miwr otateelea prerent Uiia, let there cornbio to hara thoae
barriera reeaoteiL Ut Uwm make a atreauoua effort lo do omUiin, and much
Uwl bow aeema im.eilla will ha acnompliwd. Iwt them not fore the
atnejaih Uwl Ilea la anited action. Il haa beea one of oar (realeat faalu that
we ba?e not beea readj aaouaa in omabina f ur Uw puhlie good. Too maar buhl
Uiemaelrea aloof for fear that other mar nap a (real benefit than thar. We
lark Uwl eaanf e rortaj whlrk ta aa eewnlial lo the welfare of a bualneaa eom.
munitr ae II ta hi Ihe! of aa armr. What a) wanted, Uwn. U mora ludlrUlual
aerar ami owbtneil anleriirie,
Taa eeeoad la lb eaubliehmenl of each maaafactarea aa will alilia
Uw (real uaaolilr of raw aulermle we annuallr aaport, and which Mara to aa
Baata la meaafaetared form. Home maaufartarea aot oal leeaaa Uw coat of
. bat Uwr leraelr iacreaea the populaliiai, atimaUto retail trade, whana
u" ealaeofprouertr and betid ap a market fur Uw aammadlna aouatrr 1 bat II
la aaawneaaarr ta repeat Uw anrumeaia whtrk bar en often beea adranoad. If
Uw Ihwrd of Tra.U hae not aanVlrai mrr or wla Itbenliir to lake Uw proper
Ota la Una matu. and Uw needed maana for euetainin a bareaa for
Uw eewoaraaemaat at awaafartarea, let Uw lliaeaa mora la Uw atelier aa
UaaeaBudrkeaBae4eieeM, Let a committee ha appointed, eamaMina
of Uine or baellaa rlUaaae, who here Uw madaiKw of Uw people both aa
ta t.uwntr ami eoemj 1 let lama be aapidml with Mfactonl noewr lo defmr
aapeaeaa Uer will a anlj lacar, and Uwa bar them lareeuaau Uw
-" ladaeUtei raw be eapportad her, adrarlbw Uw manaf acturlat
mlrealawea ut Ike . eurrepuad olU awaatactarara la th kaat and imlaca
Uwm e. toeai here, gwaraata, Uwaa a reaainalile hoeaa whea eereawirr, and la
war aeek ladaa fartoae laduatnea ta eetahltak Uwaaeelrea la oar midat
W ha Una la aW la Uw anoer epint, aad ear people an meartiwed Uwt autar.
una ar kwtumat aad wiU a properlr aaaaaaad. Iher will he Utile dif&caltr
laaerMaaaeainbauaa ta aad teem ar aheertpUoa to Murk, r-nll Iraaa
UwJ penrerte a fur Uw penile good, aed Ibmt Uwr ar beta koaaedr and caa,
atoUr deaH wtla, wiU draw maar fewa Uwtr ahalle wte are now emaeWad peat
ailBopaalreikamianaa. Aboe aU Uuage, hat aot Uw Barrow, eetBah aad abort.
aightad polio of manning attention aolclr to Portland he punwfl. Whorerer
Uwr ia an opening for an indoatrr anywhere In the Morthwoat, let aa help to fill
it, and whorerer there ia a trngglin( one, let it reoeir our aid and anoouraKD
moilt. Tu lluU rulLLl.J aiueX Uwra unut U a great ouiuitar aroiuui and Ue
pemling upon it. Ererr effort mail to benefit Uia oountry will bear good fruit
for Uw oitr both In added trade and inorewed good will. It hai been aaaertal
publlrlr and in onminnnioationa to the preea that manufacture are unprofitabla
here, and Uw great Portland Roller Milla are cltl at an eiample. Thoae milla,
and amreral np Uw raller, make a flour equallod br fow mill in the world and
auperior lo many mora oelebraled branila ; and yet who knowa It ? Wliat atopa
hara been Uken lo impreaa Uiia fact upon the groat public. Plonr la thrown
promiacnoualr njion Ihe home market or ahipped on a rantnre often a losing
one to LlTerponl, but no intelligent effort 1 made to oonrinoe the people of ita
auperiority or to Introduce it into new marki-ta, Anuuaily a few eaoka are i'.z
played at our fain, beautiful eacka, aoma of them, of ailk and aatin, which look
quite attracli re, piled up in pyramid, with their red and blue branda appealing
to tlw eye but aa for Uw public, the eaoka might aa well be filled with aand or
elwringa, ao far aa impreeaing Iheut with the quality of their oontenla ia oun
oerned. Tlw eatue might be aaid of our diapiaya of oanmd fruit, aalmon, etc,
Uauily laleda often oorer Uia oheapeat goo. La. No matter if a firm make ome
Uiiug which erarybody wanta; how do Uiey expect Ui cell it unleaa Uiuy inform
people of Uia fact and oonrinoe them Uwt it ia in reality Juat th Uiiug Uiey
deaira. If Uiey do not, eom one elae will aell an inferior arUole in il place,
and Uw firm will then wiaely Inform aa Uiat'manufacturaa do not pay, Buppoae
you actually hare the beet artiole in the world ; it la not auftioient aimply to be
aatiafied of Uwt fact youraclt or whiaiier it to your friunda, or Ten to maka
puhlio announcement of iL Ilia gnat world ia buay and huara audi Uiing
ibiily. It ia careleaa and indifferent. It dooa not aend around emelling oommiu
teee lo inTeetlgat thi: thinga. Tlw manufacturer himaelf muet be aggreasiT
and rigibuit t muat inoeaeanUy pour Ute fact Into Uia people' eara and Uiruet
Uw ware before their yea ; muat puah them vigorously Into every Htate, oounty
and town where there estate a poeeible market, iljp such meant aa Uiia milliona
of bottlea of Unted water have been aold aa a auvereign remedy a panacea for
all fieahly ilia. It ia Uw great eecrut ofjucoeaaful manufacturing. It ia etiuaJly
Uw secret of euooeeafu! buainee of any kind where aggrawiv oonipuUtion
uiate, euch aa Uw new condition liave Uiruet upon our wholeaal mcrcluula.
Tut thinl remedy ia Uw peraonal and bueineea patronag of homo induatriia
and anterpriMW. Thia apirit uf petty greed and iiHliffurunoetothe auoount of
oUwre la auloidal in lie effect. Tlw spectacle we daily behold of wealthy men
receiving high route for stores and altopa and then aentliug abroad to puruliaae
the aametarticlee manufactured on Uw very premie Uwt ar bringing them Uiia
revenue, should cause a blush to gaUier on the olieuk of every man not devoid of
Uw least swrk of patriiitiam. Kven granting, for tlw take of argument, Uiat
goula purchased at a distanoe ar better made, how will it aver b possilil to
auks first claaa gooda here if euch a practice is to b maintained I People who
thus send abroad for things take Uw ohanoea of all the impositions Uwt may be
practiced upon them, while at horn Uiey ar in a position to reoeiv and insist
upon proper work. It is But true Uwt euoh manufacture aa wa hare are nut
ret claaa. Our wagon and buggies ar not inferior to any imported I our
machinery ia Ui equal of that produced anywhere our wooden and willow
wares an first claaa j oar furniture ia acknowledged to ba excellent oar stovee,
pottery, canned goula, woolen gooda and a acore of other thing are of standard
quality 1 our tltoemaker turn out raid boola and shoot) our tailors maka fin
auiuk and mechanics generally In all branches of trade are skillful and compe
tent. Take, aa aa iuslanoa, Job printing. Tlw manager of a large wholuaal
house boeata Uwt ha buys all hit atatlonary la New York. Twenty year ago
Uwr might hers beea an excuse for thia, but not now. W bow hare large Job '
printing etabllehmenle, employing as skillful men aa do Uw work of Uiia firm
ia New York. All Ita stt.oory oan be duplicated her at tlw same prioa. There
I ao reason fur sanding It away, unless, possibly, Uw eunagwr may maunder it
aa vhlnc uf "ton" to du so. Thai la nut a solitary instance. There are
aameroas Imitators, both large and small. Let oar wholesaler JoinUy oornbim
hi puah oar home prod acta npon Uw market la preference to imported gooda j
let our retailers do Uw same and recommend them to onsbimera 1 let oar people
gerwrally aaa then evevywlwre as a mailer of principle, and it will But b long
before oar p nasal industries and Uioee we may establish ia Uw future will net
apes the solid foundation of a horn market. This Is, lo b sura, eoatrary lo
kamaaaatarelaonaasnsa. The Indefinable charm of distance clings to manu
factured artirlea aa atroagly at la other thinga. Th aiagio word "imported "
has great aad mysterious ioflamo with Uw people. Uood oatmeal is mad la
Oregim. aad yet oar tores are filled with al motive boxaa of it put ap ia Hock.
turd, I1L, which are la great demand. The ohanree ar thai ia I took ford itself
Uw people are baying oatmeal mmle la New York or Massachusetts, aimply be.
aaasa it I Imported from a diet not. It is aataraL bat unwise. Let aa break
away from Uw bauil and insist apna baying hum products. If w do lhi if
oar wledassdere combine to handle aad tmak home product if they diaoard
Uwt petty apirit of greed which prompts Uwa to infringe upon the iegiUnul
trad, of the retailer, by telling ooe-twelftk dose of lamp chlmaeya or a dollar'
worth of semr to any 00s who calls for it t if Ihe, enter th field aggressively
aawiaat other eitlaa 1 if oar auaatactars are fostared and an oua raged bbUI
tW an strong eouma-t 10 furc their produott upon oolside market Ibea w
ay upect Uw prosperitr w bop tit. aad aot till lhaa. Thia aaa beea a lung
araaoa, bat It U impoasibl to bs brief aad do Uw topi Justioa. Tag Wan
P-rteil will be Uw Uwt oa thia .!, f.w U mack prefa
to ehroniei Uw city's iacnaalng prosperity, which. It traete, wiU be it phwsant
task la Uw fatar.