The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, June 01, 1884, Page 196, Image 33

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WHERE is now no quofttion about the richness of the
1 Cteur tl'Alene iuiiiert, bulli iu placer deposit! uuJ
quartz lodgon lienring gold nnd Hilver. Yet the fact utill
retrmiim true that in January anil February, at the time
the boomers were Hpreoding far and wide stories of its
wonderful rielinPHs and of great finds being made daily,
there was not a claim mng worknd in the camp, nor one
thnt had been previoiirily worked to any considerable
extent The ground was covered with snow, and hun
dreds of deluded " pilgrims" were induced by these false
statements to crowd into the mines nt a season when
nothing whatever could be done, and when the cost of
living waH enormous. Much financial and physical dis
tress was the result. The fact that the diggings have
proved to bo good is no justification for the willful mis
representation indulged in by these unscrupulous boom
ers, Homo of whom are unworthy journalists, for the sole
purpose of inducing people to nock to the mines, hoping
in the temporary business liveliness thus abnormally
produced they might gather n few dollars. Such men
dacity cannot lie too strongly condemned. That, however,
is past. The camp is a good one, though not quite so
gilt-edged as was represented, liven such being the case,
there is nothing to justify a man who has a good busi
ness or situation in leaving it to seek the mines, unless
he 1ms something special in view. Easily worked placer
claims nre hard to find, and the old gravel channels lying
higher up are beyond the reach of water. There is little
for a new man to do but to prospect for quartz, and the
experience in all mining camps is that not one in a hun
dred of quart, locations is developed into a mine. Some
very rich free gold quartz has been discovered, and the
"tenderfoot" has been as lucky in that respect as the old
prospector, yet it is of these exceptional cases of which
the newspapors speak in such glowing terms, while ignor
ing tho crowd of unsuccoHsful and disappointed ones.
Capital will find good investments in Cceur d'Alene ledges
iM'yond a doubt, and one or more urosnermia cum.m will
. II.. ...I !i ! 11 t
K,u" "l' yn n is none ine u
loss trilfl thnt thn
man who has thoughts of trying his luck in the diggings
had better abandon them and stick to his present occu
Mil A. W. JOERK, of Fishland, called on us last
Tuesday and gave us some items in regard to the
Big Hush Hottoin, of which so much has been said. We
asked Mr. Jiwk how far ho lived from Tilden, and he
replied: e do not go by miles up there, but by hours.
It takes about e.ghteou hours, or two days' travel, to go
from lildeijto where I live. There is no road, only a
trail, and that too thick with brush for a horse to go
througji, A Hrsou must make his way by crawlimr
through thicket. I went into the 1 bottom a yea?
ago and W,k up a claim. There were nine of us staXl
in but was the only, one that had the Cd " tfsky
lhe bottjm .s very rich lan.l, and has no large timlw on
.V vine maple ami alder being the principal g owt to
. 7 ' u Mhra M 0,10 wtio the BCtSI that
at least eight m.les one way and twenty miles the t
live j-eaw (rom now the land will be wort 1 at
yu acre. dislike to settle in there ow g
fact tha there is n road fram Tilden Valley on thus
nmkmg it very hard t get i and out Fish we Sent?
ful m the steams, and 6nr WOuUtain tw"t"anS be"
out wild meat Mr. Joork tmv Hint ; i it .
the streams. He thinks that the best route for the trail
is across the ridge between the Cowlitz and Tilden rivers,
near a place called Cranberry, and go down the Turn
River from the cranberry swamps to Lovell's. Nuggd,
1 Announcement of failure of James Keene.
9-Extensive forest fires in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Vir
ginia; Bnsbin. Pa., burned, loss over l,000,000. " r"
4- Steamer Romano sank in Atlantio by collision with steamer Nevada -
and pas-iengers saved. . 'rew
5- French brig Uenorine sunk by the ioe off Banks of Newfoundland; 62 liru
6- Mnrino National Bank of New York and firm of Grant. Ward Co. sus
pended... Xyotone at Book Island and Davenport.... Railroad ool ui
near Chioago; 2 ked and many injured. common
7- Train thrown from track near Dcatur, 111. 8 killed and 90 wounded
News received of collision in Atlantio between steamer Statt of Florida
and bark Pomona April 18; 135 lost and 47 saved.
8- Hon. Judah P. Benjamin died in Paris.
10 Statue of Chief Justioe Marshall unveiled at Washington. -1
Death of Cyrus H. MoCormaok and Hon. Charles O'Conor.
13 Alaska Territorial BiU passed the House. ...News received of signhuof
treaty in Annum between China and France.
14- Collision. on Baltimore ft Ohio road near Collinsvilln, Pa.! IS killed or
burned to death and 12 wounded.... Great panio in Wall street; several
banks and broker; suspended.... Benjamin F. Butler nominated for
President by Anti-Monopolist Convention in Chicago.
17-Aoid works at Yale, B. C, exploded and burned; 1 killed and 5 wounded;
loss $75,01)0.
19 Clarendon Hotel, Portland, bnrned; loss f 80.000.
8-Earthquuke at t'yzioua. Asia Minor; 20 killed and much damage done.
2i t. Hnuo "ennery Company's oil works at Philadelphia burned; loss imw.
88- Bng Confederate wreokeU in ice off Newfoundland; 79 on board drifted out
to sea.
89 Nomination of Benjamin F. Butler indorsed by National Greenback Con.
yention at Indianapolis.... Fire oorner First and Yamhill streeti, Port
land; loss 4tl,UK.
30 Large i warehouse in Baltimore foil in, killing several people.... Dynamite
explosion in Scotland Yard, London; several injured. ...Memorial, or
a . Decoration, Day observed throughout the United States.
31 Cloud burst in Colorado drowned 11 people; another near Viaalia, Cal,
drowned 5 persons, and another in Texas aid much damage.
For some time Mr, J. B. Garrison, who has a lBrge sewing nrachine atore at
No, 107 I'lurd street, has been annoyed and injured by the fraudulent represents
tions of oertain peripatetio sewing maohine agents, who have been taking advan
tage of the great reputation of Mr. Harrison's store by claiming to represent him
in selling their machines. "Agents" of this oharaotnr have been operating in
various part of the oountry. and it comes back to the store so frequently that
Mr. Garrison wants the publio to distinctly understand that he sends out no
canvassers. Should it ever become neoessary for him to put out agents hs will
supply thorn with an autograph letter certifying to their authority to act for
hlin. If any of the.e ajrentn mnlre ft nretensa nf Rpllinir for Mr. Garrison, or
doing repairs to maoliinet of any kind, the people will do well to ask to we the
nwii. o uiuiiuiiiinin. iur, ixitiTisun is enueavoniiK ro ao ousiiidhb ns OHJ umn
inerohaiit by selling good machines, keeping all kinds, with parts and nttno1
merits, needles, etc., and doing subst intial repairing. He pushes his busineM In
the legitimate way by advertising and appealing to the intelligence of the poo
pie, and when they go to his store they find all the different machines from
wluoli to make their own selection, and then he will deliver the machine at any
depot free of charge, nnd will keep it in repair five years.- Some oases of peouU
iar hardship have been developed, in which unscrupulous agents have persuaded
women to exchange sewing maohinea or buy a new one. with the understands
that they oould go to Mr. Garrison's store and exohange it for any other kind U
tiny did not like the one taken. Instnnoes have been reported also when re. .
pairs hive been attempted, and aftwr the agent has departed the machina it
found to have bee i rendered worthless. . Any person of intelligence will aes" a
glHiice that a machine that is repaired in a well-eatablished shop, where all the
tools, machinery and appliances are at hand and the most experienced me
chanics are employed, is the place to have the work done.
Messrs. Bowen A Daniels, of New Tacoma, W. T give special attention to '
the placing of investments for parties living at a distance. There is muob in
quiry about New Tacoma iu every quarter of the Union, and hundreds would
mvest in property in that oitv could they do so with oontidenee, without benf
compelled to pay it a visit, t'rora all such these gentlemen request correspona
enco, assuring them that they can make more judicious selections than coum
the parties themselves were they upon the ground in person. Intimately ac
quainted with the diameter and value of all classes of real estate, they are n
subject to the confusion and uncertainty whioh falls to the lot of t"""f ri
lhey are making auch investments daily, with complete satisfaction to tnw
Pn....n. i. i i i ... . - Hw;n Investments
, '"-i."iiuiin,Bniiuw oonniaerauon im question ui . 1
in New Tiinrnn. W T . ;. .1.. ,.l ,ir induitrial
wrprisMi, will
iwimTomiuiT oonniaerauon im question ui " 1
a. W. T.. or in the vioinitv. either in real estate or induitrial
prise, will do Well to nnmmnninta with Moasrn. Tmver It ( olblirn. inuuw
ral estate agontsof that oity. They are fully informed of the cash and P"'
live value of property and the oondition of industries in the Northwest ana
solicit correspondence noon the auhlnnt. Th have listed much valuauw t"i
aud couutry property.
162 Tirst Street, 10 and 13 Morrison Street,
Solo Agcots for Prot George Hushes' Portland Made FIREWORKS.
Flags of All Nations. All kinds of Fourth of July Good'-