The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, September 01, 1881, Page 242, Image 16

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    September, ifiSi
The brood and beautiful Camaii
prairie open out before you an you act
your Luck to Craig' mountain, and
look toward the aouth-eant. The
Mraight rood in your front lead from
you to Cottonwood, Grangeville and
MU Idaho. What a beautiful stretch of
rolling prairie land I Where i there
richer toil, or finer prospect? Toward
the right U the "Snake country." The
Salmon, which flowt north-westerly,
emptict Into the Snake not more than
twenty mile to the outhwet. The
Cottonwood, heading near by, ruin
easterly into the curvilinear Clearwater,
twenty mile ofT; and the Rocky
canyon creek, clone by, hoott out
South-went to join the Salmon; while
White llird make id remarkable
canyon, and empties into the Sulmon, a
few milei further up that river. Thin
country it a well watered a Kdcn, and
at fertile a any garden which ha been
much longer under cultivation.
One hundred thousand bushel of
wheat have been harvested here thi
eaaon, nearly all of which iurplu, a
moat farmer have the crop of 1S80 Mill
on hand. With a railroad tapping this
section of the country it would pnxluce
more grain than all of the Walla Walla
valley and Eastern Oregon combined.
Tho. Uurgcn, of Chamlcrlain Flat,
W, T. ha alKut 15 acre of meadow
land which he ha mowed for iS con
secutive year getting a good crop each
year, but thi year he hat rained two
crop, the kecond crop being equal, if
not heavier than the Tint, ttandmg 3
feet high and over, o heavy in fact a
to lodge in tome place.
A karmkr on Whidby Mand, W.
Tn harvested a field of wheat which
average 60 bushel to the acre, and a
field of oat which yielded 103 bunhcl
lo the acre.
Five acre of volunteer grain, the
property of II. Rausche near I'omeroy,
W. T. yielded l jo buihcU, an average
of 44 Umbel to the acre.
P. C J AMta, near Kno' Hutte,
Linn county, raised about aoo tobacco
plant thi year, which he claim to be
a good any he ever raised in hi
former home in southern Illinois. The
only fault that partie claiming to be
evnert find with thi tobacco u that it
U fiery in tate, but other uy that thi
eta be ovtrcome in curing.
A splendid article of limestone from
the kiln at Puyallup, W. T is now be
ing used at the Oswego (Oregon) Iron
Cattle buyer are plentiful in East
ern Oregon. A high as $17.00 per
head, is being paid for two year olds.
Tint Albany Democrat is responsible
for the statement that Frank W. Smith,
of Linn county, raised cabbages, each
of them nearly 50 lbs in weight, and
onion measuring from inches to
Infect in circumference, and averag
ing 1 t lb each in weight.
To Kiimkiu and Fruit Uboweri. It give
ui nleaaure to call the attention of farmer! and
fruit growers to tho card of Mark Levy, appearing
in our column! thia Issue. Ha ii gentleman we
bar known from boyhood, and can cheerfully
recommend him to thou who hare fruit nr urn.
due to dispose of m a reliable, couicientiout huai-
bom man. lie lit been In the commiuion and
fruit business in Sacramento. California, fmm
boyhood, and now cornea here, believing that he
can not only do a profitable business for himself.
but be the meant of eavinir thousands of dollar to
thi State by creating market abroad for many
of our fruit which are now rotting for want ol
market Mr. Levy's huilneai connection with the
"a"" ih viuiiurm aim uie cn enamel
him to market fruita ami tir.utii tn ......
Fruit growen and farmer! in guneral can receive
n hit liimum ninia njr ourresponuing wrw or calling
on llr. L. at him sali
- - - ... , . . iwi.. iievt,
ear Washington.
Taa Oatiioa Tax Libt.-A neatlv minted and
mod carefully compiled pamphlet, bearing the
iwTe una ana published by D.vid W. 0.
Steel, of this city, hu made it appearance. It is
published in monthly part, and when finished
will form complete list of the tai payera of this
SUte, the amount of their sasnssment and their
Indebtedness, Ev.iry business man ought to hare
thia Hat, as none can well afford to be without it
Ta card of the Commercial Union Assurance
Company appears in our columns. A this is m,.
of the most reliable companies in the world, we
Uke ipeoial pleasure in recommending it to those
eeking aafe insurance. The agent here, Messrs
Harvey a Dawson, are gentlemen deservedly poj
lar amongst our business men, and therefor
command t m.eral of lh. lorUsaiJ riik.
A tear large .hipment of healthy, full-grown
gold B.h have ju.t been received by Theo. Her
man A Co., No. 6A0 Waahliuton strenL H...
ieeo. 7 hi Bra are the most eitensive dealers on
the raciBe Coast in fish, shell, bird, sea fern,
etc. A tis.t to their salesroom is a rare treat to
vwio in. fcautiful. and our reader, .honld not
fill to call on them when tailing San Francisco.
Mr. ZiMMMHAa, well know her., he. aolj hit
Inttest ia the KuMbun Found In n. n i.
d the firm now is Uunnell k Fraier. They hare
upertnr tacUllle. or nMng , j, of
4 iU be pld to eormpond perUe
-.-, .ujuimf w mttr una,
Ta IMropol" Hul at Roseburg. uud.r the
pr .t propri.torU.lp of M. A. Canon, ha been
ewUrely reoot.ud. and rack
W H be eoas.d.r! on of the eceW
l.fcmur.Orr. Th, roowa nr. eJ.,
d U. ubU wall ..ppliad wili, wtoWim. and
AT 0a recoiTing specimen copy of thia nneu
ber will pleaee consider it an invitation to become
angular lubecriber. Payment can be madele
any Postmaster, or money can be tent by regi.
tered letter at our risk.
Trb Albany express train atop for breaktut
and (upper at Aurora, and traveler are alwey.
cenrnin oi onuiining a gooa meal t hare
Aurora ia also a most excellent place at which to
pots a day or two for recreation, away from the
turmoil and bu.ineu excitement of city life.
Five Minutes
With 1 limes the Printer will setisfv vnn .. l.
doe the best work in Oregon, at pncei beyond
tuiujjcuiiuii wucii uuiiiy ui wura consiaerea.
His facilities for the rapid production of all kind
of printing are unsurpassed. A trial will demon.
. . ... L- l . II..
siraie in is. tie may ue louna at an time, at the
Red Front. C Washinrton slrccl Portland
Oregon, tie keeps a large stock of legal blank
on hand, which may be of use to you in order to
kecD out of trouble, or to hrln vou art nut rJ
trouble should you be so unfortunate u to get
into it. catalogues sent on application.
J. K. GILL. & CO.,
Booksellers and Stationers,
93 First St., Portland, Or.
Map of Oregon, price t : : : $1 00
Map of Washington, price i t I 1 00
Map of Oregon & Washington, i 1 SO
(Hailed ta anj adilress on receipt of price.)
Books of any American Publisher mailed to uy idinaj
on receipt of Publisher' price.
Rend26ola. toTu WavTRHoaa
Portland, Oregon, for copy of
a new HOKHK BOOK which
treat all dlieaaea of tbe bone,
and la thoroughly Illustrated
With 65 Fine Engraving,
which It I ml rates the poalllon. ansuraed bjr alek
horae bauer than can be taught In any other
way. iv dm a large ourawi
va uabl i roolpe", most of which
were orliilnlel by 8. J. Ken
dall, M. D., iba author, and
never berore put in pnai, ii
fironounced th. beet bookver published for
he price, aud euro, prominent horsemen have
a aPisa eald they preferred It lo book
3.5 le which onetlAOO and I10W
which 11 1 ml r
horaea bauer
nek Brwker, wboleMl. Batch)1 a4
raeher, deler la all klaa "
Fresh and Cured Meats, Baooo,
Hams and Lard.
Special Attention glyen to aupplyln Bhlpa.
tall. S. 17 avssd at, ( catrml .
Portland, OrefO
1 f CVf will pay for that vaiuaW.
IVf LlO, rwlle,aeopyof th. Owaoa
Mpeeutor?' dated Oregon City, Feb. I, l-thj
Bret number nf tb. Oral n.w.paiwr over prlnua
on the IalflA .u.i r. Bainnal. Port
and, Oregon.
Atkinson k Wek..U.
til.. ...Li. 11-:. L Ktark M
I Kronl8ta.,'ortlaBd.Or.
Bur and sell farm
ana eivy fik"v
for the beet view W
Orefon eenery,
II . . im.hi.
Caulofuea mailed fir. on application.
QnTVy A YEAR and eipe""
07 Outiit free. Addna P.O."
' r. iarniill. Me.
A WRKK. IllaUavat homil '
uoally outaUrM Addrwa u.