The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, July 01, 1879, Page 211, Image 19

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    July, .879.
Much attention haa recently been directed to
the Lowe k Strang processes fur producing a
Til lUi.iixiRArii. Devices (or signaling,
very ainiilar t the heliograph or "11111 writer,"
have hoen iu uae (or ages. Aa (ar liack aa the
Persian invaaion o( llreere, poliihed metal aur
UlfliaUUKlilXll Tm.mhunmm). Two ays
tenis liave Iwcu propose.!. In one, known a
llio Albcrger plan, tulwa ( glaaa are prepared
of a cuviuitnt length ami eUnit nue-eighth
no li internal diameter, in which a ateel wire is
tut 1 . .In. I Tina comiiouud lulie la then 111
-1 . U.. .1. . .1 Ul .1 .. .. .. l L.
cueay KM "j to' ui iniii hmuiuii ui maivor, which t , . . , . ., .
. . ! . . . . (aces were used to Hash the rava of the aun and
in the form of ateam u brought in contact with warniuga o( one kind or another. The scried 111 an imii one, the whole liroiiglil lo a
: J a I TM : l- .i 1 ! I ' iZ 7l ; 1 .1 1 . 1.1 I 1 :.. . f .. . . i . I 1 1 I
lncaiiuosccut i .11 nun. 1110 n u-i imeiivi, tuet mguaiiug lit tins mm inner uaaea wh, minever, . "wihiiik nct in m i- -. miii toe: roie.i, i
have lately been made iu Swodeu and lluaaia tmper.ect, anil could not lie oamed M over a
have been atteuded with favorable reaulta, and
aeveral Kientitic men, aome of them government
officiate, declare " that the gaa haa ly in boen
employed for welding wrought iron, for sinolt
ing in cruoiblea aa well aa pig iron aa ateel; that
the reaulta of theae experiments have been very
aatiafaotory aa to the heating power of the gaa.
On tha other hand, we cau confirm the state
meat that the employment of the gaa for cook
ing purpoaee cauaea extraordinary aaviug iu the
houeehuld department, and that the cleanliness
and convenience of ita uae muat make it a
favorite with all houaekcepera. "
The gaa waa uaed in a amall baking and ruaat
ing atove, which required a gaa consumption of
only fourteen feet an hour, maintaining a con-
taut heat uf lib. centigrade.
For illumination the gaa waa conducted
through a veaael filled with cotton moistened
with benzine, and the reault uai eminently
Nw Una roB Paphu A great diveraity pre
aenta itself in the varinua useful purpoaee to
which paper, or paji'ur mnrhe, haa been applied
of late years. Resides ornamental articles,
clothing, bedding, stamps, boxes, barrels, pic
ture frames, lurniture, nOTWnpes, cnimney inns,
ipace of more thau Is mil. Hut the itutrii
nent unw in use, the Mance hi'liograph, Is a
great improvement, for it not only unneciitrelca
the sun's raya but it llaehee Ilium with the
utmiHit precision to any reiuimd ajxit, irrospco
tive of the relative Im alum of the sun. It u
alao proviilnd with a linger key, an that Hashes
may be made of long or short duration, thus
permitting the employment of the Morse tele
graphio alphabet. I'uiler fsvoralilo comlitiona
interuuiirse lias Iwcu t'arried on through the
medium of two of theae initriitiienta over a die
tance uf nearly Ilk) milra, and at aeveral points
occupied by the English army in Afghanistan,
regular coiniiiiinication is iuaiutainid at ills
tam es of not Iras thsn .VI miles by holingrephic
aignals. The instrument weighs only seven
pounds and can be carried and worked by one
man. It is, of course, useless in I'loudy weather.
It haa already lieen proposed to Ntablllh a
systematic telegraphic cuinuiiiiiical Mwrcn
various islands iu the West Indies by still pro
ceaa, and before long it will be adopted aa a
means of signaling lietween vessels wlieu st sea.
Tim UriuiT TaMfiiom- At a recent meet
ing of the Society of Telegraph Engineers iu
bunion, an interesting feature waa the ills
brick., partition walls, carriage and car wheels made by Major Webber, II. K , l the
anil boats, It woum seem ss 11 1110 inventive in
genuity of manufacturers haa succeeded in
adapting thia aingle aubatanoe to some new use
every day. The laat remarkable application of
papier math, ia the manufacture of a revolving
dome for the astronomical olieervatory of I'rof.
Oraane of the Polytechnic Institute at Troy.
This dome haa an internal diameter ot Wt reel.
effect that he hail recently experimented with a
remarkable new cerium telephone Iroiu Amcrics,
which owed ita tiower to a diaphragm uf annual
tissue. With this instrument, which wss not
further doecrilied, Major Weblier was able to
apeak in a low tone over 70 miles of wire 'with
perfect clearness. A pari of this lino nonsuited
of underiirouiid cable, in which from '.II to 'M
and if oonatruoted in the usual manner, would I other circuits were busily at work without Mm
weigh five or six tons and require powerful and ! faring with the telephonic message Tho voioa
complicated machinery to manipulate it, beaidea of this instrument was singularly full and life
also rcnuirins foundstions of considerable depth like, whereas thst of magneto telephones i
for iu support; whereas the total weight at the ! peculiarly thin and parroty. This eiprmnsnt
. 1 it, . . ,k . I !! a I l.u il... ulii I
ltaiier ilonie will not exooen a win ami iiiiw is completely eeat m i ,,, ....
marten, and, mounted on pivots working in ! working of an ordinary telephone rorfectly
iron grooves, ia capable of being revolved in any ! through IN milea of wire. This waa acoum
j: EL. i 1.3 without I lie ooaratance of snv 1 nliahnd l,v Lieut Itoade. uf the t'lllted States
machine or apparatus of any kind. The ier V
ia pat upon a light framing of wood, and la, by K
lilitary Telegraph. Iretween Hsu Itiegn and
The olil iMlilonnl leii-piioiii m
ort Yuma.
means of a special preparation, rendereil fully ; years ago had a diaphragm ol animal tiaaue ami
aa hard and avan mora rigid than wood. oould M used at remarkably long fMMIN
without any insgneiu current at an
ll is Hod
very certain that tlie iwcr of the t. Irplmne to
transmit viliralions noes not n, jk on on we om
phragm ao much aa uhiii the mediam which
transmits them, and even now diaiihreniin are
Iwing disnsd with Ho Major WtMM has
not diaooverwl anything very new or curious
lin ing the iron pine so as to make a solid mass
of pip,-, glass and coating The coating of iron
acta aa a shield and an arrester ol induced cur
rents. The wire lieiug m-iI..(Ii inmlated is
capable ill Morkiug to a )iher caclty ami
with less resistance than any other system.
l'lle Hires arc I ill I III the ground, a ball, rv
attached to the first piece of piie and the pieces
connected by the ordinary telegrapiioi tie
leating with a galvanometer aa the work pro
grsaasa. A liell shaMd sleeve aiuuewhat larger
thau the iiin ia sTaWk ou r i.nli .niil WMI
connections sre made, and ao niaiilaliiig ilunl
iollle. lulu the sleeve through ao ol.ll.e III the
center, thus making a joint llitien inus to niuisl
lire and pcrli. llv imoilateil. The seuoud m
tern la thu LnfMUOal ul liatnl llnmks, the well
kuoMii electrician. The wirea wrapit In col
ton, '.H, IU) 01 ie sie placed In an iron piiie,
ami nltir lu-ing lanl in the ground oil Is Intro
ilm-ed and allowed lo niu III inliie length, the
source of supply lieiug an ill I ate, I oiaid atwaye
kept lull ao as to keep a couitiul pri aaure on
the ml already there. Theae pipes have been
laid in Philadelphia. The strong nnt In their
favor is economy. Any number of wirea may
bo enclosed In a small sluice , while the work of
laying Hutu does not involve much a-ne.
Once Hi plane they are free from disturbances
of all kinds.
Tn ri iiosi mmi i liuriiMuMa M A.b r
resirts some eierliuruts illrnml.iry of tie
views of I hi Mom l, iihiii telephones with, . t
disphrsgnis. He haa often nlworvnl that ha
reproduction nl words and sounds, which are
i i-l li) Ihs lull rrupllon ..( . n r rents, . an
ho mailo In ih. se telephones with a different
quality, ami umn a higher or lower pn. h, sc.
I lorillllgto the ilrgree ot tension which la given
j to the ir li win , but ll tint luiulsllienUl Soul I
of the wire is est ss I It d by hnbliiig It liel aun
the lingers, the sounds will- ll are reproduced lie
ciHtie .lull, a Utile iiioru I.. Lie. ami always In
the same tone. Ho eoncludss from bis experi
ments, thst the ..nun Is which are iifuduusul by
a loagns'ic nucleus are prubabl tha result id
shortenings ami lengthenings ol Hut wire, .It
t. by rapid magnetising and demaguotis
lug, tha miileiular vibrations id the uisgnol
pnlu i-ing the rffs. Is ol the Ulephotio. ami the
iron iiiapnragin only sirciigiiieuing me Vitus
Kt-Ronax Stoveh. In Ruaaia, Sweden, Nor
wy, and all Northern Kume, stoves ara usually
built at brick, oovernd with oroalain and pis. ed
while buikling in Ihs house. They arsj of the
site ..( a Large and vary high cheat of drawera,
and usually sUn.l in the corner of the room.
The fire ia burned in a furnace near the bottom,
and the healed amoka ia made repeatedly to
traverse tha atructnre from aide to aide, along a
windnm I IT. before it reaches tha top,
T ,, ,,. ,,.1,,,-K
liXZCtl Tha rStai m ! bwl. evnlanca, of a den- MfaWI Iha.
Hons, aud rriolenug Ihem more sonsibU to the
ear by its nsa viTsralloaa. We know i.
isiesiblo to replsk'e the iron plats uf the rteatvsr
by moi luagneli. uUloocas, as plat ..I ,..(.
Irar, glsvss, wiexl ari l avail i afd laair.l The
I'll, III ill. III. Ursulas is Unai
f lb. I'uilic ocean some distame Ul., the
month of the t'olumlaa ami alxiva, even to the
. older latlludea, shows in its shell mounds or
magnet do. t essr.iaa.aiiv rluular a. li. .,
iimi the diaiihragm I lis mistake wsa nol m
Tnecoaet Isie fact but in iha cause, the sulwlanew of
Ilia ilraghragina raiarvllig tits niotrowlar VI Lea
liutM and eusnmunicaling Ihsm to Ilia saw,
" bn k continn- to warm the room long .flar hav. long lived .! thr.vU on the kmtap
the lu. l . b rne.1 It E generally sutrkSsil to sen food that ta .seaay. provtd... p tb. Iitll.
wJri the .1 v. on'o. a day" The Lo. qu.t.t, str. and inlH. may & l-d- Ji
.1 ......I ..r nol borne. I 111 all o n grsle
ba consumed in an hour, ami woum nar..,7
fait Tbera u one ol these su.ves
i stated in a UssTaMa la aAsassa ImII
d Una It
S " 1 . T.T l sal !.
payaaar, that the punly ol mua may ue voapo j
the following vary simple m.-ii.-l A waU
tsoliakad knitting need Is is dipnsal into a deep
reasel ol milk, and immoxliaUly withdrawn in
an upright pomtwui whasn. if the sample U
rWorTh. tluul -.11 b. fonn-l f. adhere
lo it -nil. h k not tk. . 1
kn added to Use milk, ev en in the
.1.... a .1. oi l i. Bll eel ol SltelU, nUOlSW
and skulls sralAoei having rasmhsal ke original
Jut stratum. The length of this lasd la na
known and Ita Bate can only las imagined ll ss
a mile, ami in an- relit too. s niual
ha, a loess the
since thaws wild pampls
ing wsv.a, for inn
Afsa hsva ps.s.-i
ii lord ), the tm
old nr.. fir.
laat in diamstar, ars growing over u.e gistn
tree that precwded thorn No implssnesita
fooual Iu
I. -la
. km. I hava aa Vat
It is said thai similar beds an found aa Use I ordlasry tial.l svas, I hough lain or Ih
Alaska ooaart alao remains uf oastoal janka. bssfoe. the mbte, and will a.,UU
Wintnot an Muss v as an ins Maiaaa
i ke millets of the Western MUUe ul America
have ast themsslvee agaleal Ike wan at wire
Uading roaptng maarhinos on the grimed that
Iha wire gala Into the lhar anal oo".l, awl In
jares lava milling ma- lunar I i.e Minnesailn
milUts have agfesad not to bny wkovat thai kaa
Irewn I -hi. I with wlte, saswpl at a rod wet von ot
IU cento per bu.h.i As naarly all Iha sell,
lending reapsm ol Aassrlsa bind with wlte, this
Cvrjriwed acta n ( lh miliars ia a aartoaa est
r Ian lot mat a, and lur Use makers f tha
Anion an sheaf binding reaping maeklaaa, ll
is rlonbtlnl, Sowofor. waataef Ibay will kase
power to carry H into sAeel. N siring bmd.t
ysl been uninterruptedly snesssslnl to
te atr iu.w
!- owtlaaaal
altar another knrvsat