The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, July 01, 1879, Page 210, Image 18

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July, 1879,
Atitl'iiiiy liullitirt contains the following con
cerning the hymsulphito of a- a remedy
fur erysipelas: " Wheu erysipelas proceeds (emu
a wuuiicl, it la 1I1 heat to manage, ami re
ijuirea IIib lu at suigical akill; but when It ia of
tin milder Icirm, mi the outride akin in tint face
or any other iart of tint Ixxly, proceed ai fid
lows: Take 11I I.) MiauliliiUi of smla any qaaB'
tlty, ami make a ratuiateil anlutiiui in a butlll
11I any i iiiivi mint nv. u, right, or ton nuneca.
If the imliviiliial ia a alrmig, In arty nan, ami
MM diacaae liaa a kimmI start, girt your pitlwt
oho Uhlcsrniuiful 1 v 1 1 v In. Mr klirln Imura;
thru drrtraar the dose, thr brmtitr In un
man 1 1 est, ray iincn 111 throe Ilium. It may
osusr diarrhea; luit nriir iniml, 11 will ilcatmy
any febrile symptoms. Twenty-lour Imura i
geiioially Nfl INI In produce a rlfflintfl changc
for tin' lx-lt. r, unleaa it liar in or seven itaya'
tart, 111 win h aw it will take longer. 'I ho
results aro generally an wonderful that I have
never known the remedy l f nil. With an nhl
person mi may inUtitutr a traaHHinliil for
tahleaoohful, 1111. 1 once ovory two hours. Vmi
may put thi down that the MMNf TOO ran got
im ijiiality nf thn aoda solution mi.. Dm
Imly. thn sooner tho tmuhlo will boovofi Now,
lor en outward application: use ripial parta nf
tho soda total ami gtjUOllaei raturati' OOttoo
t!.'i ! srltw Ms Irivc, ami lav mi the part
alleoted I'at annple f. .1 aviml nil exciting
food ami drink fariaMtMi 4m( ia abootattl
niioaaaary. If y n intlm tin- put :itl..t.,
with the altove solution, tin an; thru lay un thr
aaturalrd cotton.
' II p . is ixpiallv ar rtlifai'iniii in ny p. ,,,
(mm man ia nr vrgrtahh r; nhl wuumla in surra
arc hnh'.l In wa.lin.,. tl , parti in a nlutimi of
sods It ia alsog...d in typhoid frvrr, carefully
" N iw, l( a noraon liar a fiirln nf rrvainrlr.
that is " an I. i I. : hut aa) 1. limine, Irt him
take a t.asp.uful every night nf thr i.luti..ii.
ml tho dtaeaao will ho entirely removed, i
kopl up lur a month. Tho disease arhlom or
never attacks a )x-rs..n tho around time whrii
eradicated by tho aoila treatment'
I'lm n Mi IBM Thr hutohrry nf tho Krco
man iluhl at I'oraaact atrikra everyone with
hormr Vol tho brut .1 falhor accomplished
dm llv what is liug srcotnplishe.1 indirectly
n l uuiaUnlionallv, in mauy iiutain-ia, hy
pamiW who oithrt neglect Ihoir children or re
main in w dllul igii .raure of thr ordinary anil
proper lawa of htallh. Tho command to in.
.fa- ami maltiply meant somrthing rlar than
thr in. tt bringing of chil.lrrn int.. thr ,.t. t
aaiairmrl. thtm by degrw aftrr thr) air h, rv
Whllr piuiinu oat . .. uu of hln.t.1 ami tolunira
uf M tn maintain lh nhla nl lull Krowu
Nwaan.l -I..H tin making . ( m. n ai.. wmnrn
ia liaa 'prr miaul ami Uaiy, by thr proirr
lraiuin .! .1.1. lira la nvwrlookr.1 ia a yrral
mratauro. Ami aay rwlitfioui rral whirb pr.
mlaaa a awkU ... t fur mm. ami K ami
raalraiua Uw oauUianco ul rhihlh.l by u
crrtl a aokmail), ia mar.. r not . i-r.y, to
hat aarw, tall (ally aa wu ko.1 ar
tho 1'ixw Ma I' V. V.. .11 . 11 l
1 . a". m .1.4 .!.
larwauaUtr, whilo bo rrtaina tl,c idea 'hat tho
aaaallial iWtaaiiaaBa, laagi. ar thr raaao of all
lalortioua .liaaaaw. that ualy thru gmu
art daayorowa aa.l calcalaani In mfoct ahicat ra
ta owr ormJM ..I rautati. 1. with the air wo
twwattho. II oa NaH a tarory aaiM iiru
tnaw, wail kwi gMaaral aooojtUatcr. 11 woakl U
aa Inaa-t oorrawary Ui tmutjo taaratlraw al- at
.at li,uul, aa ia tawrra. canala. .lamp al. nr
anl arwi watm. to Uw other aiJ aitry
moaata awaat U ooaiOoyral to prrwwt taa (attp
HOW to (irr II111 or fvan Mil l- lt t. A
Prrnch uroceu daaLsood to circumvent lliu
iMinla traooablo to iluit in llourint; milla, ia tints Tim atnnca ahouhl bo aurrnumletl aa
toinplftrlv aa poaiib'u by a movablo covering of
wiiotl or alicot-iron, whirh ahnuld have no ojien
iiiK 111 front hut what ia absolutely neceaaary
for the work. In order tn avoid tho choking up
ol the ventilating pipt r, it ia neceaaary to pro
wl. -i. ial iliat harge pipes for the water, ac
OordiMM the atones are partly below or en
tirely abort the Hour. Again, the paasagca in
Uodtd far carrying the ilust ahouhl lie placod
lindofBOaih the atone, and lieyoml the JKiiut
w here the work ia applicil, reganling tho direc
tion nf noMoni it shiiiihl liavu a hreailth a lit
tle greater than that nf the atone, anil a ilepth
iif.-l.lllt lll.-ln.M nl in. lal fin- tt... Inriiitut ut.n.i.u a
rlnliug ilnor serving to close it whenever ilry
dust la not pradMM, The water ilisclmrge
piH' snoiiiu Aim nave a valve, winch may lie
. li.r.-.l u 11 11 uiti.r 14 1. .1 11..-. ...I .. .. .. .
ib-aireil to carry of the ilust nnsliiced when the
.1 . 1 if .1 1 tt
irurii. 11 mere are nniy jour or live
riiilli-M in tin vi.irL n nil. -1 ..i.tin.1 1.1.... .. .I
' - H( prrs "I.I
MM, ami (he blower ahouhl Im placed at the
01111 ; nil 1 11 tnere are eight or ten stones tn one
line, a aceiimi collector, Hi inches liy I 'J may In
plaoeil in the middlo of the length of the lirat,
anil iKTiM-mlii'tilnr tn laa rllaavattiiai If t..
there are two long parallel rows, with eight or
1011 avuiiea 111 earn, iney anulllit Ho collnectell
with tho MOOnd collector, or with a third, Klx
M latboo, coniiniiiiicating w ith tho ventilator.
Hll l vM Siv nr i.-rrii r...i. .1,1.1....
a ohtaiiieil by distilling the oui1a'
MM nf tho nut pine ur ihggcr'a pine of (.'alifor
uia (Plmn nbkma), was introilticed in market
ami mill 111 a crmlo state a lid Of varioua namea,
and is now useil for remnving greaae apota, etc.
It is aromatic, colnrleaa and very liiuiill
Chrmirts latoly BUMM a pretty thorough chemi
cal ami physical eiaminatiun of this abietene,
M lotaM it toconsut mainly of pure heptane
a rubrt.uu-,. th,. utlii-r known natural aourcea of
which aro H-tr... 11111 ami fnaail tiah oil. The
OOmrrOaMO of a porafltal playing tho part of oil
f turH-ntnio tn a tree now living ia exceedingly
lulerrating. In unlinary turiontiiira a (.aniline
Ilka auliaUnce has liren loMO, hut only in very
amall ipiantitios. The cotnpoaitiou of the oil ol
tho W a,if,MB,i probably i-arioa at ilifferent
aeaaoua, aa aomotiinra the nuU taaU atrtingly of
turn ntnie, ami at other tiiuea they have hardly
any oi that llavor. '
PaOORUa OOMKM. AK anau farmer gi vea
or 1 M riem .- a. follnwr ! I.......1 .1... .1.
I .--m. vite
KiMiin.l war completely hmicv-eunilied byMK.-kot
a-,....,. , .Utru several small sweet pota-
tnra ami , ut them into rlin..a ...... k. tl -i -L
.'.(v-mb., an mm
I mm with thr 1 t f a aillfo I inserted
in each slice a crystal of atrychnme the sue of a
pin In -vl Then with these mourned biU of
wort potaUrra and spade in hand 1 went all
uvrr my land, and wherever I aaw a freah aign.
I dug till 1 Inuud iu navlway, into which I
tliru.t aM ,. t,P mlmmi pi.-.-r. then coveml
up thr h.ilr a 'am. I , .,..t I M. .
-- iviwr Has
ourraliiir, at intorvala of two weeks; or aa ofte 1
aa 1 natlVlttd freah signs; and to my great r. -Ml
MMd that guphort anon got ao acarad that
Ihrir dainagw waa harvlly noUced. and f..r tho
Uat Uiree years I hair l,n lK.therd but very
littl. with thrm " '
U tnoa ,.r niaiiaauw or Kocx. () tb,
four nrrra which encinled the Harden of Kden
tatlatMtaia. th. l-hratan.1 fhiddekel h,v, 0.
ago loam loWitiod aa lh. Kopbratea and Tigna
A caneifnrm moimment m the British muaenm
tT!.! and among
theaa .x lm ami tiuchan. lth canal. ( the e.av.-h 1
.,... '" -s unoer me name 0
lullak..,- canal , Uit I Wi or IWion l
...u.,' . -TTT1." -"awaaaaoi
dirtwt tkrswMih the air a. a rrault ,vf lh, dry-; bra. vm-i. bad irr. .jITiTk .."'l
We publish descriptioni of the following new
inventions, obtained through Dewey ft Co.'i
Mining and Scitiitijic I'reu Patent Agency, San
Construction for Wiikelm. Ij. B. Laurence
..... i,.u,-,i june luth.
Thia improvement in the construction of wheehi
..ftn.i. 1.11- : 1 . ..
-"""w ... -p. . .... iv in w uuvei construction
of thn hub of 1 1... iml Im 1
-. ... .... ....., ,. ,,, ciuiuoyinent
of a compressed rubber or other elastic holder
or socket for the apokea, in combination with a
stationary and a movable flange, one being so
cured to and forming a part of the hub or axle
box, whilo tho other movea upon a anew-thread
upon the inner end of said box, and may be act
un atrainst tho elastic arjoke ancket diar ti...
the apokea will be fjrmlv held in nlaco Tk.
invention further conaista in tl... ...i...l. .. ........ .
- "-- - - -J .... I. L Ul
an exiiaiullnif ritnr wlvinh ia tltt..,l i.. .1.
, 1 o b' ........ ... ........ ... vuo ex
terior of tho axle box, to that it may be forced
beneath or within the elaatio tpoke-holder, and
when the flanges are acrewed up the expander
will force the spoket outward, ao aa to tighten
the tire when loose. In wet weather, or when
the tiro ia re-aet, the expauder can be removed,
and the wheel will be prevented from becoming
warped by the contraction. Slight impreaaiona
in each of tho flanges receive the tidet of the
spoke tenont, which may alao be protected by
their claatic aide waahen. The expanding ring
iimy also bo steadied by extending it beneath
tho stationary flange.
Borino Imim.rmknt. William Heyn, 8. F.
Il.ited Mao "-tl, Tl.;. Uat -" a.
.- j .,. .in. .... . iti'ill 111.1111 HI
certain improvements in implementt for boring;
mill it. ennaiafa in . ..... ..I mink. .fcl .1 S
- ... . ...... u , cuuai.iiici.iou ui a cir
cular nncftavv llw. I.. .. .. .... 1.... l -4 '
; " " - t - " v i ... i.; on,, (it willUU
ia in ahape and form like that of the usual
.l.iitl.l. I.. ....... 1 1 ! a .11 l
....uulv iniKiti augurs, naving a aoveiaiieo or
other aoifaklo f. ........ 1 ul..i 1. ... I.
device aorota ita diameter, and alto two grooves
oooiiig a. rigm angles trom tne atxive-men-tioned
tlot towarda a gimlet-pointed acrew in the
lower or boring end through which the shav ings
are being discharged towardi the operator while
111 romliinrlinn .. .tl, ki. .1... ............
rr . -1 . u ...... . . . . in.- in,,. ii. i
employs either a plain and smooth or a partly
' avoui or snaiiK, naving a dcvoim or
other suitably formed projection or looking
device, which tits those of the circular cutter in
such a manner as to unite the two prineipal and
vital parta into one solid whole, thus forming a
JiilS I
i'i iraoie lairer.
PtKFIT-Al-TlMl Hnaav PirniM T. ll..rl...rt
and Wm.V llenrv Hi,.la.ill ,.r..,.,...,t.. r
I 'al. The iinprovoment ennaiata in mounting on a
h..ri...t.l u . a".
""i11" nat iiiuv in.; in anti-irictiou ue vices
U'tWren auitaliln .....1... t.... ..,.11..... ..!....!,
- -- ,ni. puiiwja n .......
alternately pass in and oat of deprettiona or
naai iralir,. J al a a. I
.utraou (iu mc nunpnery oi non
In not'i. Mine wneci is rauun.
A riH'tilincAr in, it i. .,. I.-.,.,.. k. ....... .. tl,..
. r-xaiwii awaiat 11IUI ill poll wmw w oh
driving Ivar, and power being directly trans
mitted to a knee lever operating the pitman of
a p imp or similar ,1.-. u ill I tl... inlMvan.
t;oii of any gearing.
Pasti to maki Pam Auukkr to Tut.
snften 4 parU of glue in 15 of cold water,
and then moderately heat until the solution be
comes .put- clear. Then odd 05 parta of boiling
w ater, and agiute. In another vessel stir op
30 larts of starch pasta with water enough to
form a milky li,,uid without lumps, and into
this poor the boiling glue solution with con
ataot atirring. Continne tht boiling for a fow
rmnutce, and add, after oooling somewhat, a
drop or two of carbolic acid to each gallon of
patU. Keep the paste in closed retards.
RinoviNo 8cau raoM Boiuuuv-If the
'oiler ia not a very amall one, add once a woek,
about one pound of soda (todinm carbonate) for
every 50 gallons of the boiler's contents, taking
care Ui Mow oat (through the bottom blow-oat
Up) this charge with tba accumulated slodgt
before avdiline mntra nA l.i. a. lis
we water run low in the boiler.