The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, July 01, 1879, Page 206, Image 14

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July, 1879.
luh) s girtjfin ffrs tn nasi),
doing h see il.e kiuhtt m gram);
Hill "I Ui as) Uia ww aUr. --.,
W .1. Iilnif fo 10 her (t ulr
Hwltiic Ml,
11)1 III
Ofd UwMm U pi Ii Midi
0. Hie hrlglil ilreliu III live li,-l.uit,
AH lit Hi. lining augrl. pUnncr
Hi(l lull, luhea MM rinse,
Just llkr III. j.i-Utl. i. . row..
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htMlMl rjr 111 Mm :.. lead!
I la Ilia n.) l.i III a-lu Wml. l) BMlilMf! ItllUf liNiiil
I Mil. Until iinw .re In Mm fuM,
I ill I. lilnU 1 1 1 I. fr.iln Hid eeld
K 1 1 1 Ml
luii) !(. 111 Bn la had
CHUNK nil's NKWhi-apkiis.
tmitf Afltnccm, m Ahum, an magazine oi
great !.. , nliarjil y ar raigns tin' new iaHrs
whii'li urn iruii" In minister to groveling taatca
by publishing very rrproheiiaihlo liUiraturo. It
aaya : Not only 1I11 our unwapapcra offend liy
the iuldl. atinn ol thii vile dotaila n( gnat Crimea,
liut aleo liy picking 11 1 ami aprradiug abroad
little scandals, little unpleasantness 111 society,
little liiU of gossip tliMtt 1111 sensible nr honorable
MMifwi to know or wtwU nAW klauell
tn reeal. Much of ll"' huumi ol many weekly
.i. 1 . ami nl mil a lew dailies, is dovoUd tn
matters til thin daSOt ipliou. Th little tattle f
the lieighlmrhnod lliat u mil only ailly ,ul
otaiiniie 111 tin' cilroinc n gathered ami aorvod
up iu aa apwliiiug a maiinnr a iaihle (or the J 1 1,1 nl ll... win, I,, nimmmiity. If a'
woman Uhavea indiscreetly, tin. fact, innrn nr 1
law omeolli.hed ami aullicioully diaguieed to
what the appetite, ol the gos.iia, la likoly Ui j
.i 111 iriut Hi.' not .lay. II a mail own.
inila an eimr ol ahnli he ia pretty auro to lie i
ashamed, ami cmin uaiiK which he would U
glad o( U10 indulgent .llrnoe of hia licighlior,.
than ia no mercy of him; lie will have a chance
U rood the nxHir.1, a .1. .1 magnified, in tin.
locaU ooIu.iiil Ik.11te.i1c laMWljoi iti, l,h li
the Ot MM haa no at all allord material
(or ary itomi; liii.inoaa complies! mi,, am
wtsree complicated hy uiiaiitliori,-, reHirta eon
coram, them; Intl.- (rouble in the ehurvhr.
waioh Umae I1.1 have the .-are o( interest
aro doing Uieu 1, 1 1 , are la .1 into
grave .liaaen h rrlarrucra !. limn , t,
ea.papeis Snu. luiira. when tl. ,l,.u,, ,,
IK. - amall acamials ar not giwn, there are
little hmla m I iniiueu .... that Mt to put all
the uuiwal anil lord, Hemic n,,.e. , t,r j
munily mi the a.enl r ludreency ,,, murlm-l
What iirw or lualilh-alion .an Ihrr.. U. (r
the iutili,aUuo ol .11. 1, iteina aa I hod ' Wh,.
ia Mn.lttl l.v rea.line them ! What iniorv.t ,,(
inUllirn,, ol morality. ..1 .1. ,ncv 1. iMn,.iK
hy .iiwIii,k al.l theae imaeralil. ,,Uu. (
VfV' ""I' reaa..ii l..r .rinUui( thnn ia
that many 1-..1.U ,k ,., ,, . ,i,, ...t.
a aalo lor Uie paoart Hut the that cravoa
Uaaa U a ti. ,. ai .U.ra.1,,1 u ,htl
Iwamoaa ,.( trali(ym anj aUmulaUnii aurh a
UU la a had tnttmaaa
What m tlmnht ol the woman who go, from
houar U. houae in her rM,hl..rh..nd rehearain.
Um id mtellir,,, like tin .. t ,
Um asan who devnvm hia 14 mi re to the cir.-ula
tiamadhearrwatnimor? If it unttareiuulde
H a man to ga ahoal nngtag hia Muhbon' '
.loor-baJU aad m-iUng In I hem aura acwndala hv
word ol aaaaUi it la more diervimtaMe I, him u.
nnt them ia a widaly-droulaukl nci,iRr
Ta atory thai a gwatlenian Would not atoop u.
141 IB food atxtely. no gratlmaa ought to print
ia hia apr Mmldliag and mtechief making u
mal aa reurehriiailde in a repurW aa ia any other
nun. Um larl thai aurh aluff make hia pair
aell u a poor jaaUAoatioa. Aad unUI tht man
atari at aawapapairt Uaro to diaonmiaaU with a
little morn enre hetwP the newa Whifh ih
pillilic hua a iiu-ht to hear anil tho uewa which in
nimply noiaoino nr injurious acan.lal, thu buainnaH
nl jiiiirmiliam will miller a acrioim loan ol respect
ami nl inlliii iice.
An Knlixli farmer was nuo day at work in
the lielda, when hu saw a party of liiiiitHincn
riilniK ahoiit hia farm. Hu had 0110 Held that
he was specially tnxlooi they slioiild not r i 1
over, aa the crop was 111 a cnnilitiini to lie limlly
injured by the tramp of horses; so he dispatched
a hoy in Ins employ to this lielil, telling Inm t
sniii inn xaie, ami keep watch over It, anil nn
no account to suffer it to hu opened. The hov
went as he was bid, but was scarcely at his post
iicinrn the huntsmen came up, peremptorily or
doling the nate to he opened. This the hoy
detained to do, stating the nrilera he hail
received, and Ins determination nut tn disobey
them, Throat and bribes were offered, alike in
vain, (tun alter another came forward as
"p"k tan, but all with tin- same remit! the
Imy remaining Immovable in his determination
mil to oiK-n the uate. Alter awhile, mm of
"olilo presci advanced, ami said, mm,!
111U tones:
"My iHiy; do you know mc? 1 am tho Duko
01 iveiiiiiKton -ono not accustomed tube .lis
obeyed; and I command vou to onen thai, earn
that I ami my friends may pass through."
The buy lifted his can and atnn.1 iinmoaMil
liefore the man whom all KiiKlaud delighted to
'"" 10.11 ainwcn rmiy: "1 mil auro the
Ihike of Wellington would not wish 1110 to dia
oliey orders. I must keep this "at(i shut; 110
one is to puna tbrongh hut with my uiastor's
opriNs nermieeioo."
Ilrcatly pleased the sturdy old warrior lifted
Ilia ou't. I...I ....I UU. t.f L
: " "1 "o.i hui 1 minor mo man or
..y trim can no neither hribed nor frightened
into doing wrong. With an army of audi
soldiers, I BOOM 0OIMUOI not only the French
but the world." And, handing the boy a
glittering sovereign, the old Duke put spurs t
hia hone, and galloped away, while the boy ran
Off to In. work, shouting at the top of his voice
Hurrah: hurrah! 1 have dono what Naimleon
could not .I., IV,, kept out the ll.ike of Wei
lington. '
I W-n.v yellegant a baby show.
A DIM who puts on aira ia a wind-lasa.
Bxrmn I Wirot make (lenaive huabanda
UOVn won't IWeehN the breath of aeamlal
r.n.Ks are very fouli.h to Uke arran cold
II Vou mint; g. tVm rurnl.
TiiK trouble in, i. the womon uae up
the emra eoather drying eloihea,
pHakAOTn -T0 00j poraonal property
a-Ueh . ybody look, after lor lou. 1 '
1 11 av are digging in Tennessee for gold a for-
llSK'i VM
A inns r.K had a aatad of augar returned with
a Bote aay.,,,, 'Too much aand for table uae
and not enough fr budding purpose "
An alwiit unn.b-d gentleinen. ,, retinno t
mghl.1,,,, h,. . gU.lH,l,.,,d kicked hiSL
lB atair. : 1 did ,,.,t fan, hi."
unt, he w ,, and tha.l.ig tried ,0 . B" 1kk,U, m..uatche. ad .
"t. aaya the major, "are the a L
tha. ,h', ' t II, capiu".
UamWra , Ui. .lUc to let-im.uiro at tbi
hj"?1" N "ho U,tA ) "' th. mini,.
river Mi home. ha. wnttoo th, (llw, re.,r,
Dlnr4i).h.Lh ke,,b.r, B -
Ail, Jui md Nlw,r
lr Juniii, u,, y,, j '
Th, run 1, r.,hrth a,,
Al h. n, aait iMrtwoa
" We-l r., i ,J.
I ' , ' " "" l.v! I... ,4 ,),
Ima aa wal aa4 tvlea m Zn,
Ono who aigna horeelf "A Mother," end
whose writings are full of maternal wisdom tad
solicitude, writes to the New York Tribunt aa
Looking with a mother's interest upon the
habits of young people, and their relations to
gother, in this day ; and looking also upon the
personal experience of more than 60 years I
am profoundly convinced that idleness in women
baB as much (if not more) to do with the deep
rooted evil that is undermining our social and
national virtue so rapidly and terribly as say
other influence. The girls of this generation
are idlo, even where families are in but mod.
erate circumstances, and suffering must come in
somewhere from expenses entailed by necessary
work tiiat is not done by the daughters. House,
work is considered degrading evon the light
offices for her own room, whioh every true
woman ought to feel unwilling should be dona
by any hands but her own, and by which every
young girl should make that place a sanctuary,
where her dignity and purity are to be recog
nized and guarded by each appointment aad
arrangement within it ; and sewing is handed
over to tho maeh ine- workers as something quite
out of the 1 1 ties t ion to be done.
If no more should bo said respecting then
wints, it is pitiful to oonaider how they are
missing their own happiness in this atate of
things. Nn girl is fitted for her future duties and
responsibilities as wife and mother who cannot
do these things, and do them thoroughly well ;
and her future is not provided for unless her
present is a eteady and organized fonndation for
it, and that cannot be unless the mothers train
the daughter from babyhood for the work that
ia Nil TH tn rnfl I,, ,,.., ufnH.anl.Aful IVkn
- t II II W 1 ..... RU.IIMIIIIMI, .. MVM
this is dono the happiness comes in. Mothers
mid daughters have a life together ; a bond of
employment and interest that is in constant
operation. Over their household matters, aad
CMlCciallv llVlir the v.,rl ..f hai .,....,ll,,u ll,.,.-
have a oompanionship that grows with their
lives and brings them into a close intimacy, of
. I - . . I. .. . 1 1 i 1 . . 1
-1 1 1 , nn- win anu uaugniers 01 inn
day know very little. They are really strangers
to each other Tl... ut..,i.. i,.;; .kink ,..
charactor of the mother ought to be to the
daughter is not known, because they have no
work together. The needle is a part of woman's
dower. I will not dwell upon "the benefits of
tho sewing machine." God means that women
nIiOUIiI llan their nnn.ll... .,.! L. J. nn l.
alightest need of injury from its nse, excepting
in oaaee which correepond with any other neces
sity for overwork. It is a great subject, and
not easily oened up in aa brief space aa is
allow. 1. 1.. !,..-. I.... I I ',. I. 1.
... ... i. , uui . ociicvo mm i oeiio.o iu
Ood and hia appointments for us that if the
girls of this generation would take op a daily
duty of work, no matter what their position or
emu in., mo worm woui.i bo happier pgr, it.
Mother, wonl.l I, ., .. l: --'- ...J aWJ. -
,io i no. n i . niu ...v.. n.
feoti.ui, as they sorely misa it now : fathers
na.e many a nara nour oi iiiacourage-
ii. i lit over heavv bill, le.l.t. ... ,1 l.r,,thnr would
have a conianiouship of whose charm, aa wall
aa bonofit, very few have knowledge now ; aad
VoUIlu men In ..I I )- ... ... I . I k - ... .
v ... uvuv. IUI..IUUI w.iuiu uta.u m ' "
of womauhooil that ia almost entirely lost in
mo present nay. t omen are never more bril
liant or f a,-o, . I , ., .. I .L - - n I .n.-nn
a,..n.,.,g jmi, .uejr uaro u .
right to be brilliant and fascinating) than wbrn
ll,...r I I- .--J . I I I
11 .."u... ro occupiea. AWivsrasna aw
,.iiiiwmri maappear; ami penecuy at ncr
" . ..lining woman ixcomes iniairrM
the pocitioa, and, happy herself, makee all
around her happy.
TaUnKtsm mm -i.i, LA. .lu..l..i.ul 1...I.,. m
Western eilllor ..Iverltr...,! "Pnnltrv l.k.-li in
exchange for advertiabag.'' The villaioooa oosa- . in hi. ..iitw.rtj.nitw tn nn m ntlit-
atandmg grudge, eat it op: "I'oeiry taken,
etc, and aince that time the office bov haa boon
leering ,yi ccnU a dav from the waste paper