The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, June 01, 1879, Page 179, Image 17

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    June, 1879.
nPnee Tnm we've net time tot low. o.
there u rope enough in the corner there for a
coil to throw Mhore when we get to the Uniting
at Woodstock, and put the paddlee aboard.
Let me take the baby, mother. Now, boys,
jump on. There'a room enough (or a regiment.
You II have to make up your mindi to stand a
good deal of water the next hour. 1'ush bcr
off I"
The raft swung ilowly round from iU fasten
ings, and in another minute itruck the shore
current, which, though leu iwift than that in
the middle of the river, was yet 10 atrong aa to
make aafe navigation a difficult talk. The rain
came with suoh blinding force that it waa almost
impossible to aee the, and the increasing
duak threatened to grow into total darkneaa
before the end of their poriloui journey was
It wai barely three-quarters of an hour from
the time they left their starting point, when the
raft touched the landing place at Woodstock,
and Tom, rope in hand, jumped on shore to
throw the loop over the post which had always
stood thorn.
To his dismay, the pott was gone, and aa the
raft iwept along he felt the rope slip (through
his tinners, in spite 01 ma endeavors 10 110111 11.
There waa another point( lower down, where
the raft might strike, if his father could keep it
out ot the current oy nia eingio arm. esnse
that the river made a sudden bend, und if the
landing should be missed there, no oarthly
power could keep them from going down the
He hurried to the nearest houses of the vil
lage and gave the alarm, and then flaw down
the street, which ran parallel with the river, to
the lower landing, lie was just in time to see
his father spring from the raft, holding the
rope, and, rushiug in the water up to his waist,
caught hold of it to assist Their united
strength bade fair to bring the raft into the
eddy, and the shouts of the rapidly-advancing
men, who had been roused by Tom'e brief warn
ing, gave them additional energy. Two min
utea later half a doaen strong arms were aiding
them, and the raft waa slowly drawing to the
shore, when the rope suddenly parted.
With a wild scream the mother roue, with her
l..v in her arms, aa if to ulunuo into the iivnr,
Then, seeming to remember the children who
clung to her garment, ane sans down again,
anil tha next moment the tierce current had
swept them away in tha darkneaa.
There waa but one hope more. If the ferry,
Am .,,,1... l,,u ,.r down, could tie reached lit time,
they might be saved; and the almost diatrectod
lather and eon, mounted on norm pawfaaaw
vmi thiiini friends, uelloped there.
Too lata I The ferry-keeper had seen some
black object ruah by in the darkneaa, and heard
cries lor help, wnicn ne we uuaoi
They ware in the bands of Mod, and He only
1,1 h.ln th.m
All that night Farmer Alien paced the floor
of hia desolate house. 1 he menus wno came u
... .,,,1.., 1 inn, found their endeavors vain, lie
, .),..,! in he alone with his aorrow. Tom Mai
remained at the ferry determined to take a boat
at earlv davliuht ami follow down the river,
Ttuit. aaaa little aleeo that night i Wood
stock, and long before the usual time for the
village to be astir little groups were abroad in
the rain, diaeueaing the aad event 01 toe pre
...!, Auddenlv there waa a atir in
Ik. dfe-eiio ni the little telegraph otlioe, and
tk. who slant there came rushing out
with a sealed envelope in hia hand, in a etata
of mat excitement 'M , ,
"Who U carry this over to Faraaer Allan a I
he shouted. .
tl i.traatad to OSkt of th
.. 1 J' l,. rJ ik. Mas, who sped
over the mile which lay between the office and
inMt'i lik. arravhoood.
"Hare a aceaethlag for re-, ; he pealed, as he
1 . .... tk. hnnae without aaweatag.
The famer took it aaewlsaaujy, without a
ucht that t mmmjm
already looked upon aa in heaven. Breaking
; I k. ...I k. siwshI Ike 'edded allri nf rainer end I
glanced at its content. Then with a fervent
"Thank Mod ! he fell upon hia kuoea and the
feelings ao long pent-up found vent in tears of
The message waa a brief one. It ran:
Kasiisaicroa, N 11 . April 10.
Jons A1.1.SK--Your wife anil children wtr lacked up
at lla-hi this morning, on a shlnjl rati, Him miles elaiva
this city. All sale. Aotwir.
Swift aa waa the feet ot the inoaaenger, they
had hard work to keep pace with John Alleu s
on the return. The uews sprrail like wild lire,
and within halt an hour everybody in wood
stock kuew the contents of the disiatch.
Little more need lie said. Farmer Alleu fol
lowed the measago ho sent without the loaa of
an hour. That waa Sunday morning, and it
waa Thursday night liefnre the parted house
hold again mot beneath the roof whose few
hours' desolation made it yet the more sacred
and precious to all. ('. A', llunl, in Inln 'rmi.
fit O'K'IOVC . ,,
Dully, hen's wishing; imp'
I'll Ml you sit about It;
Pes mlv just to wear It, sja
lie careful not to ilouhi It
Tommy faait aloint, tasl nlghl.
About a llllli' fellow
Who hsd mis thai .. lual Ilk IhM,
Meek lelicl lilmuird wlltt jellow
Won't saw ti surprised, whan I
Trll hue hU Ms rot imokuiff
Will (lie lilm sinllitiis; ha '
11. ill trm.k I in asa) ikios
Now, ilrar. whal shall wish 1 .1 first t
ll like to ham a "'ti,
Mm 1 .'it stut I floiilil rltta shout,
Our own two sell, ebitie )
Why iton't ll cms T Yml nauajhl) dolt '
I wish I liaito'l anokao!
I'nu'M 'I .11 1 1 1 the dear Ishlii cap,
Ami now llie charm Is broken,
e'f, eMle
Uat ritt. The Hev. J. (i. Wood, at A.,
recently dolivered the tint of a aeries of lectures
on "Natural Science," iu Dr. ('hailing I'earce'a
(leological Museum, Hriitnu Itiav. Having, in
the course of the lecture, to allude to the hedge
hog and the stiuirrcl Mr, Wood olieurvod that
theao animala, when dead and properly conked,
formed cxcollont articlea of human t ! Few
leoide were, however, aware that wlieitsiinl
arly treated the fleah nf a rat hail a liner
flavor and waa altogether a greater delicacy
than eithor of them. There waa literally noth
ing of which he (the lecturer) was so fond t a
a rat pio. This was a disn wnion uhjhmu
made its appearance on his Utile, and was
'nil. vc.l bv all the members nf his family. Me
hail frieiida. whn, like himaelf, had over
come their prejudice, and thoroughly enjoyed a
irooil helnina of rat pi. He rcmamliered one
moat interesting case 01 a wnoie lamiiy, eaccoi
the parents, who were very fond of this dish.
They were in very good circumstances, owning
large grain stores on the .iieoway.
Dsttii or FiARTiwrAKXn. The recent earth
make at Yirginia City was not noticed at all in
the mining depths, but only by ieople mi the
surface. Their famous earthquake of soma
vrara sun. which ahook down chimneys, lire
j .. - .... . ,. jii .1
walls, cracked lines; hiiiniinga, aim uni i
damaira waa mere V noticed Icy some nl til
. ' . . . :r . . . 1.
minora working in the umier levels, nut is
no damage, not even shaking down loose at
and earth. The station men In the vartnua
shaft felt it tha strongest, and the doeimt
point where It was noticed was liy the station
lender at the OdO.fool ! "f tha lllilinl
I.',,,,.,,,, shaft INK) fret Iwlow the aiirfac. He
aaiil it fait like a sudden faint throb or tmlaa
linn of the air, as though a blast hail Issea let
off somewhere at a distance, above, below or in
some indefinite direction. In some of the mine
the shock waa not notices) at all, evea by the
utinn men. ( onifnentiuii 011 tins peculiar fact
at the time, the Hold Hill A'"" remarked that
the earth'iiake seemed to 1st an electrical ma
turUnce proceeding from the etovttphere and
not from the deptha of the eertn
TmxWat toAvoiiCaliit.-"U any 00
k. ill nf tk. " aaid KmrUtaa. "rimldr he hath truth on hie eld; and il
reform thvaelf, that hia eenauree may nut affect
thee. '' When A 111 MnsmUr was told that lh
very boya laughml at his singing. "Ay, said be
then I most Team to sing netter. " I'Uto. Win,
.,1,1 tkwt he had manv enemies bo al.ik ill n
him aaid "It la do matter. I will live ao that
Done shall believe them. " Heanng. at an other
i,m. thai aa inUnule friend ol hia had elmkra
datrartively of him. be aatd, "1 aaa aare he
..,1.1 do il if he nasi u-i -mm reason for
IL" This u the eereet aa wall as the oobUel
way of drawing the attag oat of a reproach, ami
... . ske.1 .J uniauinu a man fur that
i .-J oadv relief aaralaaat the pasba
calumny -a jo
A Wlnuw refusee a fnpiilah iKire; ahe is Hot
read) to be married vet, she says. "Madame,
I am your aervant, I can wait." "Oh, wall;
yim look u though you did. At what reatau
rant, pray'"
A akl.Ki-i Mat of a suburban town while super
intending some rvisairs ami improvements of a
highway, Indicated a asit near a small stream
of water aa "a good place to put down a cul
prit" litoto VsWMi
It is new said by a ecieiittllu authority, that
aleoii ooniiiiMnce in the feet and estemla to the
head. Possibly the custom of anting with Die
feet toward the pulpit may have eomething to
lo with It ereers u K'imrltr.
Ar a recent isarfnrmance in the New Haven
()iera House, aa a uitmhnriif atudenta left their
scats between the acta, a good lady waa beard
til olsserve: "Alll I It ton bad thueo fellnWa
have to go home and go too aliidylng '"
In a certain MaaaaaclmsetU iinrmal aeliool the
ord "euchartat" waa given out not long ago to
i spoiled and drllued. More than threr.
fourths of the gir beg sariloii young ia.lns
wroU, "euehreial, a poison eno plays euclile
Hiutim I rnnscrist.
Two iiaintera, meeting "What have you
ol in the eibibltion this year?" "(Ih' still
Ufa, a pie, some uyatora and a lobster." "Why
tidn't you paint a Umlmrger clteeae, a yon
lid laat year ?" "Well, I did commnnee one,
hut I couldn't made my model keep Its ss.
Sim isn and defining lie, miUi (giving
out a word and dcllniug it, in order In prevent
mlaappreheniioii) Hetmery, a idaee In keep
bene. Correct sssllr Hen, lieu, a ei, ner,
henner, y, hennery, leader- ( 'hleeory. In
oarreM' speller (defluing In oralsr lo proenote
miaapprehenaioo) A place to keep eltlakena
I'tiurrrs nr hittaTtl - We smile at tli
ignorance of the savage who cute down the Ira.
In order to reach IU fruits i but the fart Is (hat
blunder of this daarrliitKm la made try trtn
person who I over eager atvl lin lastlriat la the
pursuit ol pleasure. lo such present
moment is everything, ami trie future U aoth
U.K. h Isirmwa, tlierwfur from tha future t a
moat uearVma ami ruinoea interest, ami the
c en sequence I that he find lh loae af hie
feelings imiieired, hia self reepaet dlmlaielw.1,
his health nf ami lly ilelmyal, and bf.
redaeed to lie very dregj al a time whan,
haaaaaly speak mg, the graateet pnrtnia of lie
eomfnriJ ahould be still laafors blm. - I. 'sWasWan.
rVr. lt is ie to have a new museum of Has
arte tliewad waa Isrnkea laat ttaak. The
raateriai to be aaad la abates fruas the Ikwltunt
of luduuva. Il will be reed for
HtjaajQn Ceil aail.isju. a dona
Hoc ley Mr. Wayman Clow,