The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, May 01, 1879, Page 148, Image 20

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May, 1879.
tuuuoi oiiYom and oum
In I'liwciia "Mnlontioa oi Ihe Uosortdo
lUver l the WhI," OOOUI the following de
al uplion ill the Terrace canyon, which are cut
ihi. .u.i. tliriii gnat llOHif) plateaus: "Con
reive ill three great geographic terraces, many
hundred feet high, ami many mile, in width,
I. .inn 1.,' a ,1.11 .tairway from tlm Poom .m
fTwiK ""!'. Iw'I'iw, tn thn tlm valliy nf
the I111U, above. Tlm lower step n( tin.
tairway, the Orange cllHa, is mine than I, '.'(Ml
!. . 1 I.., I.. ..i.l the at. ) it.. II ! two Of three
score mile. III width. 'I In at-inlnl step, the
llook chlla, ia '.'.(MR) Of more feet high, anil a
HON nl I. in width, Tin' thud or iiiier
tci, ta mure than '.',000 lent high. I'eaaing
along thu ktep, lot two or three arnre mile., we
reach the valley nl the 1'iiita, hut thu vallry in
n. it (1,(100 or fl.lKKI feel higher than the 7'oom
j.i.i D in. '.11 '...' . ;., lor the atairway in li.nd
I, award.
"('I1111I1 the Orange cliff. I, '.'00 (eel high, and
go mirth Ui the (mil nl the ItiHik cliffs, and you
have gradually descended ao that at the (mil of
tin It... a chlla ..n are not more than 100 leet
almvn the I.H.t ol I In' Orange ililTa In like
ihm Mw foot 1.1 Hm Brawi iliA U bat 900
I eel higher than the toot of tho lliH.k cliff., and
the valley i.l Ihe I'mta I. lint quite Mm (i i t
higher than 111. Itluw n llllk.
" I .. M by land In. in the valley nl the White
lllirr to the '.."in fin Minimi' I'll 10001), VOQ
mii.t gradually, aluuial inq.i i, . .til.l I liinh an
mbj .... to llin ..nth, for 40 or .VI imlea, until
ton attain an altitude nl UN M 1,000 m
aUive the starting mint. Then )mt deat'eitd
Imtn the dial terrace. In an aliriiit atep, in a
I. Mt BltU ooOjlinniBi t.. the Kniitii yon
gradually climb again, until Jim attain an alti
til. I' .1 i than I, tall feat, when villi arrive
at the brink nl aimlln i . I ill . and din en. 1
abruptly to the ..i nl tin I. .weal terrace. Still
rileudiug your Iraveli in the aame directum,
yuu climb gradually fur a third tin until MM tin lunik nl tin thud line id I'lihY or the
edge of the eecatpliielit nl the Inwel terrace,
and hem tnu .li.. i ml hi annllier kllddeli step
tat the plaue n the river, the iiiNr terrace
through the I'anynn ol I hnlatioii, Ihe middle
terrace through lirat canyon, and the third
lhiuih'h labyrinth canyon.
"The l.ii.lkiii- ink. kiln Mil nil thlk iage, Ik
intended It klu.o thoae lngraphif leatiirea
The eei ai.n.. nt Mow in the Inregroiind,
tmtmmDt Mm orange i lath, at the i..t ol i i.
Minlh .in .11. U,e eeaMiid ce. arpmeiil , the
Itooa olilta, at the font ol lirwv canyon; the
third, away iii the di.tauce, the limwn ililla, at
the lout nl till I alivnli nl I teenlallnll It will
t aeon Dial Ihe three tahlra (in line to the
north, and are aluiipUy terminated hy rlilla on
the aonUi I' or wanl ol tia. e tin a In I.- i in
i Hal. i I M
. 111. K
ik ahorUiie.1 In the three canyon, there are
three dlkllll. I erllek nl lirdk, larlnnglllg to three
distinct geological -nU In Ihe I anyoli nl
Ikeaxilaltou we hate tertiary aandiUuieei in
i .lav aiivii . let . soOatMO I. a'., and
liniealoue . u lee. ii the head ..I Labyrinth
.ant.. n ami th. f.. t ..I l mi .am ,,n, r. ka nl
i rvtaveoui and jurwaatc aye ale Inund. hut ti n t
are e.ll, and hate not wilhiUml the a Imn .i
water t aa form a rany.ui Three lumi
tionk diller nol .mlt in al tyre, hut alan
a l i u. lure awt n4or."
air. I'oweJI haa a Uvhniia) deaintition ol
tlni I. it a. -a with thru gtidngn al uliaiiliea.
atmeahal in detail I luetmoe are drawn
frxxn their Uirmali.w ale., ht IVd U I'.mi. in
hat rwat erurk on iJenhtgy, puhliahe.! hy
AMdotM A IV, of New orh, in either of
whi. li w.wka the mwUvi who u iiiUit lvl may
i. ud I .ii tin i ilrUila
B kiil.iniii.iiig atrao u, boiliag ..(. ....u...
for I . or IS hOBTI in an alkaline oolathw (aalta
of amla or of ...l .-I. -i a temperature: of - to .'I'
llaume, the atraw ia then oaaily diaiul.yrat. .',
and the fatty or other aoluhlu mattera which it
contain) are diaaolved and carried oil hy the
water, when the hitter in withdrawn. Tho
lihera are then triturated, and a ierfect waahing
nil. t. .l at the aame time hy miiana of cither a
cylinder "full engine, aimilar to thimc lined in
paper nulla, or hy ineauaof revolving niillatoiicii.
1 1. H in.' the trituration a current of water should
ciuiitaiitly waah the liUm.
It ia eaai utial that thin pulp doM not retain
any alkaline reaction, which ia cuaiircd hy add-
A nitrn-cclluloao of atraw ii, according to Mr.
A. infroy, of I'hartres, Prance, thuu obtained
uf it teiy cncicLio ..Ann piupurty, ...... al
the same time of great stability, qualities which
the nitrO'Cclluluae of cotton does not possess.
Tho absolute stability of this nitro-celluloae. of
such importance to explosive bodies, is thus ex
; plained. The libers of the straw are formed of
i cellulose containing in the state of combination
' a considerable quantity of silica in tho form of
silicates. This silica acts in straw nitro-cellu-I
lose in tho same way as in dynamite, fixing the
nitro glycerine, and giving a stability to this
substance, which it does not possess when it is
I alone. Kurthis reason ho profcia oat straws, which
contain more silica than the other straws, al
though they also give good products. The frag.
MRD.KYH vikw k tkukackxcanyons.
Itttf . 1 1 I I ' I i . B....I ... I l tl 1 I ...
" I iitoni ciuoriile acnt ill aiif.
Ini. nl .piantity th,t the waahin,! water haa
klightly arid reaction. The litavrw thus tntur
atetl and pr pan. I an-. alter haviuglenk.rie, tly
dne.1. ratal t., lOOWIfi the roactioiu which
ren.l. r lheinepl.,va. To lacillUU the nianii,.
ulaUona. the i.uh. i. treated by the (taper ma
chine, and ahould prtalu,, a sheet weighing
kl. nl Ski grammes M the s.)uare meter The
thu knew, may l w,n Thi,
thu. I.,rtur.l ,. cut bto fragment, three or four
mil iimter. k iuare. immerard in nitro subihuric
a. ..I. ami well ..abed To tranafurm Ihe ma
lenal. into ntln. eellul.aa, more et-ononncally
the fra,nienu may W immeraed in a cmponpii
..I n.tiale of aU or ol ...UJi and wnoentrata.1
alurc k. the reaull Iwng the aame.
menu of straw nitro-oelluloso thus neutralised
and retaining a alight alkaline reaction, are put,
after having been drained, into a nitric solution
containing dextrin, and if required powdered
charcoal in a state of suspension. These solu
tion, vary with the uses to which the explosive
is intended to In put.
Tiix following conversation actually occurred
at the recent l,oau exhibition at Albany: Young
Isdy (earnestly looking at a picture across the
alcove i ! wonder if these are Landaeer's."
touug man (who happened to be near) "I
thought they were dogs.-1 Y. L. (repressing a
smile l ' e.. but are they lnd.eer'sr Y.M.
(blushing, and suspecting a breed ol dogs un
known to him) -"I thought they were pointers. "