The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, April 01, 1879, Page 110, Image 15

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AN KAHTKIIN VIEW OF PACIFIC COAST I it will be mnoh shorter; and the absorbing power
TIMUKU lKJiSKIlVATION. of ting gone, the volume of water
passing through the rivers will In: greatly m-
April, 1879,
Prof. ('. S. Narirent. Director (if tlin Itntanir
I. anion ol Harvard I nivcrsity, writes an articli-
on forralry fur the A'tifion, in tho course of
which he present hit views cm thu destruction
ol limner on Una coast ami the iih aiih of rcstor
ing depleted foroala. Me thinks at tint Kant tin
restoration may Ixi loft to imliviilual ami Bono
rat Intelligence and enterprises, ami then rim
tinuea aa follows:
Weal f tin Itoclcy mountains all is different
Tim omintry 11 rut up by high niuuiilain chains
overlooking narmw valleys. The rainfall in in
pari, of tlu regnm ex. -r-. 1 1 rifcjl y small, ami
everywhere very uuiipially dialrifiuted through
out lb year; to that onto deatroyed it woulil
l. jiaulii 1 1 1 1 1. I .
. wMmn ur, hiuwui iiiiismaioie 11 main any
loreau 01 una regnm neyomi uie immediate 111
IMMO of the Pacific OOMMI while it peeuliai
tnHigreiliy ilemanila that the mountain rangca
remain (..real .m end that the valleys may he
habitable lrge portiona of this Western tur
ntnry are atill la the lunula of the goiaral Qw
raawat, mm! i (on it ia too uui, steps ihooid
lie ink. i, 1.1 ai l aanlo ami ., ruplllollaiy preserve
at leaal am h .nlii,us of forest -covered niullll
tain ranges a. (jive nac to iuiortaiitatroama. It
11 ptnhahly already Uhi late M preserve any 000'
lidonhll Dili ol the scanty foreaU ol the "lircal
btaU ' I ho are everywhere faat melting
away U. supply the enormous and often MUMO
eaaary H lhW of the mining ontarpriai-a of that
region. I MM forests, which are of imuicnac
tfe. e d.alroyed, will never reapiear, ami
the atreama which miw make agriculture .sai
hie in the 1 alleys through irrigation will, at no
distant .lay. In only dll io a ahort period of
the year II any Hirtion of thla interior region
is worth aanng for UtiooHoit, imuieiliate alois
nmit M taken to preserve the remiiaula of ita
fonwU, 1.1 it will not I,, iuiort , u. ,1, ytm.
ent amall agrirultnial ffftrlUtlntl
More important atill la the iiocoeaily for tiov
nimriit 01 Stale preservation of aome iart of
the nol.l iif.-r.iua forwal win,), urn,.,., t.
weal .1 r. ..( the Sierra Nevada. The future
of t 'alllonua llependa a the eliatcllce of thla
loreal N hen. on the fare of the globe la the
physical neoaeity for preserving the forests
greater than in t alilorma : nowhere haa the
world eeen ita forests a., rapidly ,n, aenaelry
destroyed n will briefly examine what the
danger. IN hi. h threaten California, ami what
should l. undertaken ! . reveul r ,t
.liuomah thrill All alonn the WeaU-rn oM
11.. Wowy wnoirlnii imi, vhioh Soviai
W'ealwanl UimuvIi the n. h taowlUi .,,.1 ureal
Wm M Otffmk fall into m ,Sa.r.tew
a.l Ih. San .l.aanmn. the one DOwioi eolith ami
uw. ,.r norm ., Ieiijh ,,,.,
Ih. bay of San Kraoeiaco. iNjl U,e.
tnu.1 h. moi.tnre. not al.rie.t bf the
m, wlo.h U.e hcrra. altra.t QXI thi DOOM
ylti aU.i .1 their tawl. Tw annual i,rea,u
WmM m..,.u,. , xUmt MUloioa, aithmuh
alm.l .1. lu.nrl) r.,li th. ,,, r ,,,
at aUll vwry Urire, a fall (rf 1.0 foot ol .,, ,r'
ma- an eir.u.waall. atw iMM tMM
rnrt in Ih. hmh Nierraa. It rraulu Ih.t ,
U eavly m.niha. when th. , 1.
mellmn. thaw mountain .Imam. baOMM Urw
with th. anow, Aa It, are , re,Wh S
aamrnrr raina, the leiurlh of Uieir annual .lura
tana wait .I.Mml . the alowna with .h., I,
lw anow al their auna mlu. It ,
kneww fan thai anew meila aithh I .-a. mUh
a.l Ih.t Murh more of l( .ha,b ,n (h,'
WHI Una 111 thr n.a n..., . ..
a mounuia atr ocfera (raal m haaxial
s .... - . P u , A j
e-i-cally hy U,wr undergrowth
f&llfM a., ak 7 a
f 1 " "'' If lie kSTSi
l 'M V deatn.yea. ih aaaaal enw fall
.. -""-t m., it. mateoally tlimmiaheal
Taa haicth af baa. h..wwv, r,aitI u. melt
creaaeil. It ia iiotitillicult to loreuill the reaulta.
Kvory aeaaon, oarliur at the south, later at the
Hnll. ImmhL mmm kMrnlkl. ,,..1 imm. JmImil
tive than the hiatory of the world records, will
j i . i. .1 l i .1
i ttrrjr uui uaM a lew wue.a ucaui unti tiuttiiniLioo
I- ,i :.l l . .1
IIOIO Hit" 1IIO II II 1 H I II Bit lt;M IIOWII 111 UI III. tiutlllll.,
ro -friiiK the plain with dchria ami holdiiw the
i..:.... ..i Am i u.L. xi i
ijnoK itiu tnr inn iiaiiivii.ii iiir miuci
riven at tiieir mercy. And then, when this
terrihlu ruah of a few days is over, it will lie
found that th.t Iv of wntitp fur tho
inmmat is exhausted. 'I he foothillH and the
plain will no longer produce fruits or vegutahlus
or any aumiuer cron for which irrigation is ea
MStalL for no water to irrigate with will come
down from thu iiiouulaiiis. " I'lauer mininu"
u ill I ... . Ihlnn , . I.. ,., .,..1 11... iZ.
... . ft ... . ., .....
tion of the great rivers will lie cither interruiituiL
..-..i i i n i r 9
Una one country in Kurope has been visitetl by
i aimiuir in origin ami extent to those
which now threaten California, hut in none of
an am were ine physical reasons lor the danoar
'in.. f 1
n'l lit III. 1 III I MM irnll Mi, t ... ....
atruciivo torrents ol Ciiropu have ipruag are
nmer HUH) UI fMcrnis, less heavily lorest elad,
ami ulliovilli a i. .nl . I nMjtnl..lAn ..I
motrtON with a much smaller snowfall, and an
leas ame to prnilucu suihleii ami disastrous tor-roiita.
I'll. -ii ia hot naia 1..1....I , f... 11... Am -
"'"'V ftt'1 waauMara we
foretell, and on its mlontioii .i.. , tl... i..f.,...
of .California. A strip or strips of forest must
. n .. a,i.i i liim
jierraa extainsivo enough to secure the natural
lion id mi'M. nil Illtaiiai psflanni I Ann t I . .
Rtrictlv iIIBt-il(Ml frnni lir tlx. l I
.w : " -..a hvi .luti gsjiin
ally from all browsing animals. It ih in lii 1
1 1 ' ' ' ' miuioni 01 h ii 10 1 1 1. int. 1 j, 1 . -a
m- . " Lit' IL
est danger now lies. These, with countless
herds of other browsing animals, are driven up
, " uvw ana piams into the nmiiii
U1111 to feed during the drv season. The .1.....
TO" W in iieting in the Smrra forests is
aaarnoM aim inaaaontaahia ..... t ...
- "w ... iu n,r
1 1 ia v . in n nanain ........... i. .1. .1
1 : 1 u in.' 1 n 1 . 1 1 1 1
ta ina ,,g the sheep. trail, without seeing out
aule of the rant ram I, enclosures a single uuiu
Mired shrub or a seedling tree of any sort
Kverylhing the sheep ., n.ach is eat,.,, clean
ins means mat them is nothing left f thu for-
-..,.1 ,1. o,er trees, and that it has lost or is
Inst loallli. it, ,,.,1 mlmmrn . . i .111 , "
melted ,nw and it mcana, too, that there are
... .... 1,. wining on to take the place in
their turn of their ii.reuU. As the nuinlwr of
animal, driven u, t1(, ,lmUill, im.rB0 ,..
eat hrea imreui. .1... .... l... . . .
.nl... . : 1 .1 ' "J 111,1 nopnOMI
lire, on wh, ... . n.uuw7.w"
, , ' " iwy making Iswribla, and , which young tmt. ar .1
-M Ut apringup. ,. , '
that of the surra., the nh,t f our cat.
aLrjrrii '""!,,nK w,u 'un,
her T ,1 " w,,'r" threaUn
kreaieai mt of Amerioaii forestrv Th..
a lUOoaJl ,., ,ut it ,.
eere OMOOha , SPiS. '?
wat traatimnt U ...f.."i
fomenUlloii the
rJi f S iZB7. KR Wsa
XL .' "therai.
" I wiah to goodness I had broken it I " and
rising from the fall a careless step had caused'
she examined the bruised and painful arm '.
which now would prove only a new weariness'
an added weight to the daily burden; while if
she could only have broken it, the burden would
havo been lifted for a brief season from the
tired shoulders, and, conscience qaieted by the
inevitable necessity, she would willingly have
purchased the rent that it would bring with the
suffering that must follow. Then gathering up
tho wood oiioe more she passed in, leaving us a
lesson in the oxclamation worth oonsidering.
Must life, indeed, be only a hardship ? surely
not j if those who have tho power, have also the
will to make it something else. Tho first step
is tho determination that a ohange shall be made
the wish for improvement and ,.,.i
a " u.u.v
lead to a resolution that the oup of life shall
not contain altmrnther . I. in.... j a. l...
shall lie sweetened 1y love, enoouragement and
such uiil I . ... ... I ...I. .It. ...... ..I ? . .
..i i ...ii I j progress, as honest
and faithful endeavor can render. Those three
sweet comforters oan do more toward reooncil-
mi. . n ......... '.. I......I ... il... .1
b - ""-.... ..t io vim aosenoe ol wealth
that can furniBh ease and luxury, and fill it with
llllfAf pnlitantiHfla.t ll
' mi biii.ii riuneB aione can do.
. omeuiuer, always, that
happy results follow the smallest beginnings
(Int. .'I..I...I ... ..I .. ,. t .1 . . ...
,. y,rtU onange in lite or
nature, liy ever so firm a resolve to walk another
r.m. I I. Ill flint' mat. ..... . ..
i , "I1"" n na " Ptient-
Iv am aarnaat v In nw.,1 ii. :n . .,
. ,,, uVuler tint
roses and find many a dear delight
avroii u nie naiidB are full of care, and
till' ihlVH seem nil t.... .I...i I l. V...
v .....I,, i uiie many uuties,
plan for a moment in which to look over a oaner
or macaine t.h.f vmi ....... ?. r F .
-a , - . jm ,,., KBIU miiiu. uem ot
information or a noble thought, that shall lead
vour own uhovn ft.. t m.
, , ,,,,., y0Ur me. ll
you can make this a daily habit (and many can
do so much more), it will create an atmosphere
111 Wlurh vonr min.l ...... -.... A j - t n
. . Mwa eaiianu, wnne
your hands aro busy.
It is said that the consUnt contemplation of
snial things narrows a woman's mind, and so
1 feel that we must contemplate jost as many
great things as our circumstances will allow.
I erhapa you think that such do not come with
in your horizon ; but the habit of looking for
them, and ..I ,,!.,.,,.... I .. . . 7 .
,, uuiu i oe minus, books ami
lives about us, the best that they possess, will
Mire V etirir.1, ... Al. ... 1
V, V pre"", maaing us more
I'.HUlll I'. rilllll..l.l.,.,..l.l.. 1 im.m W.
. , ,..... ,,- ,,,, nueresting. l ou
know we are Iwloveil, not in tho proportion
duty dictates, but simply in tho degree in which
we render ourselves lovable; and will we not
III,. i, i . -, .1 ... 1. 1 . , 1- a .1 ...
i"""oiy accomplish that result by striv-
"g imticntly amid many discouragements, to
cultivate on. ....... i., X i .
........ ,,,, Kusro. our temissrs,
esping not the refining infiuenoe of neat, be-
"Hi. II,' .111.1 HI.-tt, . i l 7lu
' i.uiri loan oy y e a.
ing un all Blieh nklai . .l.i ' ' ..
... i ; "..".uuiia io auai inexorame
task -master " L- ill .aa ..
. - -., win, win nusoro ail our
inergies strength and thought, unless wo are
waUhful d guard a portion of all for higher
purposes ? la the fiehf we have just been glanc
mgovor, the IfuiuL I'HtsH haa Isaan doing a
noblo work, am I ,.i. . .T?.j
..... . , - w .. litres my true ami
ta nest appreciation of it befora closing tin.
little visit with ..... ...! ... i
, " "3 wiua among its rsaaera,
m I ante Rural Prtu.
TRKATMKNT Of IIipht...... n- D.-L-IJ
... i . i. "".lit. ir. oawnaiuvi,
in an Australian i.......i ... , .
ceat k i y : I wouia aug
u uZ lhy,l,";ln. " treating diphtheria, to
aTf w"k SttoSol oarbolic
hv In. hi th or fauoeo a solution of
a Ir vi ""C C'?' bout the of strong
eeaafulli"'''''' i treated every oaao sue
fuly, , f,r , mmAlm..
or use a gargle ore,n f P00'