The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, April 01, 1879, Image 1

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    The West Shoee.
VOL. 5-No. 4.
Portlnnd, Orogon, April, 1879.
Per Annum, f Htnt cnulee
. .mi I els.
Our exchange! are oautioned agaiust per
petrating any puns which the proximity of the
two buildings on the opposite page might give riae
to. We shall take the earliest opportunity to
copyright everything in that line.
The " big cheek " of the proverbial government
mule sirks into lilliputiau insiguiflcanoe, when
compared with the brobdignsgian proportions of
the facial plumpness of our Chief of Folioe. He
lias actually sued members of our City Council for
daring to say: "The Chief it not what he ought to
be." Now these same oity dads persist in ssying
that there is enough in those sixty-two pages of
testimony on tile with the Auditor, to send tome
one to the penitentiary. We never go much into
the prophecying business, but will risk the pre
diction that Mr. Beeser will not hurry that suit
much before the June election, and as he still al
lows the running of opium and gambling dens, in
direct violation of our Statu laws, we say : "Lay
ou, Macduff," etc, etc.
The Marion and Linn county farmers, huving
l victimised by a so-called atlas company, we
taku occasion to caution our readers of Washing
ton, Yamhill, Denton, Folk and Lauo counties,
where this company is said, to be oieratmg at
present. The farmers of Marion and Linn eouu
ties paid pretty dear for their whistle, as these
atlas folks are said to have taken 124,000 out of
those two countios, and yet people wondor that
tinios are hard. A goneral dissatisfaction exists
in Marion and Linn counties, at the inaccuracy of
the atlas just published. The lithographing of
farms for which farmers have paid as high as
(150 per page, is of the very poorest and cheapest
kind. The atlas, if reliable, could be sold for V
per copy, and a very good profit made at that.
Hut this great (P) atlas company, which claims to
have a big establishment at Han Francisco, and
whose namo does not even appear in the last City
I broctory, charges tlio mo lost sum of fifteen dol
lara per copy for tuch a publication, too. If the
press of the counties meutioued kuow their duty
to their subscribers, they will investigate this mat
ter, even if it does lose them a little advertising.
With the advent of spring, tree frauds are
around as usual. We are getting tired of diug
donging into people's ears the same old story, and
unless they are more careful, shall be compelled to
leave them at the mercy f these sharks. F.uca
lyptns or Blue Uum traee cannot be grown suc
cessfully in this part of Oregon. It is simply
throwing money away to purchaso them. Japanese
Persimmon csn be had of almost any Oregon or
Washington Torrltnry nurseryman, guaranteed
fresh, for a less price than these Itinerant tree
merchants furnish them. Their stork is nut to h
relied on, aud their guarantees are worthless, tor
should their troos not turn out as represented, the
purchaser would have a fine time hunting up the
The farmer, however, Is not the ouly one who
is victimized 'I Ins season of the year usually
brings a lot of adventurers to our snores who term
themselves) advertising agents and who hare all
sorts of scheme with which to Beeoe our mer
chants. These schemes, even poor as they are,
are rarely if ever carried ont, for the advertusrr
does not take U trouWe V sumI l aWwat tinea,
and usually pays his money on the exhibition of a
mere sample that, in many oases, is the only copy
issued. This irregular way of advertising, even
if carried out, it rarely beneficial, and experienced
advertisers an never caught by such chaff. If
any one is going to a place to buy, whethei he be
a trader or buying for his own use, and has to
seek dealers through advertisements, where will
he look for them : To registers, almanacs, thea
tre-bill frames, iu railway stations, occasional ml
vortising sheet or circular ' On the contrary, he
looks to the most reputable paper of the plnce, ami
he thinks that advertising in these gives an assur
ance of the good standing of the advortiser ami
his business enterprise, and of the sufficiency ef
his work. Cut this out and stick it over your
desk. It never pays to advortise in anything but
a reputable paper.
The "Great Ilepulillc," whilst on her way to
Portland, and having nearly 1200 eoplc aboard,
attempted to enter the Columbia river during the
dark night of April 10th and run ou to " Hand Is
land," where she broke up. The passengers were
all saved, 13 of the crew were, however, drowned
whilst attempting to land in a sms II boat. The
loss of this steamer is unfortunate, happening
m I. i'ii it did, just as our spring immigration Is
commencing. Unscrupulous persons will un
doubtedly use this disaster to revive the old hug
hes r about the Columbia river liar. The pilot and
the captain are tho only ones to hlsme. They had
no right to enter the Columbia river during the
night. Shift iiic tho blame from one shoulder It
the other will not lighten the load any. Were we
captain of a ship, no pilot should take her over
the Columbia river bar on a dark night without
our consent, which consent We should certainly
not give so long as we remained sober.
The fortunate part of the disaster, barring the
loss of the thirteeu lives and ths Immense loss of
merchandise and baggage of tho Hwseiigrs, Is
that the old hulk is dually out of the way and we
breathe easier, knowing that she did not hurry
more people to an untimely end, which she cer-
talnly Would have done had she ever encountered
a heavy storm at sea.
Iluil the "Oregon" or "Klder" struck where the
"Republic" did, on a soft, sandy bottuni, they
could have been lightered and got off at high tide;
but the " Republic," being such a rotten old tub,
could not stand the strain of her heavy machinery,
which broke her in two. The public are some
what to blame that such floating coffins are put
ou. They are foiever clamoring for low rates of
freight and passage and forget that a ship like the
"Oreat Republic," which was condemned in N7A
anil sold for I-' -s.isno. can afford to carry isiaarngers
at lower rales than a line vessel like ties "Oregon,"
iu which 1320,000 are Invested Just now It
wutt'd bo in order for the Inspectors at Kan Fran
Cisco to rise and explain by what hocus poees the
"Republic" was granted license to carry pissia
gets. Ill the meantime, a strict investigation
should Uks place and every person who wee at
fault in causing this dlsasU r In mad to feel the
heavy an of ths law.
e lav rupaatadly cautioned In public against
dosing itself on Lb recmnnssu'Utloa of (i lends or
chsnos acquaintance. It does not follow tfcst
because a men is a preacher he must also b a
J good aoelor i yet th people of Tabs Ruck, la
Southern Oregon, must have thought so, for on
the recoinniendatlou of a traveling preacher they
took carbolic acid internally as a tort em for
pulmonary affections, and but for the prompt and
energetic action of a regular physician would hav
goua tu the place where pulmonary affections an
unkuown and itinerant preachers uever proeoMb.
The days of quacks an numbered Iu this locality,
They will soon have to leave or take to the morn
honest occupation of wood-chopping. As a drop
of water will by constant drippiug wear oi! the
hatdnst rock, so have our reHatd attacks on
these vampires lieeu the means of arousing the
honest press and the public against Ikem. A
number of our country exchanges have rid their
columns of all iuaok advertisements. The lie of
this city now excludes all local quacks, hut still
prints dangerous advertlaenieiite from abroad,
amongst others one of the notorious lUv. Jo. T
Ionian, whom we exposed Iu our March number,
Try again, Mr. lire, eiclude trerymt of them,
fumigate your column rules and see how much
happier you will feel.
Wo an sorry to see that so uewsy a aper as
th Slanilanl should so far forget itself at to b.
corns the special champion of quacks. Wen II
not that the earmarks In Its recent defense of that
fnternity wen so plainly visible as hi stamp II at
once as the production of one of our inoel un
scrupulous local quacks, ws should have a few
words to say In anawsr to II as II Is, however, w
paas it with the contempt It merit.
An ignnnnt quack whom we have mentioned
in anything but complimentary terms In thee
columns, but whom ths (,. ., , stttll advartl
as "a colehraUxl physician," receives the following
free notice from th Olympl Mnmur' recently i
" A celebrated physloian mining " Is the way an
itinerant healer of the s ck proclsims his move
ment through the country. Now w iwvar In ml
of a celebrated physician who was obliged to
travsl about to fiud buslnsa. IJuaoka travel
through sheer nereealty the necessity nf getting
away from the people they hat swindled.
We Impo our readers will not be deceived by
bigli-smiiidltig titles of snruicu tHttilultt. The
head of such an Institute Is usually a firm-..,,
nsver loaves his comfortable quarters in Han
Francisco, but sends bis epprentlree to butcher
the iwople of th Pacific Northwest. Whom have
theee fellow, ever curad F
" Nay, I'at, did you mm Omnia t"
mm ' Who's i num. r
" why, liium. Ksarasy "
" And who Is iHnnl Kearney V
"Why, IMnnle Kearney doa'l you know lun
ula Kearney V
" So. wSat doe he do V
" I-.. 1 1, be dont't do nothing lev's a workln'
man "
I I.I l"s nl s' I I
Al Kat I'lifllnml frank, May Jil ami
i.l. At H.iktt ( in, flu inlays of tm inn
will COmiMOCt July til. Al W .ill. i
VhIIii, Ihrco tiny of rating, cum
mcnc'iM); July yf; alto, five tiays of
racing, .minimi inn Hcptrmlwr loth.
The Stale Fair rare will continue fur
'.i ii 'In, the tlalc liavc not l-i i.
.leflnitclv tlci iilcil on a yet, tiut llit-y
will likely lake .lii.T early in Scleti.
Ier, hcing n month earlier than