The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, March 01, 1879, Page 67, Image 3

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    March, 1879.
cupy has just been completed for them I ihtdiit, Oero- Ttitflc; Delegates, T.f
at all expense of $S,ooo, whilst the fur
niture of their elegant meeting hall in
the second story has cost about $2,000.
The company own a second-class Am
oskeag engine, a beautiful hosecart, and
1,000 feet of hose. Willamette Engine
company, being located south of Wash
ington street, the people resident in the
northern portion of the city concluded
that their interests would be better
protected by having an engine com
pany within their boundaries. Accord
ingly, a meeting was convened in the
fall of 1853, at which a company was
formed and the name, Northerner
adopted. Its first officers were : Fore
man, C. S. Silver; First Assistant
BehJ. Stark; Second Assistant, D. C
Coleman; Treasurer, Justin Stember
ger. But as this company possessed
neither house nor apparatus, it lingered
lor a brief period and then naturally
In August, 1856, however, another
and more successful effort was made to
organize an engine company north of
Washington street. A meeting was
held, at which fifty-six names were en
lolled ; and at a subsequent meeting a
constitution and by-laws were adopted,
under the title of
NO. 2,
With the following officers: Fore
man, Bcnj. F. Goodwin; First Assist
ant, L. M. Starr; Secretary, A. C.
Kiplcv; Treasurer, The. A. Davis.
This company was admitted into the
Department, November 25th, 1850
Like Willamette No. 1, the members
were indebted to Mr. G. W. Vaughn
for the loan of the first apparatus used
by them. They subsequently secured
a lloneyman engine in 1857, from
money raised by subscription, ami, a
little later, also, purchased another of
the same make, out of the company s
fund. Both these machines have
since been superseded by their splen
did steamers. They now own one second-class
and one third-class Silsby
engine, one hose-cart, and 1,250 feet of
hose. The meeting hall of thin com
pany is, without a doubt, the most ele
gantly furnished of any fire company
on the Pacific Coast. The officers arc .
President, James A. Smith; Secretary,
B. L. Nor'dcn; Treasurer, W.J. Van
Schuyver; Foreman, Win. Camming ;
First Assistant, P. Kohl Second As-
B. Trcvett, Geo. Trihou, Joseph Bach-
These three companies composed the
Portland Fire Department up to June
8, 1S59, at which time
Was organized by the election of the
following officers: Foreman, F. Car-
er; First Assistant, E. Dcvine; Sec
ond Assistant, Win. Cook; President,
Geo. Porter; Secretary, Thos. Neally;
Treasurer, E. E. Kelly. This com
pany was subsequently provided with
a second-class Icffery engine with
which they have done some noble set
vice to the city. They now own a sec
ond-class Amoskeag, a verv neat hose
art and i,ooo feet of hose. The of
ficers are": President, J. W. W bailey ;
Secretary, Thos. Neally; Ircasurer,
A. Roberts; Foreman, T. A. Jordan;
First Assistant, J. T. Williams; Second
Assistant, J. Kearney; Delegates, W.
O. Brull Wm. Young, C.J. Christie.
Was organized October 17, 1 862, and
was admitted into the Department on
the 12th of the following November.
Its first ofliccrs were: President,
H. W. Davis; Secretary, Morris Mos-
kowitz; Treasurer, Samuel C. Mills;
Foreman, Fred. W. Bell; First As
sistant, James H. Rochford; Second
Assistant, Henry S. Miller. The pres
ent officers arc: President, J. C.
MofClandj Secretary, W. F. Matthews;
Treasurer, II. W. Niles; Foreman, F.
Matthews; First Assistant, T. Pntton;
Second Assistant, Chas. Zcllcr; Dele
gates, W. B. Jones, J. Birmingham, F.
Treasurer, M. D. Kiiu; Foreman, H.
Stephenson; First Assistant, D. Jones;
Second Assistant, C. C. Douhlclmwcr;
Delegates, E. Mendcnhall, Geo. C.
Sears, W. J. Kelly. The company
owns one fourth-class Amoskeag en
gine, one hose-cart, and 700 feet of hose.
The chief officers of the Department
are, II. Morgan, Chief Engineer; II.
W. dishing, First Assistant; Frank
B. Harrington, Second Assistant. 1 he
olficers of the Board of Delegates, arc:
President, E. Mendcnhall; Secretary,
J. O'Connor; Treasurer, Theo. Wy
gant. Standing Committees Judi
ciary Joseph Simon, No. 1; T. B.
Trcvett, No. 2; G. C. Seats, No. 5.
Rules E. H. Stolte, H. & L, No. 1;
Geo. F. Trihou, No. j; C. J. Christie,
No. 1. ! inance loscph llachman,
L. McCormick. 1 he company occupy
a handsome brick building, neatly tin
nishctl, and do very gxd service with
a third-class Silsby engine, one hmccart
and 1 ,000 feet of hose.
The rapid growth of Portland made
it necessary to have an engine company
located in the extreme southern portion
f the citv. and on amiary 22, IN73,
an organization was effected, and the
name of
1 0. 1 It I M INI ' OMPAS Y S".
Given to it n reliruary tiin,
romtmnv was admitted to fhc Depart
r ,
ti. tir-l o titers were: rreni-
IllVHii ..."
,!,..,(. I). C. Lewis; Secretary, E. Men
.1,-nlmll: Treasurer, P. Harbnugb;
Foreman, L. Debchneidtr. The pie
mM officer arc: Prcidcnt, Geo. C.
.: Secretary, E. Mendcnhall;
No, 2; I. Kaufman, H. & L. No. 1;
James Birmingham, No. 4. Certifi
cates Wm. Young, No. 3; A. W.
Withcrell, No, i; W. J. Kelly, No. s;
Cemetery W. 0. Bruen, No. 3; W,
B. Jones, No. 4; F. L. McCormick,
No. 4.
A company of exempt firemen, w ith
A. B. Hallock, as President: Bhubru k
Norris, Secretary, and W. S. Ladd,
Treasurer, also, exists here. They
have a large fund from which benefits
lire given to firemen disabled whilst in
the discharge of their duties.
Tho Portland Fire Department num
bers 375 active mcmlicrs, and is one
that any city in the world might well
feel proud of. The mcmU-rs arc out
prominent mechanics, merchant", attor
neys, clerks, etc.; the rowdy , or so-called
hoodlttm element, i entiiely absent.
I'..- mIi five engine house and one
hook and ladder company, there are
twelve fire-alaim station altrird
over different parts of the city. They
nre alt connected by telegraph with
out huge ,7-xiuiul fire-alarm licll,
mounted on a towel 70 feet high, from
which the number of the distil. I
struck wherein a fire occur. It it safe
to say, that about $i5os i in 11
in Portland in fire saving apparatus, hi
tluiling buildings, which for I ejt)
having but iHro inhabitant, I a very
lilicral allowance.
Fiucmi eggs for sale, laid every
day by Mr. Doolcy," appears on a
ign not many miles from Third street.
The full upply of Oregon mist now
descending insures full crops.