The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, March 01, 1879, Page 79, Image 15

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    March, 1879.
We give on this page a design for a oheap
frame cottage, which would make a modeat
pretty home for a small family. It is planned
by Isaac H. Hobbs & Son, of Philadelphia, the
intention being to secure good large rooms with
mi waste space and without expensive features
in construction. In this, we think the archi
tects have succeeded admirably. From the
porch one enters a hall 10x16 feet, with a win
dow at each end, which would give as light and
airy hall as one could wish. This is a desirable
feature which is too often neglected in small
houses. As will be seen by the dimensions
which we Bhall give, the rooms are all of gener
ous size and well lighted. The projecting roof
will help to cool the upper rooms, a line feature
in our wanner regions. Train some handsome
climbing vines or roses over the porch ami
diversify the foreground more with handsome
shrubs and (lower beds, and one would have as
eon a home as con 1.1 be longed for.
In the floor plans, No. 1, istheporoh ; No. 2,
entrance hall, 10x10 feet ; No. 3, living room,
14x20 feet ; No. 4, dining room, 16xl8feet; No.
-. kitnhan 1 v I I fl . Nn ft. rear Doruh from
which entrance can be had to the living room
from the outside. It will lie noticed that the
house has no narlor. This is according to our
"hobby." Put your best things in the living
room aud enjoy them.
The chambers uustairs. marked 7, 8 aud '.I,
aru tlie same sizes as the rooms beneath, and
therefore vorv larue anil airv. The upstair's
hall is also large, and would be a good play
place for the children on a wet day. It should
ho furnished with a curtain with a small peep
hole in it, because the window commands a view
of the front gate, and you, therefore, can sue
who is onminu to call without iioing around the
house and peeping around the corner of the
piazza. The latter method is inconvenient
when it is raining, and besides that you are
liable to be caught at it. We think no article
should be written without a practical suggos
tion in it ; therefore we injeot this.
curious information on the various broods of
fowls aud their different origin : "The names
of fowls arise from other peculiarities than their
form or appendages. For instance, the Dork
ings were named after Dorking in England ; the
Black Spanish, or as they are otherwise known,
everlasting layers, after Spain ; the Polanda
came from Poland; the Houdans (pmnounoed
Huudoii) from lloudain, France; the Shanghais
are named after Shanghai in China; the Huff
and Partridge Cochin Chinas also take their
names from Cochin, Chiua; the Siberia or Rus
sian fowls from Russia; the Malaya, .1 ays, Colum
bians, Barbery, Dutch fowls, all from their
Thi Utbwt Wondm w Aaiaom The
molt recent novelty announced in Ansona is
the discovery mad at Mountain Spring Station,
of either a very old and extensive mine or a
very wonderful cave, being very curious which
ever it is. This opening has a Has arched
entrance, cut apparently out of the solid rook.
At a point about 40 fast in from the mouth a
room about 7o feet square is reached, from which
several halls or tunnels branch out. Bom of
these have been explored for a diatano el 900
and 300 feet Thar are several .halts indica
tive of artificial workings. The incline of Ik
tunnel i. about 10 (eet to the 100. Th main
oave or tunnel has been explored for about 500
ksxsn BssBP aararaaWsjas Ifm Bex '
A (iooi) RacoMMENiiATioK. "Sir," said a lad
coming down to one of the wharves, and ad
dressing a well-known merchant, "sir, have yon
any berth for me on board your ship? I rant to
earn something."
"What can you do?" asked the gentleman.
"1 can try my beat to do whatever I am put
to," answered the boy.
"What have you done?"
"I nlve uwed tad split all mother a wood for
nigh two years,"
"What have you not done?" asked the gentle
man, who was a queer sort of questioner.
"Well, air." answered the boy, after a mo-
"I have not whispered once in
school for a whole vear. "
"That's enough,1, said the gentleman; "you
ahip aboard this veesel, and I hop to see you
the master of her some day. A boy who can
master a wood-pile, and can bridle his tongue
must be made of good stuff."
Cunt ffieianev in steam engines is, ac
cordinii to Mr. Walt, an eminent Liverpool
ft from th sntranoe. The ceiling Is a red
apar anil in th aid tunnels are number of
Inautiful stalactite and ineruotalioas, The
direction of th seavatioa ib toward a large
ledge of mineral matter eboat a quarter ot a
mile from the entrance. Everything here eeem
to point to this having bsn a min rthr than
a natural oav. In such oaa It is doubly
interesting as a reminder of ike sitteci ran
which is known to have one Inhabited Use!
region. A mora thorough exploretioa of Ike
place is soon to be mail.
respective countries. There are also the t luildars
from Muilderlaod. Holland, the Bolton grays
til. I liJiVH from Eunland, and thn Shakclieg,
named from the fact that they wer carried to
the oookpita in logs which the owner shook as
a ohallengo irom some uvnor sen mi
mauv other, auoh as the Croveonura, from
, 1 I ..,l I
France, allay iowis inim vmmm "-i--;
Hamburg, Leghorns aud Brahma MM all
of which indicate whence they are named. Tho
there are the Creepers, a small variety of Ban
tams with ahort leg, th Jumpers mentioned
by Iluffon, another of the diminutive races, era
so short-legged that thy are onmuidled to
OtuN.u Haow. Th Jele of four large or-
i i i
L '
a nutted of stopping. Rmp
. . .i .i.i i. ..)
owla, rim mini ine wih
advance by lumpl
kins, or ladle" f'
of Oeyloav" .
A North Caaou editor declares that "lb
k .ill l a nnwHiiei-r three or loor
Mr. without leyinf for it will pastor a goal
on lb grave of hw grandfather
coming vu ir. "hi " . r
, in lu. obtained bv an increase of pre.
aure and expaaaioa. To accomplish this the
point lie not so moch with th ngine as with
1 1... .nin.ra Hndini no difticlllty III
working an engine with steam at ISO or 200
iMiunda per square inch; and at present he
ik.,.k. ,..r. i. ., ,rai lical limit t" the working
VZTmimn will b. inclined glSKSS
'inn I Willi i ill's "(sasi , - - if
angxa and on Utnoai Ik grated rind of an or
eng and half a lemoa. Rook a peek of fel
aline in a coffe cap of osid water i wkea die
...u -.1 .J.I the luiee and rratod nnd aad a oaf-
"Hi," eaid an old judg to a yonng Uwyr,
-,.U do wll to pluck aom f the
feather from the wings of your tmaginalwo and
fee cap of white sfl gr ('over and IrtAttM
boar; Ibeo poor on two and a half wfa eaps
of bulling wleri lraln ihrtHijh neaaeli whee
eld whip in lh beaten white of three egasi
turn late a mold aad set tea.
A u.rrtaaua la Doytoa, Okie, wka tea
year ago bereaae gaerdian of his g'aaddaaghtev
aad took charge of the eetete of UCOOO Ml
her bv bar father, he ) orraoro is, m
oeeaeed to geO.OUO, upon her allaieiag her saa-
Taaaa ar J "IBMinlii '
tweea Ike agea of 12 and 21.
la Illinois be
t nded with diflicultiee