The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, February 01, 1879, Page 52, Image 20

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    February, 1879,
wi.rn Dm mmm tad uii m n tmdod,
Aim! MM hl faff Ml day M diftiulftaird,
And tlir llttlr "tira (tlhcr ftfuund in.
T I'M M food niht ftnd kiatwl,
Oh, Uw little t 1. it- arm tliftl nilrtli)
My nrrk In ft lendrr nilr"-'
oh, H.' MTjttfM Uutt hftt'M "I imvm,
HliwMlKK Ulf Utilllll. "t l'o In my Iwt'
St.. I wtirtt lln V Ml MM I lM Iiimih;
Of my ifiBilrM, WO lovely U hut,
o luv iht my I. n Mill rwiirtnlK-r,
Whan It wdiM Mf th lute of tin- iiaal
Kit Hi rli and H ilu-l MMM i"
A fwrUtvr ol ft-tri-.w md ln,
WImm th . i tl wa hi' Ml M ,
Aii'l lh ulliirM within
oh, no IimM gMMJ Mft M wotiMii',
AimI tti ImMUIM IwlU'K "III
Whru I think "f tin i-atln iUMiftiil IMMjr,
Whrrr On litt f liir ilrai ultra tmiftl T".
of lit MMMMlM Ml hfttiifliiK 'ir tlium,
Of III- ttIHHl nl li til.iwhiu IM,
Oh, flirt r It MHlttthl Ml ftTtll half 10 holy
Al thr linn i nl heart ( ft child!
Thy f hl'iU "f Imaiti Mjd "t hOMMhold-j
I i.i .11 aii ! M ' 'i in -i ,'..
Mil iiilbhl 1111 In i In n t ' i I,
III! tflm i illll fltilli III thrill nm,
Tlir) hue mulcm MM1 matilt and nul l.
a i. i I ktiovj mm JmjmmmM Hkm
Hi KlMfdoM -i Ood t. a ehlld
I ftftli not III l"l tltr ill U
All i iilum iriher mm- i
lint that Illr III) llftt Illll till' U( I:
I I. t Hir u-1
I MMM MM (Ml ti guard (In hi I
in mil,
iim f Um "iin,
tu guard Lmm I
llul nu urapr would Iwmnil " i I 'f,
Ah a r(n ma) iT4 lur Ailunrr,
l I t hlliiM ll
Hut ft atnnrr mint fy I
llie twig la raallt tsrndnl,
I hat btiitahwl Hi. Mile and tlir ml,
I ha r UUtfht lhm lltr ixxliiew u know Initio,
The) hair taiiKht Mfl Ml i(i"diirft uf 0m1
Ml htaart ta ft d'iiini daikuraa.
lirf !
h ii I tii in lot lm tking a tillr,
1 UmmImoI,
iho mMmmHi
Mt IMMJI i MM MM i rtmilin.
Mi MM Utl
i In
I Hi. II IfXW Hi . ..Id t
T.i lTftrl 1U Ihrnhi.ld i.
Mi' lna ihill tih f r tht -i.r iira
I i.i ' n" i Ii in' -mi al (In. diiir,
I aliall iiiIm Ml "f N-lhlifhU, ' and Ut klMM
And Ow guili .if ittclt MMMMl (flftft,
1WfMV MMfTMOi, ontjl Um Iommi
Tliftt r hT"iiht nn iiiurnlnu l nu
I ahftll nil thatu i nmrn and at eivnint,
TMr n in ihi Brlmd and lite itrrri,
I fttiftll MlM I I.i u hutu t thru tidira.
And Um Irani. .4 thir dlnt ((
M lit lr IMMM and UM 1ftki irr all MMMd,
Aim! 0U, m), 'Th Ii dlntliftnt.'
Mn thr III t Ir tn mtlirr MMMtd M
T H4 Mtr (al nlht ami U kiawl
th i,
I '.in On la. in Hnril I'rraft
wi, .tauhlcr ol Btattoi lMnk'i s
Kraut, nl .l..ulii, u 1 1 yran ul w an,)
lu.lmi a WmIiiiikUhi I itlrfc'f IM u iWr
apra.iti.lilo. in tha ul ...cnMili,ni or tM
an yovitf. aul liat taken pntoi in llm hrMtk "I
aihotil ..ik ahiih ii Knrally .,, ,aiml n
l. a M
"' I i ... Kir Ulf iiiv :!,!
ol )ouim .niai.ra, t.. .rtlli IMWol In .,
Uo-a Allhimli Uia aljln nl , i.n...m r-t)ir
aUUly (. ... ttM a ltt, Mia Blttl U all
)iili iu4p a riamplr in tfttaftag a ,,
Jarl lrm h io Ui..uhU aiul rwnroca,
ami ...... riiiui.' whi.'h .!.. , an rnU laiinliarlv
a'l iMlinnly. uag mmMTi , ,.t,.n makr
a aaulaka la rhwia( a lat ud (heme unUal :
n Ur un ih.mliU an I ilramlmiK '
ol iKnr nn Inn Ihi. I. .!,.. ,..
. H -
HaJlia a tflbutr
just paat away. Ob, it wa a Bad, end home,
ttliulo liu on uarful bed did Ul I ,
littll linKr wuru on Ul facu, of one he loved
an well, and tho child of live thought it pawling
itrangu tliat he from the tied did not rie and
take her to hia heart again.
! thought how often thou didat Bay, "Come,
little llallie, atop your play, anil I will tell you
what I have thy mother many a day."
Then I to your knee would climb, and to
yimr neck hold tight, while you told mo the
elf aame utoriea you hail told her many a dreary
One little poem, I loved ao well, which thou
didat oft repeat. Oh! how it made my blood
run cold an I thought o( the father lost in the
hiinw 1 ami I clung huh closer to tny Heart, ana
thought IN will never part.
" l.ittln one, come to my knee ; hark ! how
the rain is pouring ; your father wan lost in the
pitch-dark night, in just such a stnrm as this
This is one of many veraca, I cannot forget.
Nix years have gone since that dark day, hut I
distinctly hear it yet.
No ! tlmu art not dead; I know thou art near
mo. I feel thy bright presenco day by day. My
guardian augi l, thou wilt not leave mt, hut will
guard your little girl and keep her in the narrow
At night, o'er my pillow thou loanst and whis
Hreth the stories thou was wont to tell me, and
you push from my brow the curl that you loved
to twinu around your linger when I Bat on your
At morn I am rested, contented and peaceful,
my brain is not weary, and I am happy again,
for I think of the dear one who comes to mo in
dreamland, and the day' tasks are made light
by your presence last night.
My playthings had no charm for mo, I did not
care to lilny, and thought my cup of sorrow full
wheu thou didst go away ; but now I'm older
grown, and in my heart 1 know full well that
Oo.l, He Soath all things well.
Tiik TooLUaWI GATE Thil cavo has been
Itplortd lor half a mile; and (iarilnor, the dis
coverer, luniks M has iletorminod the extent of
it to lw over four inilea. On Iho Ut of Decern.
U'r, IH7N, Oardiier Bavs be uiu niuJ la
... "W
working bit placer claim, which is distant .'100
'at from the entrance of the cave, when
purr. 1 perched itself iin a tree near by, and
iii.'ln v.l to chattel and suit annra oKiiaL. .1
MB, lie NMbld to his cabin, armed himself
- mi amna-OHTCIM shot gun, and lircd .even
"," "I'lirri'isinp the seventh just as
Ins little tormentor was disiiiiiMariiiu in fh
sn( thit crcvl.e in tho ledee .Uw.,
... il., -i i .1
SIM List, ahu Jl
Mstt), lata
miyaart ago u..iay, .lear i nele Jim. Unm
.li.l.l u aa Art in.Ki ,a4 h i
A I I 1 1 I - . I I
vnoa mi i"MU usii onr iici.ijv ,jir morr
link lai ilran ut Ui Um ii ahor.
Tk Wit w-rt tulliai, al,.ly uoimj. (or
lark riv
hit claim
In. claim. llcscending by laibler Klfeet you
reach the ll.Mr of an inclined archway, diimimr
at an angle ,.f X, A,,,, frillll n,, u f ' ' .-
Inght, by :iil Utl
in, line, w Inch u
reach tha Moor of
ii width. Ilcacending the
" "ccv in length, you
the irrninl ..r. l... ,
i . . i . i i l ma
in to Im I leil in lit, .1,1 ...;,... f., ,
tn . .i jink m annul irnm
to .U. ,,t, trom which radiate scorea of
.nmlar archway, ,.,K , ,.dlll, ..u.,,, !P.
OMHyj ,lr.rUilh brilhant sUlai-lite.
...,. .narKle in the i 1,1 .,1 . i
,..,,,,, te cniiirly ciaUxl
agnntet. loaatioa n i.i..
The following recipes for cooking macaroni
came from Mis Juliet Caraon'a work entitled
"Twenty-five Cent Dinners for Six Pertoni,"
published by Orange Judd & Co. of New York
Macaroni. Wipe it carefully, break it iu
whatevor lengths you want it, and put it into
boiling water to every quart of which half i
tcaapoonful of salt is added; you can boil an
onion with it if you like the flavor; so soon as it
is tender enough to yield easily when pressed
between the lingers, drain it in a colander, liv
ing iU liquor for the next day's broth, and lay
it in cold water until you want it. When more
macaroni has been boiled than is used it can bo
kept perfectly good by laying it in freth water,
which must be changed every day. After boil
ing the macaroni you can use it according to
any of the following directions. Half a pound
of uncooked macaroui will make a large dishfuL
Farmers' Style. Boil half a pound of maca
roni as above, and while you are draining it
from the cold water, stir together over tht fire
one on uce each of butter and flour, and as ton
as they babblo, gradually pour into the sauce
they make a pint ot boiling water, beating it
with a fork or egg whip until it is smooth; sea
son it with a level teaspoonful of salt and i
level saltapoontul ot pepper, and put the macs
roni in it to heat; then cut an onion into shreds.
and brown it ovor the tire in a very little fit;
when both are done, dish the macaroni ud
pour the onion out of the
It is excellent, and ten cents '
of it all.
Macaroni with Broth. Put half a pound of
macaroni, boiler! as above and washed in cold
water, over the fire with any kind of broth, or
ouo pint of cold gravy and water; season it to
taste with pepper and salt, and let it btat
slowly for an hour, or less if you are in a hurry;
then lay it on a flat dish, strew over it a ft
bread crumbs, which you will almost alwiyi
have on hand if you save all the bits; then Mt
tho dish in the oven, or in front of the stove to
brown. It will cost less than ten cents, and be
Macaroni with White Sauce. Warm half
pound of macaroni boiled and washed in cold
water, as above, in the following sauce, and Me
it as soon as it is hot. Stir together over tin
tire one ounce each of butter and flour, pouring
in one pint of boiling water and milk, as soon
as tho flutter and flour are mixed; season it
with Bait and pepper to taste and put ths mac
aroni mto it. This dish costs less than tea
cents, and is very good and wholesome,
Macaroni with Cheese. Boil half a pound
of macaroni, as above, put into a pudding
diBh in layers with quarter of a pound
cheese (coit four cenU), grated and mixed U
tween tho layors; season wilh pepper and nit
to tante; put a very little butter and awn
bread crumbs over it, and brown it in the wa
it will make as hearty and strengthening a aval
as meat, ami cost 12 cents.
frying pan upon it.
nta will cover the cent
with ital-
NU to Dd. ,k. i,Uy, Mmlj- rtahwaj Ft is
Uk, al OMtvMt tim.h ,t up ..niarclv and
Ulv; then do the t i ,U out SJSu
W MTMafcipM between. "y2 may rfS2
h vr,,,,,',;, ,h -
the many uses to which chloral has been wA
wo have not met before with the following
the lliillrliu Thrrnprutiqut : Made into a man
wnn gum tragacanth, spread on paper anu w
plied to the skin, it will produce a blister with
out pain. Applied as a powder, on cotton, u
causes a painful burning sensation. By tit
former method a portion is absorbed, and th)
patient falls asleep. Its action is not so unifoi
at cantharidea, but at a mild vesicant, orlj
agreeable revulsive, the author quoted weejft
commend such "chloral paper" to phyaiaiai
the more so, as it will koep for months with!
losing iu activity, if well prepared.
Smoke U not, at many persons ii
lighter than air; it is. however, carried up JJ
the heated air, which being lighter thai tW
surrounding atmosphere, is pneeed
Smoke ascends because it la intermixed
'apors, gates and warm air.