The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, January 01, 1879, Page 26, Image 26

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mom a nuviLct'a son mok,
Bj hi .im lent ( hartal of the town of
Alnwick, In Northumberland, every
freeman, on his Initiation, is compelled
lo ump into s muddy pool, and k ram
Mr III I lit" UlHMIMtl- lu'lliL 'Plik
was Impoted by King fohn, who is
Mid, when traveling once in the neigh-
rn It to have stuck in i moraii and
len bemircd, Aa a puniihment to the
iiiwiisfiiii, foi noi keeping their roadi
"i better condition, he ordered thai
henceforth this disagreeable riteihould
vc.l by every new freeman of
iiic town and. ai in charter ha never
sltered, the custom has continued
uuwn 10 me preaenl day.
In the year joo there appeared i
' "lllrl. In whose mil ... .. IL ,
dreadful epidemic which
H. i . i ..
,, H i . r ""
.,' i wnicn 1 1 isis the suf
ferers were attacked with flu of snoez
ng thai were often followed by death
I nerefore ii Kn .i. .
. ,. mium inai
when such flu were diacovered, the by
standers gave theii hleaaingto the suf
i. .i.v.t.K, ; ,.,.. 8 .
! i' "' ,,"' "" WeWlng which is
Mill occasions)!) given when i perion
ineeaea. 1
KWng at i reliiotn ad was ,.,,.
""hetimeoi the patriarch Job,
r1",'! ft.rfobxxxi.v
Hl' " '" klwwl hi. hand i
"" ""noon. ThLmarkofde-
' w" PW m Bui (aee . Kinn
larea Him t . .,.. , .
, , . ,, " -is iiiimiiiw ii m
l-dl-hlll, Ii Ik. t.l .. "
. , 1 i mi rss Koweni
I'll' lit I II """111.!,
w!" "i A ;.
" "," V.""'-'...l. ., lUtle kfcs, A.
. '" " " pass,,..,. ln i. . . i , .
1 1. .1 ..
t II I I H .11 . , .1 1
OVi .in
century, In
II is , ,,
mm, even now,
IIIIIU ... II .. ... 1 -
..ii...; .. : . Km each
,, weu ni uondoii i
in. ii we taventeentl
nun -I Oermaoi
Gammon Ughl ( im
Mill!' I ....... . .
ii , n,, u
III (III Willi... . I.
live in I ; . . mc
"-T. M"", "" been II... ni
'' mm .iwirwiihai could lirst (,,'.
boU n "'" 1 ''it i
T, DUl imnr oomfbn il, """
inw...i ,.... ,':: u m,R '"
bio. U "' I hci
.rrgrncr.llvaU.uu;, ft
! length, two in breadth, and eight inches
thick, line are joined close together.
; III this manner the edifice is erected,
contracting at each iucpmuiva lr m
til there only remains a small aperture
ai ine lop, wnicn is rilled by a slab of
clear ice, that serves both as a keystone
owearcn ami a window to lisrht the
dwelling'. yn emhnnli mrnt of annul
is raised around the wall, and covered
with skins, which answer the double
purpose ol beds and seats. The inside
of the hut presents the figure of an arch
ni dome; the usual dimensions are ten
or twelve feet in diameter, and about
cigni teei in height at the centre.
Sometimes two or ihri A Mill I,'. .
gregatc under the same roof, having
sunrnis apaiiments communicating
with the main building, that are used
DGurooros. t he entrance to the 'le
. ..." :. ..iv . i . i . ... b
. is enecieo nrougn a winding cov-
b.bu pMBgc, wlncli stands open bv
"av, lint is closed up at right by placing
slabs oi ice at the angle of each bend,
""s me inmates are nerfeeHv s,..
, in ,., . .i '.. J -
Bi imc severest cold
Japanese night shops are kept bv
ifuru .,.,. .1....1 I ' . J
j ....... usaiors, who come out be
tween eight and nine o'clock In ,h
t'Vt'llimr .I ...... till i
" " -,S tllHl "11,11 I I I I C ,1 .11 ....
ler. I heir mode of doing business is
simpu, Bach merchant spread
...... 1 i , . i ni ir.i... L.
'"'; gutter, on the corner of which
lie siK, kecnni" -i vlt ..... I....1 i- ..
, . " is " "I' ."iiMiin ior lc
depredators who crowd about hi. ...
Pd property. The wares Bale
n of the cheapest descript ,
'""ise, but are attractivelv , i
make a pretty appearance often in
, eW cniarooscuro of the torch.
'nPftllow.saturated paper. Qc.
hnd,butsometimes new
tnci comprise almost all i.i,t. ..r '
J .mmnqueat,.uch a. donleatic
" inin. ....... I.. l
... .. ' gelas, ebon.
, ' "t owers and "curios" ofey
, 1 ,l8nd Inconceivable shape
" 1 PTOse. Some stocks are, e l
ay-jSj value, ,;;!,
f their cum , : 1
:,,,"""'t 'f readv M.h ; r
wealth- i : : amoa.oi
.mountto.hiX 'n!n"cMon.
whichcomi ? I" 2?" "W ror
Hum r .v,.". ;. '"":'.'
ital s, r l:T" ",xU'" ir .p.
liny hv... r "Mln". very
niaar.hU 7. '. ' tn"-COUrtS
makea.b.ri ., Ka"Vr where thev
"H Invert, t "'"'Pite their
i. 1 lr1 seem i., .h .l
a p disiwi.ii;... . . """ "ic
"W nation, and
January, 187
a ijassoi'-by who stons to n...
11 . , 1 -mmuo ineir
wares will find them polite, pleasant
and clever. And occasionally it will
be worth his while to examine the
w ,, as, now ana tnen, really pretty
articles may be picked tip at very low
pnees. And the purchaser, sharp as he
may think his bargain, may rest assured
that he has sent one poor soul happy to
bed that nlirht over imo...,A 1
....... . iiMiMiiril
Mr. Samuel Calhoun savs: lV,.w
settlers are constantly comino- in n,i
further back on the flats, toward the
bluff lands, new claims are being rap
idly taken up, while those already taken
elsewhere, are bcinp; immensely im.
proved. The farmers are now busily
engaged in constructing new dykes,
and in repairing and makine- more iwr.
manent their old ones. The acreage
111 grain win be largely increased next
season. In my own neighborhood,
there will be S,ooo acres in grain next
summer, against 6.000 last snuann.
Next fall no less than 10.000 tons of
gram, consisting principally of our
C 1 ..... J
lameu oats, will be exported from this
Weston, in Umatilla countv. bnc
"early doubled in size during the past
year, and is now a very flaurlihlncr
town. It is incorporated, has the
best public school buildlnw in Rhrn
Oregon, and its live and enterprising
citizens support a very neat and spicy
weekly papcr, the Weston Leader.
Centrevillc. about Hnr.. m:i,.c v.
Weston, was laid out less than one year
ago, and already contain.
bouses, used for business and dwell-
I'lL's. ft in vn-ii nl... .1.. 1 1
" '-'j I'.'.s.uiiiy loe.ueu, 011
ild Horse creek, ill till- mi, l.t ,,!' ,1
"eh agricultural section, and is a natural
"cation lor a flourishing village.
Never in the histm v n.t uiA
millilie have th r
" - - "iiiivs 01 .fiiiiiiei 11
,,ct'' better shape for op
catious. Every miner is now ready,
na his claim is rigged up with a view
".' doing the most work in the least
t"K Wkst Siiork for December
comes to us with some of the best II
'Mratmns of Pacific coast scenery that
" ever been our lot to behold. It
. mil of racy descriptions and other
!" "'',' reading matter. This mag
me (for MIC, it is) shou,(, be on the
'"If ill I'Viirn l.. ..
sl,.,. ij , 3 l,i,rlr on the racmc