The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, January 01, 1879, Page 11, Image 11

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    January, 1879.
"Don't ply the duller m tut, my deer,
It's not eo (rood for the butter,
And will make your arms ache, too, I (ear;
And put you all In a flutter
Fur this la a rule, wherever we turn,
Don't be In hute whenever you chum
Churn ilowly!
"It you'd aee your butter come nloe and iweet
Don't churn with a aervoun jerking,
But ply the duber slowly and neat
You 11 hardly know that you're working;
And when the butter hu come, you'll say,
'Yes, this is surely the very beet way'
Churn slowly!"
Sarah Ktabla Uunt.
A fine display of Aowen forms one of the
most attractive, instructive and altogether de
lightful featurea of a popular fair. Moat ag
ricultural societies recognise this fact and of.
fer premiums to exhibitors; but it ii seldom
that the floral show is one-tenth as good aa it
might be, with a little more interest ou the part
of flower growers and eflbrta from the managers
Fomegranate blossoms! heart of fire,
I dare to be thy death,
To slay thee while the summer tun
It quickening thy breath,
To rub the autumn ol thy wine,
Next year of all ripe eeodt of thine,
That thou maytt bear one kiss of mine
To my dear love before my death,
For, heart of Are! 1, too, am robbed,
Like thee, like thee, I die;
Whllo yet mv mmmor tun of love
It near and warm and high,
The autumn will run red with wine,
The autumn fruite will twlng and thine,
But In that little grave of mine
I shall not see them where I lie.
Sam Met
Foon too Kami.y Dttuwrnn. -The healthy
adult requires food which will give the stomach
work to do. The stomach require work as
much as the legs or arms. The nutriment of
food for aurh should not bs abstracted anil
ready priqutrvd, aa, fur instance, it is in milk,
eggs, meat; it is better that the stomach ab
stract it by the prooesa of digestion from fowl.
Willi the tick and ths yuung, however, the case
is very different. Tho atomauli of a strong man
it like a quarts crushing machine, capable of
doing vigorous work. That of a dytpeptio is
About 15 years ago there was a very big ahe
bear and her three ouba, one a yearling and two
small ones, which traveled up and down the
coast and oft-times would kill my oattle. She
was very cunning and would only oonie around
in very dark nighta. I hunted for her from
time to time, but failed to find her. One day I
tracked her to the beaoh where I found that
she came to eat a dead Mai She bad to pass
through some willows and a email creek. So I
masts) Ills HIV mind to net UP one of the willows
that night, and as ahe came by to try and ahoot
her I asked a man by the name of Jonathan
Wright to go with me. We went at eun-down
and got up one of the willows and waited on
til two o'clock in the morning before- ahe name.
It being very dark under the willowa we oould
not see well. The three ouba oameHrat and
commenced to drink water. We mistook the
Yearling cub for the she bear, and aa well as
we could aim, fired. The cube gave a howl
and ran back, and at the same time the she
liear came down through the willows, tearing
everything right and felt She came under
.. " ........ ..... .nd sat unand waa
... aj ... h.n f shot her. She com-
wj"I va aw " " - - the M and
menceu w cougu , ,
died. Wright wanted to go home. So we got
, -l . , r( ,,d (or the house.
down irom we irw i" - ,,
I A a we niet the CUbft Itie
111 liouiu jmoum. m F"...- , , .
yearling cub made a jump rt Wnght end he
J. . .B L-a I I it. The cub umped
anoi at is, irai iiu.wov.
back and then jumped at me and at the aame
time I And and mUd 1 it The
wLi.i ...i , tin umi time tnu
my gun minaeii me, u ,
cub ran between my lege and upeet me, and as
I fell, I pot out my handa to catch myself,
a. the X b,
to the cud a Pace sue my ---
by the hair on hU rump. J"2MR
went me ciio pucaeu sy I
off. Wright hallooed and asked J 1
was going" I told him-eoone. I W ttat
I w going home, and inm.
wmon waa mi mur . . w ll
, ... i ti. tbrM cube. It, a
lew nays eiver i save - -
Pad, in Pacific Rural Pro.
of the exhibition. It is very exoellent to have
a good show of potted plants, but if effort be
confined to thia direction the numb, r of oom
petitora must necessarily oome from a narrow
circle around the fair town. On the other Hand,
if dne attention be given to showa of out
flowers, the oompeting collections may oome
hundreds of miles with very little trouble or
For the artistic designs on this page wo are
T. N.w York Km apeak, of the Sandwich
Mends aa having leaped, in the last hall I ceo
quite different, aud may need great care to en
able it to tin Its wnik, at all. nek stomachs,
however, may be traiued by slew degrees to do
their work well by givlug them juel the right
food. proerly uhewed, and stopping ike ex
penditure uf nerve i in other directions eo
that the blood may go to it. Hy euub a euurso
half tho dyspepsia might be avoided or mired.
UtraH a IhoUk.
-I Ihl li 1 I Ml lull III tKllt. I l'fPoM
Unslaked lime eompresetil into cartridges, or
...... v.. vi-t th. r-elalireted florist, of
indented vo "'
Rochester, N. Y.
from Darberum w sai -t.-
Kinma preeente a greater advance over
KL.or.iPAi. T roe OiiA-Prof. Palmier..
- - ...i I. .,! an
of Naples, has reoeowy
ppatuswmaltow.thepntyofolU to be
i,,,b7edofbythereeisiso. that they offer to
fmmtrJk mm
ondcivity of the Utter.
need looaely'and.weU tan pod dowa in the hole,
using water or other liquid to saturate end ex
pand it, ia now proposed for eee in fiery eoej
mince. ItiselaJinmltbatUieMlvaBUgeesahe
derived from its nee ere economy In the pro
duction wieli meklng leee sleek then by aeing
ordtnsry Muting .wdiri hvse ol eolliere era
lu leee dengerf the breaking ami ehatterlns; ol
. ml bsrk of the eharge whieh is eeoeeielly
chars. teneUe at the) eee of gunpowder u
evowtedi and the quality of the atiuMphere ia
ralber improveit by lie use then otherwiee.
JmicsMvKtAJi. efUuh, lei
ha II. than Queen Victoria over
the Conquerer