The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, December 01, 1878, Page 118, Image 20

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December, 1878.
".v. , papa ' ain't they pretty?'' and, ao My
iiiji. In III Mall In M out I" In r father an apron -fal
nl hwv 'tl "liukeys."
"Yea, Mabel, tin-) r very pretty. Hut
' 4t ut ynu ' ''" aomaiiy ' them T
wnai are wiry K""1 '"' I
"Why. papa I th"y are ((ikwI In piny with;
mil all tin i liil.lnu (ji-l 1. 1 . i them every 'lay.
"Ilul dun t they make anything nut ..: thcin,
uh aa a baakat, a lmlii, fir a Ui aawyor ?'
"Vra, iaia, amne n( the Imy. main little bas
ket., ami Ihnar horrid w lnrli. that j;u aruuml
llh w at unee, ami keep hitting )uu uli the
liea.1 Hut I uemr heard ill a tup aawyi r; what
m it r
Thru latJiri iiiitsiinil In lij'r tliii in
MM 1 I,.... ...I.. I... ..I. I...!. iL.'l.l
" " a -i' "'a" ,'n i""-'i'i" w i.inniv in.' am
1 1 Hi'
III li. 1 ! , , lulu' Imst v aataa u ill
mt k... mmA Mi 1 11........... 1 .
a ' www 1. - ...- iiiaii mummi ib in HaW
rtt. or art nl halt iimler tin- lag) ami taken Imlil
11I lha In v. ir haiullx nl the ., while the other
man, aim u the tup lawyer, aland, on
tup nl the lag) aiel work, the other einl o( the
"Ami now I will make you a tup aawyer nut
..I iiui.hii, .am mi laim-r "...ii... lie
tu-ik lary rouiul nut Irmu the pile, ami eat
holm in it Inn iia, imae. ami iimiilli. Thai uax
Uia lup sawyer's head. A larger nut served (or
the Uwl v, ahull he lutein .I l., tbt head hy a
mad 1 aliainmel at l-.tii emit
Two uire mat' hea in the prapaf place.,
"'.'I "" lo Mai of ,,
wmn mkm m niiiii that, werv mikt
III. aaa aaa a Ullu .lip nl Hal W(nI almut
111 , On I,, . l.n.u a...l 11 I. ... I .1
. -' "o o " o a me, a 1111 one
l. out in m.tiihaw ui ...k like .aw Inclli. Thu
aaa luL.ui .1 l..ia... 1 1... . I. I.L t .
oaiina ami a plies nl
win., an alum Hi. little man ,i,KM .,
14-ai.l.l. Uie aa. ,.lluU-,l f. n. n,K,ri M,
Hire. ..I Ion, .,t (lll
I"" "". Hh two mil. .luck III It
... . mm wmgu, - 'in fiitanad tti lha
wT awl lha aw, Hi .m l, , ,y iiM
uuU ,,. ,l,r.vtly tl t. ml WV(Jf,
imliea Ui... Hi..,,. I lieluu, man aaa U,-
pit. ..I H U l.Ue. iu.l, mr Uie ,, Uial
h. Iialam, a.,,l,i I,,,,,, tiw Uli, . ,,
h, m. a... ..I . nentle pu.h, he !.. ,., ..'
I k .ml l.iiil, I,,. U,, . w
I-...) ".., i hahad mmtmfSSmZZ
with an aaai.tant l.,wn in the aaw riL '
....r ...iMM.Surb. The .Ve.rA ,lm,r,-.
M --ti. "'iitiriij
r-a.k ol la. mvni NUr, mju)n
..I .!..,,-, h m, ,H,,utimi w w,wt,ni
Kuu-. win. i, aaa) Paafttflraaia aJNadbyiM
uiJ..wt. .,,,1 ;w.Ni7..vr.e.p,ui 4fU
jtH-- V- ...k,a ,.U,e, L-.u ,
B2J I ........ ui,,,,1,.::
"''''-- - -I-, lint imtantlu,
-'.-.lal ..., What, .1 L"M
largw .am., aatl U.e v.ii, . "i
kn ta a,,,,. . viU u , YT"
l aua.f.xi.,,0. ha. ,m ,waj .. fgu '
ana rwi.a, Won,, ft, r,
that Ml AM-rt Vngm. a( I
UkaUl. t.Ha a. i..a u..iL.. I i
In- w"al bTT.J",""1""' Ht
? paUuu lha n......i .
.-j v rj r . .. ..
what is BTBSLt
At the nM-niii( ineetinn f tho Asanciation for
the Aitva i .., o..: ,.. .
whobi irrcucti) m. rremy
T" .u aurvicc reiidunxl ihnercnt ioilua
trm. by ahlialial atmlie., ami cited among those
-i""-". mmma ui acicntilic research, the
uaantaeiapa al Hi i 1 1 ' 1 1 . .1 i . . I
I "Ui eriung ,u,el after paaalng in review the
lli'H lilni eHae. fur t ,.. .... -t ..
i..M,.f .i i i T-.a.avwaiw ui nun ma-
MrtaL fta taarnad prslaNor aotunad Up the
Wtodjlai of the now theory of ataaliflwtioB u
I There doaa not axJat aa many uuuo.o an
ore of ,teu : aawaa. 11 . ' 7F1 a"
pW " ,,roporly
"",l, r. hut aolelv to th. ..7 Sll 6
ti to the metlnut f... . A" "' S " ")
ikuia.1 -J -intii n roduceil A
.re want,W T ,"rW a. which
II t I. M' ) ....4 I a
re B1 ,,T U'0Utrb? "n,u.t alt,
carl.,,, alrS-r!" ron and
."luir.Hlm .rJi; pro,,U0 " th
Tl i - .
. awiM niaiitif ..a..- i 1
'.. .. 77.""!'" CM
Um ban la itaaJ mSmZ T whU!h f,,rm
Daau i in.. o -
k -.r,K,Anrv8T.Mi
'I' preciaU-, , ..,Ur1 rnontht
hnky month.,r,sl no ; '-"hJWaaW
I.. I... "UUU. J II,..,, ... ,.,.
."l"'au C.l lia.1 I J - : . .
i. ii, urn, ,-llM ,--.. v.. au. ... I i .., . 1,1 -J-nlio value ami
au.1 . , iTlM6 , 'T ' "orific
I . .ai. . . in,,..
Mk '"raoruauary for h.iutuuiou.
Michahioal Education. Meohanical educa
tion in Russia has been carried to a poiut of
success not yet reached in this country. Col,
Forney, of the Philadelphia Press, writing from
the Paris exhibition, remark, that American
progress has astonished Europe, yet " Germany,
Switzerland and France, have methods and
systems that deserve to be studied. Even Russia
may be a model for all nl ... v.v i t
v, ,.. .vawtuay i haw
some machinerv at th .wUluiaJ j
j vAuiuiuuii, wnu my
admiration increased a. I wa. told that much of
thu ex.pii.ite work was made by the youth,
many of them sons of the best families, aent into
fill' niBlltlltlA . 1. A t a
auujn w iearn trades as a part of
their nl ii, it;.... Ti
' "ere was no alternative ;
they were compelled to pass thi. ordeal. The
I lOVern.iinnf i. k. . , a ...
miiat twT j "1Mter Pa yan8
, i 1.4 ', "" "ow ooeilience becomes a
M nd it i. as much the fa.hion to finish
. Practical mln..i .... .l: . a ...
u viiis way, as lormeriy it
was thefuhion to pau through a school or an
Madamy , or college, for the easy acquisition of
uperhctal accompliAments. "
Train s ihp -,. m. n ..
Auv,. It....! -MAA-ine irauiwy
of mw require, the conductor
of. every pawnger train "to .top hi. train at
a lirm l C0Urt f aPPl K j
Wi. t " c?",tltutionality of the law. Texas
xurt r evldeIntly re not in favor of fast
all ir.;.;. . , " "eiented by compeUing
av. vT V "UndJ ,teM,in? for Ave minute, a?
nltS WOOdPi,e M1 w-tor tank daaig
! ?ft,on' it oerUinly will not
"""note gocden,peth, impatient travaler.
torv in .Ji 7 wr OI tno Allegheny Obaerva
with he 1 ."i01! 40 the routino work'oonnecteil
Uudy tiS 1t,0D V'r Wl,i0h h8 PriJ.
Z7SJ ".completing a direct
the .un aTl .K'prwon between the heat of
arU Ti.! tl!! fi,l;rt h-t attainable in the
that the ; , lvetitiona indicate
coin Mma-m .""T0 ,lct " almost beyonu
nl? Jnd L8?1""' ihta of y fur
Knch phy0 hM b'