The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, November 01, 1878, Page 75, Image 9

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    November, 1878.
Education doea nut commence with tlio alpha
bet; it begins with a mother'a look; with a fath
er's nod of approbation, or sign of reproof; with
a sister's gentle pressure of the hand, or a broth
er uuutu oui, ui ioi oeaiauco; will) pleasant walks
in shady lanes; and then come the bloom and
buoyancy and dazzling hopes of youth; the
throbbings of the heart, when first it wakes to
love, and dreams of happiness too great for
earth; when woman with her grace "and gentle
ness, aud fullness of feeling, ami depth of ahV
tiou, and blushes of purity, anil the tones and
looks which only a mother's love can inspire
aud thoso are only a small partef our education.
Our education will only he linishud wiih our
lives; day by day wo learn by sad experience
some new phase of humanity; learn that the
The great men of all time have ever sung the
praises of agriculture. Lord John Russell
wrote: "In a moral point of view, the life of
the agriculturist is the most pure and holy of
any class of men; pure, because it is the most
healthful, and vice ean hardly find time to con
taminate it; and holy, hecauso it brings the
Deity perpetually Iwforo his view, giving him
thereby the most exalted notions of supreme
-tower, and the most fascinating and endearing
view of moral benignity." Nwift, in his oft
quoted sentence, puts it thus, "that whoever
could muke two ear of ami nr Sam I.U.I... ..r
grass to mow upon a slut of ground where only
one grow oeiore, wouiu deserve Heller ol man.
kind, and do more essential service to his coun
try, than tint whole ram. nf o.kliti.oMii i.i.t 1..
gethvr." jtrd Chatham states that "trade in.
A peculiarity of 1'onnsylvaniau geography is
that the rivers have not the same direction m
the mountains, but generally run at angle to
them. Instead of ulidintf quietly between or
aloug them, they seem to decide which it their
shortest route to the sea, aud then push boldly
forward for it, let what obstacle come that may.
Of this eccentricity, as It may almost be called,
the Susquehanna is chief representative. Num.
berlcsa seem the mountain ridges aud lulls
through which it has cleft in its court to the
ChesaHiake. In some places it passes through
as many as live of the so catted "gaps" or
"narrows" in the distance of 'Hi mile. Almost
its entire course is through the mountains, and
it has all the characteristics of a genuln moun
tain stream, lieiug usually broad, shallow aud
"iSfrjetaayFtTftlh&flft jiff i1 (.afAjrvPlfsgMM KamLbMAI
fggSaffipiaJlK n Jfam ntfMT wTMtMiti... .- 7S23BBHS
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WBHafWjtjWnVTTfsffa -'""'BBBBB'TlrWB
friend in whom wo placed implicit conndeiice
is unworthy of it- learn that all is vanity and
vexation of spirit. Our education teaches us
that man was made to mourn; that diaep-ioint
ment is the lot of man and woman. It teaches
us how to tight the battle of life, biitalea! it
does not always teach us how to fight it success
fully. The knowledge that is gained from books
we would not undervalue; but it is worthless
unless we combine it with actual experience of
lifo. Pythagoras said if ho did not, when night
came, feel that he hail learned something
through the day, he felt that he hail lout a day.
Reader, every day of your existence should lie
to you to much gain; aud as we grow old and
decrease in physical strength, ws should increase
our mental resources. We have acquaintances
to-day who have learned nothing by experience;
whose education is no more advanced than it
was twenty yean ago, and we can but think that
they have lived a fruitiest lifs. Education be
gin with our birth and ndt with our death.
creaset the wetlth and glory of a country; but
it real utrtiigth and stamina are to be looked
for among the cultivators of the land." Our
own poet YVhitlier, with his familiar verve,
thus beautifully expresses the position of the
tllve fuule their sold. erwl eiiaree Uiil eief,
Ul fortune's lei lihlee rise MM
Who tow a lUlit, m trains iovtr,
or -Mauls s tree, la wmre than all
fur Ik h" Mmwm meet Is Meet.
Ami 0e4 eiel men shell MSI hu 1h
Win. 'II- In leave, sl Ii henna.
An loVI beeulr to lee earth
A m.I. earn or Ule. Ui all Uiel I,
The nine is harvest lull lie tlen;
The flower etwll hloesn, the Oulu shall frtre,
It rot "ti earth, at left Iri heave '
Ir Mr. Eduon will only invent a proc for
' making c.nfect.onry out of sugar, aud llveccut
I cigars nut ol tobacco, be will be entitled tn niche
' 1. taction A. Temple of Fain
awl rapid, with here and Ihtr long ttraluhe of
ualm, deep water, It bed ia very rooky aud
111 many place ta studded with beautiful lilli
1.I1 ie. In the hiwsr portion of th river's court
its ueiiarsl width la clout 101U narrow low
ucaasiunally to lialf mil or vm Uts.
"KaoWLinui ia power." Not always; the
boy that gather up his Halting Uckl and empty
basket a the aau la staking lu the wt know
that hi inotlwr Uuiu washing and waiting fur
him at the garden sate, ami the knowledge that
the kindling wood rental um.ui, is am h
source of weakness Ui him, that to march along
end wblsll "What u llotto Without Moth
'I' i utter luipoaelbtUty.
"Makisu! Martah' pi 11 in in," said a
man to hit wife, l. , a looking out of la in -dnw
watching him trying to open the door with
a toothpick, I'h trd uu any key, and it all
flattened out,"