The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, November 01, 1878, Page 90, Image 24

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    November, 1676,
row rnwfl OOUVTRY.
il mm pmt ruiwl, tn. burly ftmcr,
TVtitfl. I '- V" l"r th chtrtitrf
Who la all th I, ,
Mi' ) t4J in til her urr'Wt,
W U.M tit ifMaiKul iltmlt,
' 1 ir itr-rii immf th- fiirfw-,
M yur ! Mtiif( th wir.
!!' v" In li'.tinliil glory,
With ) Hi vuii ujtii ytrur tnn,
II j.u UM Ih wmHmI MW,
m )ni jf"ftrfrJ liamTl uiij fxin,
fci k fi" yttu'r tmllmriilt,
AimI Iw ffirtt- l. MM nf'iM-,
Aim! alw ImiH ( t" h i"litl
Wmh I fSi IU 1-llUf ltW
If III 1r . ' 1 1 ),) 11 ll juiglr,
. mutt ihw lit lrm. .!,
AimI I.aftfrt l.t.rt i uiftlitflrd
TWv tf ik lilt tier) !)
tf MM M th iitwi.
Aim) M 1 HMMl milk Ih 0W,
A'fl )m r 1 M:t: 1.1 MM
AimI 11.. .I n ,t hiiii. .nt.
llUtl) frlMfl. fit in ! 1.1.4.,,
H Mir to meet fttfvin,
Vuull luryttriM II Vf -ktn
A'.f U gite you ln,
A'mI UI.ei me, Hum mil .,ffi
AH th 1 im 1 . 1 . 1 of Hi
A .1 MTU M ua isftcii,
im, )uu'r u IN tllle Mii
IhitUhj th,trn tin:
otnuu lvm and othhu,
Thr MfM, mid all iU iWrr., MUNUm and
luly, U iu Uh.mii, iU cU.U ami dUm
Uii, ami im.iK ilntn a Mirtion ,.f every life
MtUftt ! Aflrr U. urtltlr ii.hiiir r
tltant iiturtirr ainl mum m mli .1
mn mtrr, with U UatJajL . wind.
and . hwil.M .(, hwlUK , K.alltlfl
" " ' 'lancing suiilieains , la,,,.!,
IH II . in II.. .1 ,,1.... ,.l .1 I . ...... ?
- . wmm infill mil over
I . l.i.Cl.liirM w HmU , ml . louil it u
- ',iuin Uic KTrin i,l III,.. I hrrr
w hi. .., ,U ,rv,n whnn thr .UlnWI f
. ... MOM 11 tlir Kr..i,, l,,
Sf1"" 1 l' lluill.!, ,,r,
l( Ul,,t.-, l.y (, ,Uirm, ,,,, aiii,
"k'11 1 Ui. Wfihl ( ,u clnudi. Th
'l-' ,a ,h.i, l,!.,!,,,,.. ,UUI
' "I" " ""' 11 m',
..,. ..., in H,n Ivnutlrl III th,. Mill
MM ,lh . iiurrr irli.l, (I,.,, ,i ,1U, u,
lh.w .U.J.u.,1 uUmiy I,,,,,,,. urn,r.
'U 111 Ih m.. 1. 1 ,.( i.i.v 1.1 , .
,. . , " '""llll)( lliHllli.-,.
"' " . n ..I .Iimii. a .,
I.ilir ill . ... I .. . Vi MU
.l rli.n.n... ,. I.... .. '. ''
h.l U... n ,,,.. .,ur ,Mhpf , ,
in U li 1 r,b" h. th..
' ! .Ih,..,. o. I
2 L"J2 '"' -rr..; hM ir ,
V. ''"f "' h,,H' h Ih.i u Mi
. Ui. , ,j ( .I,,..
)iav, lickeil the wul with iU scorching tongue,
ami left wound, which the haJm of eternity alone
will he.l. We do not know what the heart con
tain, that catt th, - ahatlowa that cloud the
limw .ml wear the crimaon bluahes from the
cheek, I.1.1 we aeu the ahadows, na thia vast
riuy 01 iiiih num. tinn ii.imjn uvei inu jmic
BMMi of t In. Htreetr Moat of them look as if
. H.1111 iiainiNii.He .11,1 1 Kind worn WOUJU uv
I f. , 1 1
wrieoine, 11 inaiierH nine irom wnai iiome
tiny 1 nine. It may lie the humblest cottage in
which the plainness of furniture and dress be
eak the pratcnOI of poverty, or it may be
.uv . .iii jmiat,: wneie veivei eariieilll anu
heavy anptriet sneak of wealth, am! tho jiaint-111.-
iiu,n the walls ami the atatuary upon the
....I..., .1. ....... 1 ..I....I,.,... It . L.i
(--,. ... n n. 1 - .ui..... 11 iiidim:!. hum Ilitl,
the bonM are like, the people look as if they
Mold pause instantly, if a friendly hand ahould
I. M Unclad, ami a kind, eympathizing voice
ihoilld say: "I can tell you how to bo happy."
If this vast mass of humanity that sureea about
us 0Otl Id be made tn btliire that any one could
mon 11 in ne nappy, cnuiil lead it where the
Hum rs always UootB anil the sunbeams always, it iroald weep with joy, and listen with
a ili-mli J at trntum llintiui I,. . I I.I .......
. . .... ........ 1
It is haiipiness that every man and woman in
the Willi, . 1 11 1. 1 1 .... 1 ... ., 1.. i 11 j ,
" -.,,,. ,,, I,,,- Wim rusn
lor wraith happiness is tho ultimate object; in
the whirijHHi! of IXCiting pleasure happiness is
the aim; even in vice and debauchery it ia
' uumm 1 11 m 1,1 nii'iif i.ih mi l. a,,.
, -'"v ui' 11 ,ii,n ntllliajii
!' i)"t fun it. 'I'lii' 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 n 1 iioba 1. :,.
v UTW lilt
bonks, but when be has done, there is an aching
Voiil 0. It,.. I...... .1... L.I .... 9
s " naianeea caniinl OIL ami
craving winch ru liea lannut aatisfyj'tho aspi
rant (nr fame mts down on thu side of the moun
WW up Which he ia climbing, or on the aummit
.a reaeneii, ami wcepa as his soul
writhes Under its limn r I I...
. , . ....... 1 . 11, r soma)-
thing which fame cannot give. The woman
pause. .,, the gnldy dance, and aighl forsome
thing el. and snmething Utter. The votary of
l n r hIim, ..... -L-i . . . J .
. i-7 P, " -""' nu mourns the
.utility of his attemnt to tind .1
never bllHim. And lloi. II.. I I .: , !
w .,,.1 .I... "" """" "'" MM
Amidst this iilinn.,! I...... I ..
i. like th MTJICTZZ? L""" "y.'"iti.y
thedr I., k" : 'uu: . ' "
.. . r " 1 . 'K"r ,i,1i,k ow-
ss ft- c;::
,-. ... i. ua suusliine of eternity. We are
li"i delM.ndeiit (or i . ' "
liellllc ic.. . , . L .. .. . "I" "'C
j "I ounrtto lock nur
m situ, anil ,1... .i t .
svininthv ,;r J l I . 01 "'V and
S XI . f.,tai.
km n,e : t .rr o,,t m-
will (hat il m . iv ir.tern.l g0 .
fall. '" l'r"",""" t,'rr,'"t" " (''vry
" li : 1 the Th"
..derate. Th.: '.'.(f'tleand con
MtV ThefuneraMr:,: .'M !"u-
rmk grave, J ZZ TTV"
hv,ly lhe,,(Ki iftHC JE T m"'K
raw am 'o-mnr-
th,. I, -lll.L r aeini
Swaktzmkvkk to his wife: "Now, see .
mine Ioif, better u you had Johnny let a lita
nn von ,1nf . -null- pafin' .,1 ....... , 1. .. t: ....
don t know, he haf aome toothache in his teeth
und haf been k wall in around all nieht mit aJ
nholr. ,,,, l.iw In l,, J.u. M W
vuv.u. uua ... ...a JI..T uuu v It.
1 then It mil th III M
. r, mr tear
M'"'"fi ffnm.
A I ' i . i . s i .. .. .
MiUmlUn ;"JHn".",:T ItHA.N.- Dr.
' 's3 . the A,,,"r-
Hal of ur u K Tty f 5" "f tiri.
' gduJy rWDCj ii '.Uy, ,mt tht
rwo.w.1. th" such cue un
..A luir. nmtJjpr
i.V, , " .uwi i aaiAiu uicu
When Angelina smiled not at his chaffing
"You men are to ridiculous," she replied'
"If we hd mucA, we should be aliMyi laughing."
Last week a Fulton boy got angry wth"!.
mother, and went to bed without hit aupper
that he might wring hor heart with aympathv
In II lm WAR rruPllilirr dnwn at a.. A. . , '
. r-'n owwib lugetBonii
linrk .itn huAnii nff.op tho famJ.. . i
he collided with a door caaing and broke IS
Inn I I ...... 1
TlIK eelnbrated 1)r A, I..,,, l.
, i : , , ; , uiuiui, wno was a
very logical thinker, hearing his aervant com
plain of a pain in the email of hi. hank ..u ..
him: "The pain, John, is not in your back itia
in vour mind." "II.....I " t.l.'.. ..
ill Vi i", . . " .F'icutionn, git
ye ll tak itoot o' ma pack and pit it into my
mind, 1 se be singularly obleeged to ye."
Soke man with an i...mi... f... r.. ... ,
vented a apriug-seat aaddle that will rock a man
to sleen nn the hnnluf nni.n i no .
r ft.e ,,, ,i,i. nnti
th a country needs is some kind of a aaddle that
will hold a man down on the roof of a horse when
he suddenly, and without warning, pointeatths
sky with his tail. "
A yoono man, hired as a clerk, was told bv
his emnlover fl.n 1I k:. .1 1 . ..'
house and that it was closed punctually at 10
0 clock everv "flh Ju
said the youth, "I don't care what time it it
closed, if it s only opened early enough in the
A VOUS11 Indu fr II 1 J' ..
.. .j ....... vii. ii,y, uoaraing lorme
summer at a farm-house 011 the borders of Del.
W'are countv. viait.,1 j.: . . , .
..... l j . , - ..... umry aviacnen ana
watched the country maid in her toil with mark-
I'll attention "V..., i.L
. iaoii is a jannrinna nnar-
she remarked to the maid. "Somewhat, ma'am"
was the ren v nf H,a ,....1.1 ivr. . ,
... .. 1 1 .f, " i-iaiure is tnueea
wonderful in her workings, "continued the lady,
unserve the green grass in the fields, and in a
miii i -"";erieu into milk, and from
milk o butter After the formation of butter I
l ave 11, i f,1,1 .1... it. .. . ...
.;n . ,."' "ml mu w termed hutter-
milk. ''ip, , ....
...... . . .' """"' is mere anmcient
nutriment ,n ,t to be of any practical use?" "Ye.
ma am "If am ,.. -l. .,
n.. 1.1 "ii.uming your patience
n ay I ask you what use is made of buttermilkf
e feed inrna in at.- 1 a .... .. . ..
U..A . .1 ""K", a"11 wnat s le t w
feed to the boarders."
MaIIKISU Plivaim. a m. -.. .
- - .'. .o . , il 1 n i.ks. ine l atent
taw says : All patented article, must be marked
w itll tho uim ". ..i..... 1 ,1 . .. ... ..
lav ..,.1 .l i""""101'. togetner with th.
Zh ,yCirrth P',tent w" Kted. If th.
.ge e nil DOt,COmn,t 1,6 flid to the pack
age containi ngone or more of the article.. Th,
that 11 ik' ln . t a. a notice to th. public
dimim i n piyianing ho to mark, no
cM ,tgn. P011 by the plaintiff, un-
leuuu Droved tW u j.i.-j'i . .
Man III 1,1 ,..1 . .
fal.rlv m.T '"'""ltnent. Any parson who
not nbialnli . -"nyming lor which he hM
whn fe , l':lUintith. 4 of anoth. laJ Mnt or who mark, a
"Patented article with the word "patent," or
?oryt?;m'mprt "f th4t th' thin PS"
"""y 01 I00 for everv such vinlit nn of
- w, one.half to gothe infonnar.
Nw iivT,,,. 1 ; ...
rer that V a lexl,le MamJM-
h,ch jut, U ukn.e d Pn.t dj
invenuVu m t?,ke., -Bd "tain. ha. iu.t heal
turcr of taivMtri' f' " Amer'can manufafr
hrnm ..ri?,trei- ?h. great difficulty in all
a., bin oveb'1Uirof Thia ha.
doubtleT Z.7'De' and M olr wul
d "-cite tgt,uttrctiT,M"
and buy." u hf 'awaet boy