The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, November 01, 1878, Page 84, Image 18

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November, 1878,
if rum 11.. Mlnlnf .ml SVIralllle ITm
la a recent nmnlierof the "Official Oan-tte of
the t'nitd Mate. I'atent Office" appear, a
il order fimn the 'oninnssioner of I'stenta
Ii1nu rici f r. m jir. 1 1 Iwforr tint Bureau a
patent agent a ho hal hern guilty of groea '"''
conduct. It., attention of tin- office had l. n
rallail to circular, published ly Hit. reon, MaV
taming grcaa niiealatciueiiU calculated to !-
caive Uia ioblic, an that hereafter ha will not
la reoognianl aa an attorney in the prosecution
of caeca in tin I'.leiit Office.
In . 1 mm 1 tion illi tin i.fli r r fun il I". I lie
I '.mimiaaionrV make, .nine jwrtllieni remark, on
lha tulijH't of m iln atinii writing, nnn liable
amenta, t. , which am worthy of careful
ruaaJ by all uivcintora, aa the UU'iiii'iiU made
apply to areata ami inventor, in every art of the
i "unlrj I ouiing from tin inurre it does the
'l of the I'atent leiartmeiit the warning
given should have weight cuough Ui llllirea
Itself upon all mvenUira ami cauav tin in to bo
more rareful in the future aa to whom they rll
tiu.t their intereeU. 'the I ',.inima.ioner )
"Ho many cumplaiuU have heen recently niacin
of ignorance or neglect or (rami on the iart of
Ihnae proteasing to art aa attorney!, that a re-
h titnm of the cautioua heretofore given hy the
I Wlce aeeim now in canary. The preparation
I ipmilli.ti 11 aimple raaea even require
Uwhliiunl knowledge, familiarity with the useful
aria ainl with the patent law, awl reaoureea in
Ilia form of book, of reference ami records of
"lufliimaamuer llurke(aee Iteimrt for IM2 n
I.I ... I '
" 1 No great nl it Ui I rijipcteil in ilrawing
up the luUtwice nf the .pe. iln atn.n from any
burn. The character ol the device. dc.crilcd
vane M widely, tail the leUila o lie embodied
MM h a iliffereut f.n.i,b ration ami e
pfManm 111 ilifferent .a..-., that the language
adopted mi mcaeion can rarely U employed
1 Mother withiHil great molili. atn.n
1 nere ii nanny any claaa ol il.tumciita in
preparing ahi.h aa little an! it i I,. derived
IIM MMlsjriijj none where more rtsMsjils,
umi .kill. sipenciice, ami ingenuity, ,,r where
theae are more inillipeliallilr.'
"Vet a large -rcw.Ug, of the caaea tiled in
the lllln are pi.punl i,y men win. have none
of the,. named, ami little knowledge
l-ey.d mere HTM Theae are sftSSJ
natea dianueard from lha Offlee or from private
""'" m Uin) or fault. ..r .IrafUmen or
tn-lel makera The .prcittcatmn. nle.l ,y ihc
aU.nera arc frequently M unp.rf.vt ami ol,.
antra aa to m unintelligible ,nj utterly unlit
M l.l,i ,1, ami ,he prep,rat .'ml con
lu. I ol tl.nae . aaea mrreaae the lal.,r of Kiam
laeea. ami are fraud uw the inventor.
'The Ktammera of the Pateut tiling .anm.t
nn.UrUke t.. , ,, , iU.,rilrv, ti,
tiling ami corrc. ting epretlicationa. Their
eel I I. ,. U. . that the ,.,, lrr ,
l.n U. a..Ufy the .iUwnj w hen ami where
""V' "T ""'"l. ami, of oourae. the more
.gi"aM IMMMMI the mora cwtMu are
are baaed on a liberal education, and who are in
good standing at the I'atent Office and before
the country.
"In all of our larger cities, where there is a
demand for patent practitioners, there are men
Ui lc fouud who are willing and able w give
inventors salutary advice, and inventors in any
lart of the country may tind responsible parties
able U give them advice as to the selection of
attorneys of long anil well known standing.
Iiinlit.'l. u.. ...1 .........
men w ho claim to have special facility in the
Office, or who intimate that money may lie used
to liimU ii or assure the allowance of their cases.
"Inventois who are tempted by circulars or
letters containing intimations ol the possession
by those who issue them of secret iiillueiices ill
the I stent Olhce will do well to note the fol
lowing remarks of 'oinmissioiicr Kisher :
" 'Inventors ought to know that if they arc
foolish enough to liay their money upon such
pretences, it will never reach the pockets of the
I iovurument officials for whom they suppose it
to lie designed. It goes 110 further than the un
scrupulous attorney or agent, who, assuming to
trade usm the supiosed corruption of sworn
omccrs, is wining 10 slander nonest men, and
destroy public confidence in tho administration
of public affairs, in order that ho may enrich
iiimseii at ins uxuiise ol his credulous client.
Instances have come to mv knowledizo where
money has lieen extorted from clients by agonts
after patents had lieen actually allowed, but not
yet issueii, upon the pretense that it was nccos
aary to brilie the Kxaminor. I know of no case
whore the money went lieyond the solicitor. No
practitioner can assert with truth that he nn.
eosscs any facilities by which he is enabled to
procure iiatents in advance of any of his com
petitors beyond his knowledge of the forms and
....... a L.. . ..I ..." ....
100 wince snu nis skill and care in
the prenaratioii of his caaea 'I',, i.,L
from his clients under tho pretense that it is to
1 used to procure such facilities is to add theft
to falsehood.
" ' It will be a safe rule to distrust those who
l , , 1K'",,""I"1 01 lxial facilities in
I jit
me UHX lor procuring patenU in a shorter
...... or win, more extendod claims than
"Iiiventors, when attorneys or others demand
exorhiunt fee, for sup,Hised secret or improper , the I'atent Office, will do them
elves and the Office . service by bringing such
'""'''".cation to the personal attention of the
I ominissioner.
"The cuti,)n of ( 'ommissioner Kisher, quoted
ai-ivo, h mu wbodW la IamphleU of at
torneysi ., others, in tl.L of the verv
men against whom it was directed ; ami if the
present caution meet, with the same fate, in
e. tore may underaUnd that iU appearance ,
LfSft? i;1,!1;,,'ut n" """"" " K
M of the h, ,ty or bflSMttj of those from
whom the circular or pamphlet emanates.
.. r.e,.y r the evil, arising frm ;,.
he ...venUir. themselve Ut th, JJVj
iSitt ''' '' pnMouJ
"i a pnysieian or conveyancer forin..
11 ! rebevl I .. .""" ",I1C,J "'Uld
"y.m,a caused . ; :' ". ''ming ,n
-rtlilea. isuu';: '.1m'
I'Ml. ,
-I"'"', an.i im, graaur are the annoyalx, evt,n ami u "ll '' a"'1 loM
l"lj l. aoUfi the alUwttev iU k- L. -i.i3
Yellow I
'HI Natn.n.l
" 1 . nnnri, I
i"N.miiifi,l a ivatrm 1 Z . "ouaaion.
... I.iil. I V... 1 . i. ""oe.
' H ..tuner omitted, d the ,,,,. . .
afa.M.,,u.worthle.u.,,t In
M .., . 1 1.. , (,,, urgMtly a.lviae.1 u avoid
Ue iU,, rau-. Ut a I,.-, J"
ctpHc a.l , . ,.l-,- rn,M . rnArtyon 'V'-'I iU
Ho- . uni.
I M.eniou,'. ..A ' .J " "PI.,rnVe Mid will
The following instruction-, although Boms,
what wearisome, perhaps, to the mechanic rnsv
be of practical use to some of our readers wh
are removed from saw -sharpening facilities0
When a saw is in bad order, the teeth are irret'
ular in length and pitch. This occurs thread,
improper filing, and results in the saw workuie
hard. The reason is that a saw irregularly fiw
01 act., cute ouiy wun uie longest teeth and
those that have the most set. To remedy these
defects, it should be pointed and filed until the
teeth are all of even length, and are pitched
so that the front of each tooth is at right angle,
with the back of the saw. The saw is faatentd
into a clamp, which consists of a pair of j.wi
fixed upon a stand, and moved by screws. The
ends of the teeth are brought to a level by run.
ning a flat file lengthwise of the blade. Ths
best form to give the edge is a slight curve from
end to end of the saw, making the middle
slightly rounding outward, never hollow.
The handle of the saw when in ti... -
should be to the left, and not be changed during
the filing. The part held in the clamp should
be tiled completely before being moved, if the
.no not long enougn to nold the whole
On a rin buw. the teeth will 1.., (I1...1 .
. - .... .. dUBLD Ull .
cross cut, they are beveled upon alternate side.
R..k ....I -I 1.1 L 12. . . . .
eouuiu ue nieu w i tin nit moving the
saw. which mav be done hv elm. ,,,,., n, :
tion and manner of holding the file. A beginner
,.,..,.. a uaiiuie ni least a Toot long for
Ins filoa: this will unable him t I,. ,1,1 ;....j:i..
... : - .uaratvuuy,
which is very necessary for good work. The
o.upc. aiu, ior a mo is inree and one-half inches
long for a saw having eight teeth to the inch.
A Baw is set before it ia Hli TU- . i
, , ...vrnvMIWIIlur
easy cutting should be such as to make the cut
a iuo as twice me thickness of the blade.
Several irnnd nfa in, ull t n. -i -v
... tt V HMD IWI HI1U03
which aro self.regulating, and make even work.
a i.m ui uie teetn are short, they need
not lie nointed. but. m, l. t,,.,i..i -Jat.
, J wuviiou wivu a lew
strokes at each filing, until the rest are worn
i oli'h 4.i il...... Ti L a .
vu ii one nas no clamp, a strip of
hard wood may be laid upon each tide of ths
mw, and the whole held tightly in a vioe. Id
I'ling, tho stroke should be made from the op
erator and not towards him. The file should be
liniHticil hrnilv in tl, ri.,l. k.-J Lll. .v.
: l 1 1 i- , . , . w"v uou, woue me nu
s held lightly between the finger and thumb of
t in ..I ii., A . ,. r.. l- .- a .
; . - "5 " w worK slowly, ano
to test the teeth aa ska UJifL nan..efl.ea. m
try ,uaro As long the faces are kept at
right angle with blade of the saw, the backi
must come out right.
Thk Composition of Cura An huiei
The Pall.Mall OaztUt, hai lately baeo
made by scientific expert, in Brazil into the
uavure oi "curare," the remarkable poison of
i. :k , "en Kept a 'trade secret
y the India,, manufacturer in Amazon
I rofessor .Invert h.u,., ii ..-.J
t. i - -1 or, recently contnveu
show r" , expert to confide to him, and
pisuts aim mode of preparation,
use f mi : i-.- ,.r r. .
,,, i , , 7 i " "on iiiocie oi iireparation,
and himse f succeeded in makinn it and ascer-
'ning also tho nhv.mlom.l - .
nilU also the physiological action of
g eu e u. un. of these is the powdered outer
Ti, "c ' "" 'orttrru ot WeddeiL
dol i ty exn? ot these bark ia boiled
"I ail 'iroirc.l nf fk. DL..1.J... i 8 .
, : 1 "yioaenaron genus, leaiy
BVS. m'"lrmar,a, and four piperaettu.
"rr,? Xpe" nenU md6 Rio Janeiro,
the aroi Z uLFE?" mo.tor BarT?1
nar.l,. 4L """r action ; the coccuiw
tuUcu m kmu'clet' nd peciHy the heart,
the m,LUch more ''"''y thin the rycao. ,
ZZ 3?k"f"Becr excitant of the
"f th? (1 thu' Vt the more rapid actio.
render. T"U ngrcdienU ; and the peppw
" ll" lhc u qualitie. more wtive.
diKhV11"' T'h1, of them women, wr
aw j sBooata, eoaumptiou a