The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, November 01, 1878, Image 1

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The West Shore.
4 No. 3. j1
Portland, Oregon, November, 1873.
II I Mm,, St.
i A nt, auuil" sea.
Tun Wkht Hhoue Iihh now reached natation In
Jon ml tom never Mart, attained by any oilier
luihlloatlon o.i the l'aclflo. OOMt I leal ring to
keep It up to IU pnoent high Nliuulard of excel
lence, the piibllalier llnda hlmae If I'l 1 1 1. . I I m, ! In
mine the sulwerlptlnn price to two dollar! per
annum. Not winning to make the change too
audden, and dcHlrliiglo give all an opportunity
to renew for the coming year nt the old prloe, wc
ahall, until January 1,'ith, 1S7II, receive new nuh.
aorlptioti or renewal lor 187V, M 11 50 per year.
On January lilth and thereaiter, the price will he
$'.' IK) per annum, or cent lor a sample copy.
We have a few coplea of " Thr Ore,;.,n ttptiia
Inr," bearing data Keliruaiy R, mill. It In the riml
niimlH'ror the very first newspaper published
in the I'aclllo Coaat. Theae papain are not orifa
Inula, hut icprlntcd so exact Unit hut very few
MUM tell the difference between the reprint and
ALL hands 'ROUND.
j Late development how, that a general denn
ing out of that dan on the Northwest corner of
Second and Oak atreela, wood result In general
good lo tbe city. We do not mean the lower part
j where the poor drunk or p. tit larceny thieve
arc connneu, nut the upper lory, when-, In ele
gantly furnished office, pnrtlea act an fenoca nr
the thieve.
Wr. Would hardly believe It when we lately
beard that one of the police cnmuilaalnneri
bribed n pollcnm to drug a oertiln parly, yet
It la ou record wllhoul contradiction.
Khjiit faro garni are In full h'nst In this city,
In direct violation of our Hlate lawn, la our
Chief of PoIlM rcuulvlng iwemy-flve per fleuj.
o( the winning of Ihcnc Institutions III order to
allow tbemtto run?
M. Chief of Police! Hare you arreal any nl
the blackleg fraternity. all hnuuh voo k ..,, i )..,,,,
I to be vlolatont of our lawn? Hare you arreal ear
' tain well-known Migrants? Hum yon iloM
' ueilulu opium duua ?
Our five-year old wan in Hacratuantn lat -pring
when the Dime Saving. Hank collapaed. At the
llblttMTw trial of th manager of that institu
tion, tha eecretary testified that Mareuaa, the
cahinr, frequently took two hundnd dollar nt a
time front th safe, to play at card, alwayt dep.,.
itmg a tag for that amount. Th tatf accumu
lated, ami when the hubhlo hunt, tlia aaf waa so
full of them that it dually became a general and
much talked of joke a to how many tag each d
pnattor wa entitled lo. Our neat door aiglit.i .
laiy, named Numian, la our youugiier'a playmate;
and a few day ago they M together, a luual.
Norinnn had an Ktatnrn illuatrated catalogue ef
toy, which tho hoys weia etamlnliig attentively,
UltU they lighted on a page where icvoral stylia
of toy aiug hank were ahuwa due that ni
liculaily struck their fancy I designated a the
"hoM the fort," and la in the shape of a mtnl.iliii..
fort, the coin la plan .1 in the lower, mid a bullet
MINIATURE VIEW or WALLA WALLA! w T, Prom a D-Awim nv Kvam. . Alio.
nrlglnnl. Wa will tend one r ip.v lo anyone, on
receipt of ten cent" In oatag stamp, nr three .a for tweuly-flve centa.
We have on hand a lot of hack iiumbei of
Tiik Wt Hhokk, which, lo anyone that bM
nol lead them yet, are fully a good aa If they
had Juat been luued They will furnish whole
omeand Inatructlva reading matter for theie
long, winter nlghta.and to people abroad they
win give reliable Information about the resour
ce of the I'aclflc Northweat. We have iheae
Miner In anllible uiekaget, no two number, he
log alike In one package. For 2. rent we will
aeml .'eoplea; for Wl cent. 1 enpira; for II. 12
cnpl.a; In anyone who wlilarnd 12 M, we will
'i. I Till. WT llloK for the en. i year of
i-' 1 ami 11 month' beck number. Tula offer la
on only until January IMh.
fJlVI til Lack huiicat nod upright omVi r I .' i -pcua,
ColMua. Itelcher and otbffl R4all whom
on gambler or thlel dared In appnatch MMtOflkn
a percentage of their HHMIau galua.
IT iniiat 1n fun tolnilhe editor ol a party or
gan, when you dare not denounce a ihlef aimply
becnuae he la a good worker In the parly.
Hrcroag the Chicago Kid " wauteil lo break
Into I add A Tllton'a bank, and offered our (lr
Iwenly-flv ier cent, of all hi winning-, would
he refuse It T
II t KAfcLEI m ii'w i i .
Formerly hi the employ of Koerltel tlrua.Haii
Kranclani, and aflerwiinla .rrlt painter, In
IMklaud, Cal , will commonkale with llila ofRia
or Joha C. lohnalon. Pott Huron, Mich., be
will hear of aninetblng bi hi advantage. Parllae
knowing of hi wberealaiuta will oblige by In
forming tbla nfflre.
'red Ir iir .,.-,.ii, rauae tha , I.,
drop into a fare), la. lo helnw A bright Ida I., dawn on our ronogeter'a mind nn U
holding tlila new atyle of latnk, lor w shortly at
ter heard him aay "lull y..u what, Nniuian.
I'll get my papa to buy in a bank like this ami
all the money you gel you ran put In th lowr.
and then we'll Are at d and after it dMM In I'll
glv.. you a lag fur It."
W II M.w.ll, e.ltr ,.f h. Walla Walla
i;t m.iu. i daad II. wa a good old man, an
able writer and a thorough gentleman I the old
eld. He ha.) bis faults, m.l win. of us, Inileed,
IsfanlllM? Whilst the old In... w alls. Ilu
me drd lo altaek him. and If by mistake tbey
III. tl. net si triad a seeoiid time. He slway
hail the laat aay and always eaaae out virion.
.. the old lion ia dmul and axm every la
sign i Hi-ant little donkey, thai owns a Aik sheet, la
bisrn.g about .,, Newell laulta.