The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, October 01, 1878, Page 54, Image 20

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October, 1878.
Mawt MullM a..,i.. ii mMm ;
Awl riaarad has l1 iU '
Hot ri-skaa ra, lut har haallh naa f.m
Awl BJ aha hol in lha ten Nnshliia
MMlMf as la.1 ' I
"hrttf) AlUi," lha ll" h !).
Mm Vt fUixw ,1 lha lr '41 Umii.
AM U " Vi ' i"'
Awl Ika m M ' -nu-uj uWta,
taarMf 4wai' ii .a .h.
Awl a. i -jwt.i ana wuraawaa arha
F arrft aala awl gltttfrr oaka
Taa J.l," i l ' annati Ml
nuffm hia lTaa li. rM a(.a.l. awl Ihraw
Mm mi. ahtla lha Muihlnr Kami
kuittl wihIi al lha kind ha i.a.-t "
II. m ta a 1 .' " ha aai.l allh a lU,
"A4 kla4 Iwxwhl taal ,H trr itrtnk
"Wnwkl hears Mm up So tha ru. aaa ftUwl
Will. Ika .natal aln. Ikal ll.r hi a.rlm apllleil;
Awl aha nil II l. 'i. villi a auu t.n.aiia.1 t , ,.l
"Thanhs, atari lha Jinta". In a. .nil I.Un.1,
"A Ihiaraaml Ihai.ka' I" a aaaatal .Iraibrht
fl-an a lalraf hainl," but ll..r Ita laushe.1
Awl Ika aa.l rrl .1 -.1 In I ha atin thai ,ta) .
Awl raka lha J.. If. Inalaa.1 ha;
Pa. Illlb Ink) rhwla.
that In Ihelr air .Twtlea.
Salrarlnt tWi
l.raal Hxai n4h.r tl.iwla.
In... I . . a I. . I.
ath ..'a lha hah SMBA,
MuwlMtlnc light
Trmt lilUa hah ia.ia.
IHwaii ,4 laaa
Tun. In Iba .r air . rwl -.
r al irara
liraal la-waila- aaxlkaf .hai.kt,
abkliaj At all.
LaS ll-!. aatn, m 41.. r Wars
Tia. htl) tail
"!hm yimt Un.ta1 Kiv ianti a shine.
Khliae ) clt laa.U '
Tim had UiwI hit Uat I.. tn w..rk. lait n I hia kail! rltiKt Mr leml
wby ll waa Wh.n mother waa tlitr, how
attest Tll had l-ajjfl (far U. Irl him art Ui aa a
l. l.lwk ll,. i,.,k. u i.l ii,.., .
Mtli aa, Uni ,h. !) ahia.k hrr hcty
ai. I . ' "ka, em l arh.l aa l,.nif Myrni can
C" 'l A l.S a i alaaraal
I ai l i i t.- ll)' it
Hal Ilia haul aurking a. .man ,a.l ,,rr
Uatt Krr tnauth. Ukm a lav.r ami
TW Tun, Ml aCaw m tlw ..rl.. with HMh
laai l4a il ii. al Iwt uiin h mpn.lixl auiU a .f
loUam and In. .Inllar.. rra..vl fi aat uu aa a
Maaa K. a ah.. la arrk h ha.1 in. : it
na .la a ha p. la.. ,.r thrra- iti.t.unara, Imt
o Jtar Ian .lata not . ra..n ,al M him
akin hu l4a M in, .Ulr waa Jninal
(.ava. ahal ah.uM ha .1..' litn w alm.a.1
.laaBra. ami in hia .Inairr l..r a I..1. aakr.1 a
ua mmwm "t ii h- ,..i.l ,i,,r hrr
IVrt,a ah. ha.1 Intl. I..,. hrr
aavl mwlail a rilan,,., f. auaai...r I..,
iU.wl a kul -.,!. , tfccir aakr At M
W. ah. at.MrtH.1 B,
A.4 MY tarrjr; ba t( JTOM aj ,
jra ..Ik ML Ut rlr lhatn. !, ,,r4
M aa, Vfha. Ih.ith, y,m .,f
"a a. K I laaillm yut lilac "
3b ,'W'' I hl a .ha Uv,r
TUl. baH. aa.1 hi. ,.. a Inrn.l ,1 ,,,
Tim trieil to miwer, bat his throat swelled,
anl Uart tilled lii eyei.
There I there ! IWt fret, dear; here " the
houae. Wait at the area, and the cook will let
J"" "' i ah
Sum a pleasant-faced woman opWM the
lower dr and told Tim to ait down by the
bjfe hM lire. The kitchen was full of the odor
Kmc and TOO know how that will make you
hnneTj- long before dinner time. Tim, who had
hailno aouptincc hia mother hail last cooked
their dinner, snuffed the air, and remembered
sadly bow (im! hia mother's soup used to taste.
"Mary,'' called a voice that already sounded
familiar "(five the lxiy a bowl of soup. I can't
DOOM down at once, but here are the ihoWj he
cn eltU them after he has eaten. 1'ut plenty
of bread in his soup, Mary."
"Shure, I was just longing to do it," mut
tered the girl, hastening to till a bowl for Tim.
"Ban I" sue said, "draw up to the table and
Tim ait'Ki hungry to remember his mother's
iimtriictinns as to washing his hands, but he did
imt forgnt Ihiw his head, saying the grace he
had said at every meal since ho lirst began to
apeak: "I thank Thee, dear l.nrd, for this nice
fml; and help us to lie Thy good children, for
Christ's take. '
Mary stood still in astonishment. "That's
the lirst grace in this kitchen,'' she said to her
self, "but I'm bond it shan't lie tho last. I've
letn a forgetful creature."
The soup linithed, Tim polished tho shoes;
mi, Ii in, -e buttoned Units he hail neer handled
before. Just aa ho was giving a hut touch to
them, he heanl some one come in, and saw tho
the lady who hail brought him standing talking
to Mary.
"Thank you; they are very nicely done. But
if yuii get only one customer a day, you'll not
M on mil. Who takes care of you, my boy?
Ir to t.ll me all about yotiraelf. What is
your name V
Mi Mmt'l Tim Titus, ma'am. Nobody
takes care of me nolnnly hut Qod, Mother
aid lb-, I ni v, r fotget me. Mother mother
.linl last " he could not tell of that The lady's
bud was on bit ibooJdtr, and she was drying
Ins tears with her own handkerchief.
"1 re tried Inmt blacking. but I don't lielievc I
OM t .u,,iinli to do. Ilh: ma'am " and the
' A .HI II lunke , ,,U I,
II, m no neat and clean that Mrs. Denny
row hiin close to her, thing him as every
loth.-r knowt how to , ,,, ,.,,...f.,. Da
her heart was trOabUd for him. Truth to toll
she had m. MM t ,,,ari. ur ,,,,,, lm'
lilt M.e ha.1 only rod to the citv,
Md 11 few fe,, then-. What could she ,,
t" help hllll
N. ldeuly M.ry. who had been looking on,
M l, 2ft '',-'' -'i-mlwrinK their conn.
tf Ufa: and Lbo plentv th.-re, nl -"eiid
him t the country."
Mr.. I VniivfarthriKhUne,!. "Why, that's
w'liU.' 'aS
would m Kbsl of )ull ,,,, , , Would yo
Z -ll-tonnlk Ll help ..Lit
"lndre.1 MaarU , . ,
l.r.,.1. i.. . ami lake
-TiT " ,hr,r l""U U" them.
I'li.eawrek is all t.y 1,1 ,
Mary. ,th , ! ' "
-' it Waa arran...! ,1... .
lavkmlh- " , 7 ,n"1"'1 collie
k '"tin i.i.,rnlk.. ,l Mni h..,nvwui,lL,,,,.
in,.,,,,, ,,,,, s (
r::r SsJfeta
autkat'a J.I I I" kiHl in hu
lo leave ,1, .7,kr.;' M1N him
riMM and waik , Vh" "T1 u
m, .be farmer ke.,1 h,m. Z 2J1
T" round
ake.1 for Mr. Ackerman.
Voli.v al
tht y ua
"Ho'sin the barn," said a pleasant looking
girl. "What do you want ?"
"I've a note for him."
"Well, go right over."
Tim delivered his note. Tho farmer read it
and then, without saying a word, went on with
his work. Tim felt rather discouraged, but,
seeing a pair of boots in one corner, set to work
and polished them. ThiB took some time, for
they had never been polished before, I faucy.
Then Tim put up his brushes and Blung his box
on his back ; he had better go back or try
somewhere else. The farmer was just going up
to the loft, but as Tim slung his box, he said ;
"Come here, my boy. You can work ; I see
that. Are you willing to work for a home !"
"Yes, indeed, sir."
"Got any clothes ?"
" Two suits, sir."
"Any money ?"
"One dollar and fifty cents."
"How much time do you expect to have to
fool around ?"
"Can't tell till I try to. do the work."
"The farmer was pleased with the bright,
truthful faco, and said :
"You'll do. Go in the house and tell 'em to
set you to work -chop wood, draw water, do
anything till milking time."
So that was how Tim's boot-blacking ended.
He lives on the farm still, but he is taller than
I am. Mrs. Denny comes out to see her old
friends sometimes, and is always as glad to see
him as any of the rest ; and, next to God, Tim
loves tho lady who let him shine her boots.
Ilo Ltdynrd.
A (iKANii shell race -the oyster.
MiaoOMBTBDCTION making an old woman
HKKFHTKAK and tooth-nieks" are now on rc.
taurant bills of fare.
MM von have A ehmiee t.n hno- t.hp crirls
o - e i
ncvor complain of waisted opportunities.
Amkuii an whiskoy is sixpence "a go" in Im
Ion, but it often goes without the sixpence here.
CYPRtTH moat. Ha ll,,. naeailiaa nf if haj
only one piano, and the girl doesn't play "Tho
Dwewt ny-aiiu-ivy.
Ai Jackson. Texas. A. nlftvar has tlAAn
struck by liuhtniiiu". He thou -lit. it waa a "daiav.
cutter" and grvo it the Bhort-stop.
im weigns shj pounds. He ought to have
been Secretary of the Treasury. It requires a
ponderous key to lock it from thieves.
Kansas Iiah a liml, ..I,....-., f.nn, .....1
a case of yellow lover can't get within ten miles
01 um ntaie. i no victory is always to the
Kk.iit masked roblicrs stopped a railroad
train in tho West the other day. As the train
contained an excursion party of oditors, tho
only loss was a loss of time to the robbers.
An Knglish fashion journal, in reply to a cor
respondent who asks for a "girl's smoking
dress," advises " something snuff-colored,
sleeves m tobotltrt, with plenty of piping."
An amusing circumstance occurred on the ex
cursion trip to Kochoster which waa enjoyed
hugely by the spectators. At one of the sta
tions an elderly, portly lady, amongst others
got on tho tram, having with her a full grown
hoy evidently about elevon years of age. The
mouth of tho hoy .howe.1 a full acquaintance
nib tobacco, and other appearances indicated
the precocious oung American. Just prior to
the ap,K,ranee of Flanagan, the affable con
luctor, the old lady spoko up and said, " Come
'), .got into my tan." this " baby " did,
cuddling down in true baby stylo. The object
as qu.te evujent to tho amuse,! spccUtors who,
in a Utter, w.UkI t. aee what Flanagan would do
iIiImV c Tetor lookedhaby " pretty
. arplyover and then demanded fare of him.
An amusing parley ensued, which finally re-
ls,??h? bt,g retreat, followel by the
laughter of the crowd.