The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, October 01, 1878, Page 36, Image 2

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October, 1878.
W J. T. MfIW.
Tbm u mirth In Iha mighty .
Aid It laughs with happy glew,
As IU loemil.g hill' w. roll and n.r.
Then and Uwir dim on th rockjr ahom.
Whan the Joyful sunlight gaily ahinee
On iu rreatnd with or dunpUd hn,
if um iu putcm aurta bright
11m KM-lauu u( tht infill
Kail genU j on the ijuiet l ,
Thar la Birth In Uia mighty at.
Thar l death in Uia mighty sea.
Whan the howling winds ere free;
As II shrwks In plarrinf . mi louil,
lla bine dqitha a oeaket and a shroud. I - iioall. lla mountain mm,
Thnuaanda i' ,f in m ,t i j grevee.
Away from friends lhal wall in Tain,
I "fins' to (rnal Ika liat again
I 1 a union nrvar to be
Tbara u lUalh in Iha mighty see
mi mi ion I I IS.
T L. f.
Tbri-'s a 1 II) tart )! i. melees, (rowing nvri stiiid
'11 ttrM-t
Whilbci friends with friend, r'rt meeting, evrr
merlin lir.rl ftwl
And what 11.. 1. Barca and fngeful, ralm and
silent mulely meet ;
Neeer greeting, erer meet.
I l.-r, M lrn.h-ra without Iralli. marrhanta with
.ul uuiii H gains .
T.ndar brides hi new mada chambers, where thr
trickling water slain. ;
Where iha gueets (urge! noose, anil .(range, In.
I' lung lUUi reign.
Listening u lance erar reigns.
hl sail paal Oil. rltjr, but theirown.r.
.iirl ha,
And e signals f ttm t.p tree gainst iha gluwmg,
i tiMiaiin sky,
Tailing Iha naglectlal wner thai an .l.
Fut Iha I . . sailing k
llara II,. M ,.rgeU ike laahlona, luindlaaa l
hat en.'w whit draaa ,
All hUH n..w h 0,rl, Irna, ungalhatad lock
and Iraaa
Ne net- natter laoa or hgura, MM , (om
I" 1 aiaaa
1 MM now and Hour . artaa
lUebad ai. all thaw many man.nwa, barred
lIUl door and gala .
Nerrvw all lb. wall, ah,. and the roof.
liana ste and straight .
bat. a.,al met
Kual dwell and e,,uaj ..,, ,
km ere hhmng lw tkeae m ,
t t I. ting fmt at night .
I'.-t.n, m, rwn.a MI ,...
Ihrvatgh Iha twnling light
Mm fw tw Mk mm mm rmUm o.ior.
par. and !.,(.
I'aaUng .ml. i. 11., hltb,
mMA kwaw hu MMM Mn
naugkl M ju.MCT,,
Hw no kaXlord rw. nh w
Ilwalling arar unicti, dwdling on from My
Paying nernr quart)r-dy.
Itackona arer thin Muto city to ita tomrmda liring
To it comrnda laughing loudly, lifting on the
pulung bay ;
Drawing from iU raaaqueradiini ple, whita apec
tret dy by dy :
Apactrei now, men yesterday.
Thua two citiea grow (orr, partexl by a narrow
I In- the shadow, that the substance, growing by
earb other's aide ;
I Hiding one into the other, anil lor tTermore (hall
glide :
Urowing erer side by tide.
ills looks DECEIVED HIM.
He did not luk like a joker. One
to sit and study his face would have
said (hat his soul was lost in melan
choly, and that he didn't care two cents
whether the sun set at noon or staid up
until seven o'clock. He entered the
Indies' waiting-room at the depot,
walked up to a woman whose husband
tied left the room tbout ten minute pre
viouMy, and calmy inquired:
"Madam, your hushand went out to
Me the river, didn't he?"
"Ye. why?" she asked, turning
pale in an instant.
"lie was a tall man, wasn't he?"
"lie was,'' she replied, rising up and
tinning still paler.
"Had red hair?"
"He had ohl what has happened?"
"Weighed about one hundred and
eighty pound?"
uYe yeswhere is he where is
mv husband!" she exclaimed.
"Couldn't swim, could he?"
"He is drowned my hushand is
drowned," she wailed.
"Had a silver watch chain?" con
tinued the man.
"Where is my hbabandwhere is
Ins body ." she gasped.
"Do not be excited, madam. Did
youi husband have on a gray suit"-"
"Yes ;h:my Thomas, my Thomas!"
"And stoga boots?"
"Let me sec him let me see him'"
she cried.
"C ome this way, madam; hut do not
gel evened. There is your hushand
iIk-sHcc peanut stand "
-Whj u-slhafs him; that's my hus
band she exihumcd, joyfully. "I
thoufhtyouuidthst hewMdrowned;"
N", madam, 1 did ,. Raw h
buying icanK. :l ! k.11 ,
duty t,, vi) , v., ,,: I)camits '
-www iiir.
beaithv at tins
season f ,c vcari"
4 J:lT nd ahe stood there
,fter l, :ls if
nienageiic on wheels.
An $STno ntirrffi t u - - -.
, r'nm I" nave
lsn found aCasi:ir.-,k-4- .l. ..
yield ii incr,ng
Cairo, Eg vpt, Aug. 15, 1S7S.
Editok West Shore: The ro
mance and poetry incident to visiting
an oriental city, like Cairo for example,
is fast turning into a plain matter of
fact prose. One meets so many Euro
peans and Americans on every street
and at almost every turn, he feels con
vinced of the fact that the oriental ele
ment is rapidly deteriorating and giv
ing place to the persistent inroads of
modern innovations. This city is
neither altogether ancient nor quite
modem; it is neither Pharonic, Bedouin
nor yet Turkish. The Boreal, the
Austral, the Oriental and the Occiden
tal, typifying the ends of the earth,
come together here in strange and most
fantastic contrast. While many of the
little towns along the upper Nile are
excessively Egyptian, Cairo is surely
donning a complete cosmopolitan out
lit. Veritable cigar stands, barefooted
boot-blacks and yelling news-boys help
amazingly towards beguiling the tour
ist into the pleasant belief that he is
walking the streets of San Francisco.
New York, Liverpool or London.
One of the first aims of a newly ar
rived traveler is to get a sitrht of the
city and its surroundings from the cita
del, the point from which the artist has
taken our faithful illustration. Look
ing towards the east from this stand
point, the eye takes in an arid land
scape of monotonous hue. Even the
gloomy buildings take upon themselves
the color of the sandy wastes that com
prehend the intermediate spaces. From
the verge of the burning horizon to a
point within several miles of the city,
not so much as a leaf of vegetation can
be descried. Nearer at hand, how
ever, the Obelisks of Heliopoles, mag
nificent Mosques, airy Minarets and the
Sepulchres of the Caliphs come into
welcome view.
The above mentioned Senulchres are
situated in a cemeterv hplnno-;r,
suburb of the city called Bcladcensen.
Looking southeasterly, ugly sandhills
and dilapidated mounds in strange
WMWOn meet the eye. Towards the
south is even a grander scene of deso
Wton, If so we might use the term. In
tN blue distance aonear th.
- . I ill'
" the I pper Egypt and a wide ex-
"Hie.,, indistinct view of the Laid.
Immediately toward, the west and
Have a full view of