The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, September 01, 1878, Page 25, Image 25

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    September, 1878.
Palousb County Grain Yield.
Mr, Travels, of Rosalie, W. T., who
runs a thresher in the Paloute eountrv,
savs that from one field he thrc-hctl
eighty-six hushcls of barley per acre;
another field of 60 acres yielded four
thousand four hundred and forty hush
els. The general average of wheat
has been thirty-five bushels per acre,
whilst in one instance the average was
fifty bushels. A field of oats on Tine
Creek yielded sixty-four hushels pel
A Boston man has a vest that Fanny
Fern made with her own hands, and
we will bet a hundred dollars that it
never did and never will lit any man in
this wide, wide world; that they can't
tell by its shape whether it was origin
ally made for a fat woman or a lean
man for a man with a sway hack, or a
man with a hump on his hack like a
camel. Woman heaven hless her!
is the light of our homes; hut when the
tries to make a man's vest the angels
weep: and when she makes a pair of
pantaloons for him the immortal godl
just hold their sides and run away out
into the woods and roll on the grass
and howl.
, , -
A Model 1 otbl. The Chemelceta,
at Salem, is one of the institutions the
capitol city may well feel proud of.
Mr. S. P. Mathews, the genial pro
prietor, has during the past month en
tirely repainted and refitted the house,
making it equal, in all its appoint
ments, to any hotel north of San Fran
CisCO. The parlor- ale, with hut one
exception, the handsomest of any hotel
on the Pacific Coast. The beautiful
aipiariutn and odorous plant-, aitistie-
ally arranged, add .greatly to give the
house a homelike appearance. Ml.
Mathews deserves liheral patronage
lor his untiring efforts to supply the
public with pleasant quarters.
NEARLY two hundred thousand eases
of salmon were shipped from the
Columbia River up to September jth,
whilst British Columl oly shipped
eleven thousand eijjht hundred
Rogue River, thirteen hundred cases,
nnd Sacramento River, twenty-two
thousand two hundred and sixty-lour
Tin-: IIomi. (ii, an eight page
illustrated paper, published at oa ( hann-
coy -street, Boston, Mass., is en inter
esting publication. Our readers would
do well to send for a specimen copy
awl judge for themselves.
A New Industry. Wire cloth and
sieves of a superior quality arc now
being nianufactuerd in Albany by Mr.
John Brush, who competes success
fully, even in price, with eastern and
San Francisco work of that kind.
These arc the Hist wire winks in this
State and we hope that our people need
ing anything in that line will give this
home enterprise the preference.
Fall importations, J, F. 1).
Wrinkle, of the linn of Wrinkle ,:
Co., has just returned from San Fran
ciseo, where he has been, in order to
have personal supervision for shipping
their large stock of fashionable dry
goods for fall and winter wear. Peo
ple living in the country, who are im-
able to visit their establishment, will he
furnished with samples h mail on
sending their address.
E. J. Northrup, of the late linn of
Northrup and Thompson, has opened
out a large stock of coach, carriage and
wagon material, on the corner of Flraf
and Main streets, in the new building
erected especially for him, where a
new, fresh and complete assortment of
goods in this line can he found. Ad
dress orders E. J. Northrup .V Co.,
Portland, ' Oregon.
The he -J Photographs, lor the least
money at Abell's Gallery, First street
between Morrison and Yamhill,
Importer! sad WboImbIs Dsaten in
Notions, Toys, Etc.,
Nos. 75 Front and 7C First, Portland, Or.
A'lKNrs nut
fblty'i Qold PtM ana Praoflts, ''urw Putts,
OoIkiU'i hiuii, WmUnholm'i Olcbrauu
1 uUtry.Monuol Rooki and Toyi, Ym
fcw N'llluli,.
I m M.rt u 11 1 ISSSTOVSaUSjS Imvn huHy Imn
SailS I"
Ihc St rin way Piano
IfSfelnill N"W mm. i rf , 1 ii.uri ..r. l ull
mi l -i n 11 m id.' Agant'a OBVs,
ALBKSrt innisi 11.
Tltlnl Si'l, l4f hivlol
AImi. AkmiI fur llm iwltbmUd KIIKN'i II
1 II Mil II I NO,
H Dayton & Hall, F
OwUn and Import, la I .
Sporting Goods H
and Scroll Saws, wmM
im sites & co.,
Wlioltmnlti ami It, lull
167 First Street,
Bet. Morrison & Yamhill,
WE WARN A Ht'l'ri VI, TV ok PURI ,
lull tv.-lulil k.x.iIh, itll.l li,iv III ill) HQVtf.
iii'M iii hiiii h nut kiii hv other nam,
Ouuolrjr urdnra otlelMd mni win pi mini i
ihi' l.m i'.i murki't ntii'a mi l snlUi.'ilnii viiurnii
leu I,
Psmwa pmdnes bentbl ,ntiriniit or K.iiii on
1 1 n I -mi on .
L). W. HKENTlCii H CO,
0 hri Aasni fur lite rjnrlvattd
Ami 1 Mtbnutd
Standard. Oreano,
'Vi i,, itt, forriton and VtMHktll.
Portland, Or.
UW llnmilwny. 1 M kniy Ml.,
Nrw Yuik. .v.,,, si i.,'U,
H. Ackerman & Co.,
Glass and Platod Waro,
Clocks and Bronos
Wood and Willow Waro,
Oils, Lamps, and
Lamp Stock,
No, ti mid s North Frofel St.,
'urllniiil, Orrimi
J. K. GILL & CO.,
vketssats bsmI RcuMi
AX1I s i V I HIM lis.
Kullol ami Ih .i NiiM'k ill Hlillmirr, 111 Oragi n.
107 niurr mm. roiuAnu, oa.
'r. Iral m4 T) Imr Ml.. I'orOaixl, or.