The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, September 01, 1878, Page 18, Image 18

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September, 1878.
Mm a alia aaat llalana Wl.
SI.. VUU .11 : -I- Ml aMI.-.d
71 j I a m44n4 mum' a
At4 taaa'llM'al Imul ail .Ira,,
M i.4 li'H Ul aha 'I .
Mm rait Umm l.a la taaar
Ala i"0 'I llltl!!. I" lit lata
Ma a.ra -4 haatritlp ..I.e.
We in jftti'ira. In linr a-4Uart Luna.
"Ml lUiim la II lial f
a mil.
Ia.iii aha llaUaha f-ailat. ,ra. li
i,. .-4.U-m avaa ml aOM
.tat lllaw. ImiI ..-, fllra
M'Ma 14.IU1 lliatiM'ifa
Mm i.i .it al MM" ' l" 1 ' ,"' IUU
Ami lain afa tualU.f alua .
t.4 allli a atari llial atmla liar itiair
llal.1 I -411.1 ... ami '"'.
aWfJM I" IIm laiulm, ami a. Hi i4ia
M4 al.ltll than an) Igla a
Mm a. ,, Hi lathi.!.,.,
"Aatfaala.. la tiali, I. ..I. r
I am all ralitif , all. I una liltlT cold morning,
Ira ill) a Mgft I lirittuna, hi tlutyr.r I s
I aal aa utual al in) .Irak tin- hop '
ntanuai ripL I . duly ui lli-l tu rominc,
main ul llwm ilraullory ami utiatit, hed,
ilaliaiil mI a i 1 . . r . . ilivnraivg ul grammar, .ml
ailhuiithrr la.'llililtlg, mil, WaaiHir
aiillr-n ,.u thr aolUaal MM HaU i n-ln l white
MHMi iii i hilillah lady , hand, mi line, a lin h
haul BOM atiltilly allci wanla It a. a a
lillli aUMv ul tin gn-.l liu-mry nn ril. hut tlurr
aaa an u.iiiia ul youth ami tan tiu-aa in mn
II i . TbM m piMMM "I H H llkn til)'
lllit in Ida aa) I hi- auu had riavil oll.lllli'
lay, mi imiimi, iitji.. nl aiinaliinr anil
ai nilh, Iml nn muff I .ti t it a il I
hail lorn heal hr -ul ,, a rm, hrii.
Itt.i atmittsl Itiitr , iaf nm,,,., lull i,
IU tali
.. (li. . , ,Mt, r) m
li it ...I a.. I I .. ,., a,,,,!,!,,,- II Ul aal.ll km II ,11. . ,i, I
" 1 '" I" 1 1 ' I- M.I ..t It , a4
It ......II II, I, I ul I ., ll,, ,,.,,., l.,k.,,r ,,
' hill. i.ulMi) ,a,ai
MM all MlUat. .Ma, a. , .aui
hi MM tat mI li,.at ami aijjiialiirr. The
1 .1,11.' nl thr li. ,1. al a liai ua.l ....I I..
. iifiuiat UN 1 1, .t li.. t Iharr a. tl. Wllr
NtMMtH MM ynuili alaiut it
I I" M II a liu Umr in tut lian.l I wn mi
I.I mat a all tenia ak-.i. .tlia..
MaMMagMM. bM Wy hrrt it MHUM than
my aM.a.n.. I ,ttj, .ti.t.lUi,..,,. , WHr (
11". It .in the tatt I I.. I.I t
a a ailh nn MM ltllli(i nl intrrratt that I
M tluatt mi. aiMl, nty Miaarrltt llir nut. I
tvttimt.1 tha ititima rt,t, Ut I .mt. ,-.,!,
M..I WtnMy g.,r H M M 1mm MM m
I . that, ,,. , ,i, , . ,, iilv
Jh. ),l .i., .M, ,,,, , ,U(XJ
" that ,.rnt ..,
nMi( .lma. Iml, rtVMd ,., , ,.rttr.
m I .aula. ..., h. . ,t lu.jln I. ,r
4a I .Maaar.! Ih. a ... ,., f ,
M nktai My m.t, Th, .,,,1. .,.,
1 U..MH.UJ... hfcU ujj l.J
IfcMitJ.., fcMl.ta, I.. I ........ .,:,, ,, .
MM.h..r,.B ,h.M. (a,.,, uUtr
.-t.l .,.,., . ,., ,. ,.u lthxuFm Ul m
L,1.? 1l,u,'" . t
.1 ... I.h.1,1 bra, man .,, '
W.U. U.M. k.,. Ml On-Aahl. ,.( U.r
l. MM) M) h.M.a. I,., U ''"
.. MtMlM alUl.Mxl. ' rH"'! U'
I bmnd Mad dMigfaUd, both at the an
tii it...n ..I i.liMuri! U. irome, ainl f privation
i .I,, Ural inn.- -I . uiKiilrralilf ircoiit annoy
mic. I MMd BCt ay I a MM a l.achiilor.
Wh. n it anil iii atair.-. aftrr ilmner, we louml
tl..- (iiIiIiiik tliM.ra ahull ilivideil the front from
ilm WL lot.iu olMtd .
Pbtn itm. opttwd ttUt kWhlM. I he I Mitt.
MMbymM xt n- Ktngi Mtd a tree of the mott
briUuvnt iplwidot w rtrMaUdj mi ItsbrMiobM
am- Iiiiiik ijifta. Wiirketl anil MnbfoidMM ly
tin' obildlW for their parent". The three little
Kirla .ml their gnveriieaa hail .lone it all.
Whilom; fnnd ami bit wit were embrao
bafMid UMnking tin- ohUdrwi, I had time to
totiM tin' lormuM Slje wu very young, ll
mint ebUd h. rai lf. A M "f hrivjlit hair
u (..tlii rt il up in (,' waves at each ni.leof
In r In ul. ami IMtld in a I (MM thick loop he
bittd. The bright Otlril were no UlaUlgtd an to
nu ll I lie car. The ear ami check were, I
.1 hi rather any they are, like thOM Paintad
bt I i.M'.ii in Ilia Piiottr'l lliiueynioon."
Nn . I I m) mort "i tin ir ritriibuig IovUom!
Hut tin- i.rt tty bhal IjrM lookad an if they cried
.i h'ri-.t ileal, ami there hail heen recent team,
tot the ytiidl were aumewhat iVolUn. iSho
a.. DOt Had, however, for kIic jilayeil on the
piMM fur the ohildrMI ami fur mi, their oltl
tjoilf.lher, to ilance to, ami nhc jnineil with lot
in a gMM of liliml man . bsK When thechihl
m li Viii'il, "he ri tircil alao.
" What ohMmina ptnoOi" I Mid.
" Shr i in. 1. 1 evi i Hi nt, ' aanl my frieml.
' lUthowrh ahe . an yotirig, ,jih is the
hrcail ir,ivnler tti lu r family. Her father ami
in. it her li.iM-, KaMrdina tu the cant phrase,
n n L iter oa"t hi f.ct, they are (uuiple of
I birth, .ml DAM bad aunil fortune. Tlioy
Inn. .ml DMUjbtaTI the .tin is a line fel
Ml IMM, Itiith the too ami daughter givl the
MMMM pMttd lluir caniiiia to Weir pure. its;
hut thr MM haa iml bM very fnrttinate. My lit
til ..i.iiii... ibe ii oaly if (mvohildranMeaa
i "Mag tliey OB imt raqolri a prUB rt'Ki.lar Kuv
Mill " iloM mora with her Mlirv madiiitwa in. il
k tbu in i brotbor bm do with hit bud work.
II' 11 oleri in a
"Ami "in' aal no hint J-... auppuac."
I .lartt MM ahe dOM, Imt I bave never 111-
'I" I. ' -r alie ta full gj reticence ami reacrve
... tlieae ,a,i,,u. I only know .he mold M
up .11 light, .ml work like a boM all ilav, to
In lp IniUi her pan .... ami .r limtlu r. Shu i.
! '" m"rr..w; ami bo, f,.ar, VMtml
allurtl the ,'....r ,. jiiurney. ril, .mnni
ine mm iii MntUmL
"OmM wo wot help bim f I .,,,1 bMbfolly,
M J. I'"th brother ami a.atur
MMI t hriatina. at I
My Md (..rim,, thn w a OoddMjIW
in. with m friend'i 0TeneM. Mwt I uy
(j...,, that OUgMj m i wu Ut.M,r
TV t..ll'.,nl( wen- MMd, Mi
' "" 1 '""""AK .. wbiob 1..11..WC.I we
MM .,,., VU H mm Mkd a Dope ,y
lilf l.aa now MiU.rr.l ! 1
. . Iml,. .uhnrin !,
e. ry niii,,u, ,,,
' Mt M 'HI l. . -v.,r a. ...
'-At. MI.I thr I.,lr, t .
" ii" ,., inv M..I., I luil l,.ppvlr
In. 1 .11 """ ""' "Irtl nn
thai.,..,,,, Taourth,,,. v.J
'T ' "'1' ''avelwiiUUe.
.net, MWrM el. .y. pi.,,,,,, ,
h "Urn put. hrr Irlnatv .lr,,.i:.M.
"" I "'I Ul.. k' a (,.,, j , , " , "
Wl... U. .tan.1 .... .. .. i" ' lU' Ull
ami I leavr
m) i tutorial
I. Ilkr rtaa I. , j Ul , ,
t Ii tl,..,..
MMet white li.iult
tilt ( .
A I kl up n, Immj the nun, . .,
It iu .Ir.,.,. . '""'I'lni.'
an. iU ., ..l ... I- . .art ieaa
lar an.l .),
l'.jt inv 1 1
ov anil... .. .
script from the youthful writer who had sent
me no more, was recalled to me.
Unconsciously the manuscript I held laded
from my mind, ad the other was present with
me. Wondered what had become of her; had
she written any more, where and how was
Every moment 1 became more and more pos
sessed with the memory. I was so happy my
self that I felt for all who seemed to have care
and straggle in their lives, I looked out the ad
dress to which I had written before, and wrote
to the unknown a few lines. I said that timo
had passed, that the youthful inexperience
which had prevented the paper she had sent
(rom lx:inj! accepted, must now be corrected,
ami that I should be "lad and willing to see
enything else she had written, if she had writ
ten anything since then.
Within a few days I had an answer. The
writing was in u feigned haml, quite unlike tho
round, hesitating, girlish haml I remembered.
The words were, however, as sweet and inno
cent as the lirst had been. The noto ran as
"It is gootl of you to remember me, hut I do
nut write any more. I am so happy. I have a
go .1, noble husband. Oh, these womanly ex
aggerations, 1 thought, as 1 Bat in my editorial
chair. Ami such darling babies! I wrote, for
I wanted to help my dear ones, but they bave
been better helped by others than I could ever
have hoped to help them, (iod has given them
a li.ti.-r friend than I could be. If you seek to
know me, you shall do so. If when you go
home you see a woman with a rose in her hand,
bold out yours. You will know me."
I smiled at the romantic fervor of this reply,
and a faint desire arose that my wife and the
writer of the letters should know each other,
and then I went on with my sttipifying avoca
tions. As I went home, I confess I looked about for
a woman with a rose in her hand, but, as
Blight naturally be supposed, neither in cabs
pot omuibuea did such an apparition manifest
As I entered my own door I gave an impa
tient shrug at the idea nf having been the sub
)eot of a loutish jest. Hut whom did 1 see
standing within the threshold of my home?
My darBng, with her fair, child-like faco and
bright hair; love, ami joy, and youth crowning
her with a triple crown, ami in her hand was a
rose !
"I'tar husband," ho said, as I kissed her,
1 think I loved you from the moment I had
o..r kind, indulgent, thoughtful note. 1 had
written that ebenrd little try for 1 sadly
MMted a Utile money to pay for Herald's re
urn ho. at Christmas, to lie with papa and
nd I had a foolish notion f could
w nlv.
"And yon were disappointed my pet. What
aange 1 must have seemed I"
"N0 I f, It how foolish I had been, and I
al I n sai ' V'1,', t",,,!ht"" K..l and kind
w lT "' Qjeld got home, too, and
"cl uda lmppyi hnstmas after all "
I KlHHIll irf.
ins'! "" "lv,'r,K"'K to write a etory for
iu uia-'a o. a., -ui, J
I do ,,t know," she uirl amM.
ours, il y,u lilt.:. " tiny.
while, ynu can write
Mat 'ilirr.
fharS I v wich7r"f0rw Crti,i
't'latiiin. TheUstiuitni.l n"gl 6t
''mplimenUrv tha T Pf"Vl" 10 bo moro
lift w. y L ,'" ' expected.
nU&k. astonish-
Ph M IMMthlrtl to do viinl ii ', ,WT 4 yU
MAdatkmr )"urself on Mat recom-
'uZtllM '"".ggexl to
-.UMoptW,.,, u,. Zn.