The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, September 01, 1878, Page 16, Image 16

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    September, 1878.
It iffMn tut tii- aalmon on th cuaat are
timni Ui U tlrke. I7 f align either ulenti
rJ at iery like thr huh h proved irn
Uul i i dunn,; the but year. At a
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in Mfr, Ik hie-t mln.loced tiy Mr J.
I' Mun, one of our l.iret i-J m) rolngula.
y.iaui ha.1 been ulxnitu.l t. Mr. Mrr by
thr liiM iMjuiNiiili lir wil the dlrr,
lh"nh rwenlly HoUred here, liu long l-en
kn"i. IB I .1 " and f ally ilearnlwd
Th ijiHMi it rauei h fungua, at lrt ao
In I at peraenl, which tint i-gin. in thr
form 4 a delicate, n-ah like maaa of armi tram
rent. r line thread, rrarmhhng a Mli
I) lglh rithrf upou the head, gill., xaln,
or, aa oval oianmunl) u thr r in ) cuing ti.h,
poa th urtiUlnal en T'l It arrm f-tally to
peeler the eg,- m ita attack, and for rraeom that
ill ba akova At ita tint tppaaran an n
amtnati'-it aith the niirnaa-ope hiiwt tin. mau
V' b ma. I' up uf thread Three in
law ta)e frmn eij;ht to ten. un rea in length
at el out at timet Three are
rial. ahai-l an I are tilled with pr..ti.nljin
Hina the -'.JII1 areliia to lirrk Ul an I '.IHI
aatm an,r. aithm thr . lib h.p.-.l
tab. Theae )ou m ill obaerir Ulnlrr thr
arofa At the lass 4 three luh til.
Mala ma) often l aren ihorter a. put Ida
menu, hearing . thru eumunta aglohular maaa
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nail realms ..,e F.tlhrr .i..rr., ,,r ,, .t
uujapum ma) germinate. th..uih tha latter an intended Ui J) the prm.ip.l
art. end aene to . air nrr the ijieriri It n.
new .. n In another, aa their name indiratra
Wethg afea Till .haw n klioan if, tna
lUMB a the autj. ! at
tkrk, oai i.ira ,lifl. r greatU fi
laaanli I a oiler that name ft tu, ka not
.! aeleva.. bat alan trout rarp, gold HaJi, t
rat 4 nah. m.JUaka. Utra. hiana, atx'.
w heawtar Uwra are anumla, or ahennrr thr
. irreaUti.w. fnaai a) . auae. ta Weak, Bad thr
aatnUaa ..mar.turt,ll, aloa, the atta. a ll moat
likal) tj. Iwgin Ki ineUn.r, the akin of
tialaaa. -I m a at. r i. t aril ratcl, in
aarai Ike u rhabgot, lr.nn a In
at . allayk In h water, the lr..m-hial
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I a aa) he the brat ,- -111 1 of atta. k TV ar
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maliln i In Ikw .leirl. jeneeit ,4 ihe .liaeaar
Ka ! hah unlluaka iri an. h at. r r, i,,,,,,
iM .ai aa th,) ,lo, are ttxal fa.ralje a.
"ace lei.l..,J ilraaUreailiit lmia.lne.
Iraaa a atuanal t.. au. the, , Health, an. I there
.le.el.1. lUtlf Thi ,ao U ..,.u,,u,l , I,,
Ik (l that it take .,, ,th ltm.i nimA
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aaal. uatil the ki., th, ,,aee
naa .aaae aa alUrata. in the i,,.rm
ll ma i! u mfrr.l i. ... .l.
aatar a Ik. f.afua that aarmth a ill tetl t
ha-U. .1 . t. maturu, U . . .. ,
mtm akaih- wf, .nlr,i mZZai
m tavaka. aiUia.n. M Ike, U.K m ,
(eaa-a auUUn... mak. htUu le.l,a tAtn
Um Mmm. Ikaatk Inaa Ihi. tJLTZ
WLaaalt fnaa Ike refeU of jwoejet
reai. ratio. I., Ji.iertot Ike (,11a a in the aaaa
1, .T' ' V" -. a t,..
" tl1 ak,t lime. 4 !,
ll micit ka ialerJ .hat I k..
M tkat turn a.-aU k, auhvt to ,hu '
r,."" aaattk.mauflk, rJMI
'MLiil!"! " Hi tal ktka .
J tfaal . Clalil) i)
'raavk uaa an m.x.l t. i .a
WaU,ha., t,
a I roaa, llaat llkoa, anj ou,.
Otmnoam r Uonnati Runs. Dr. R-
J. Marin lately lummol up in a MriM of aplmr
iimi the fumlamcntal r.,uilition (0 1 oluerveil
in iimatructioii of lightning Nttf. Vft lelcct a
few nf the miat important from the I'npuhr
Srirmff Mnntlilii. Tha main itflin of a copper
lightning coinliictor ahoiilil never lie le than
four tenth of an iin h cliametiT. Thi dimen
an.n i not luflii ient for a Imihling more than
Ml feet high, (lalvanizeil iron may he lined
initeail of i-op r, hut then the diameter miiHt
lie greater iii the ratio of ti, 7 to 'J. fi, the con
ducting . .-ity of iron living to that of cupper
aa M to 77i A gahanij'd iron rope OOfiductof
houl'l never la? leaa than eight tentliH nf an
in. h .Inimi U r; a galvamwil iron atrip nhoiild lie
four in. hra wnle ami one eighth of an inch
thnk. A lightning nnl minit lie continnoim
an. I inihrokin from end to end. A rod need
not he attached to a hilililiug hy inaulatcil
aateniuga; metal clamp may he aafely em
ployed, provided the rod lie of good conducting
ciacity ami utherwiMi ellicient. AIbivu the
IM MM terinnnite in metal puuta, well pro
jivliil into the air. Tbaajl miiitH -ho iM he
multiple ami jtcrfectly aliarp. The lkitt f
IM . on. Iin tor miiat he carried down into the
earth ami la- connected with it hy a aurfaee
contact nf large extent. All large' III.'!--, s nt
MWl in a hinl. ling ihould bl metallically con
nrcted with the lightning rod, except when
Ita . in hahle to H. occupied hy miii1u during
a thuinh i torin; an iron halcuny, for iimtance.
Ill audi coer. it la la tter lint l have the iron
nne. te.l Hith lh BdaetOr, for there iaaninc
nek uf peraoui Umling on the halcony liirniah
nig a iath lor the lightning to the rial.
liu. him. BlLKWOKatl Kmkaiiiu.inakv. -An
i itraor.liiurv ataleini iit la inaile hy (folia
Mf nr . that M. huclaux, l'rofeaaor of Sci
rneea at ,yi, ),, ,l,inered a iiicIIukI f
ht. lung ailkuorm egg, , a will. If, when the
egg. are not Mm th in twu or three day old
the, are ruhla.,1 with a hriiah, auhjccteil to the
t" ' l-lne.ty. .Iip, for half a minute
''"ii. nitrated Milphui,, ,a. ,.. r ohlorohvdrk
nitric, acetic, or tartaric acid, they will 'hatch
ut, .ml, aa lh. ii,a-rry i in full leaf two
jNfi of ,,.. in ti .,i,Uin,, , m a0B
n.n,.,..,, lor. Ie ae.,. , ,,.r ,.,.,,
I- lahr I. Mldtula-cipiallvelh.-acinu. T,e
aoriiK In. in the .. 1..1..1.:
. K are aanl to
1- than tl,... , t rdinarv
inaumr lr
Tur kin.. Um.. ... ...
W "N.iam ft Mark.
........ . .ireae I )..- Kngineerillg
a.Hlt..rge I (Wrker, l'roe,,r h.. '
1 '"'""t "I IViiimlvani,,, fhht r
l-rtm the MtUtkk ,., .'Via. ,, ,'
tl'inrnd, t uv t Lt h.. l. .. . 1 . .
'" ...I-..U, think ... .ml w h.t th " ,1
thllatal-.H. ..a. ll .
... . ... ., , . , M,r.,n
-rao ( f.t. ,.., , "...";. 1,1
t aaia, r,iH W,a. As ll(. , ,
Ua.lan.uuxtr,tr,l u, .V. J, "'
- I l.. iron . I. " r . anicll Jllilti-a
remraal. e ,ti, .,... -in
MMaajfckta it aaat.ll CT1 ."""em)- Uw
an r.lra.vr.liu,, hnlnr. '
lata 1., I'arkrr I ... ' y. I'arkrr.
m I tell lie,,,,. I", , , It up ;
In the proceedings of the Fifth Annual Con
vention of the .Millers' National Association,
held in Indianapolis, in May last, there appears
a valuahle report on mill machinery, prepared
hy Mr. Joseph P. lent, of Indiana. Among
the practical suggestion given are several re
lating to millstones, In selecting a stone, Mr.
(lent counsels preference for a medium stone in
every particular, not too porous or open, and
neither extremely hard nor soft. If a close
stonu is desired, one should he selected that has
every hlock close alike ; if an open stone is pre
ferred, the same rule should govern, but in no
case should a stone he chosen in which the
openings or pi I .us parts exceed one-tenth of
the whole face.
As regards dress, one in which every furrow
runs to the eye, is preferred for high grinding,
and in no case is a dress advisable which makes
less than every other furrow a leading furrow.
For moat kinds of wheat grown in the north
west, furrows should he eight-sixteenths inch
deep at the eye, and one-sixteenth to three
thiity -seconds deep at the skirt. They should
be wide enough to insure perfectly cool grind
ing, and to discharge the chop free and round.
With stones grinding on winter wheat, the fur
rows required are equal to very nearly two
thirds of the entire surface of the stone. Draught
can only he decided upon when the dress to bo
put in, thu amount of grain to lie ground per
hour, ami the speed and diameter of burrs, and
quality of stone are considered. Mr. Gent
Mutes that, with a medium close stone, four
feet in diameter, at a speed of 130 revolutions
per minute, to grind live and a half to nine
buihell per hour, every furrow leading to the
eye, three and a half inches would give probably
a Satisfactory result.
If the old fashioned stone, with small eye, is
used, the eye blocks should be kept a little
below the face of the stone; or, in other words,
alter applying the redstalV, it should touch the
w hole face of the stone, but show heaviest at
the skirl, not in spots, hut all the way around.
If a stone, while grinding the proper amount of
w heat runs hot and glazes, the trouble is not
enough furrow. The stone should, therefore,
lie taken up, and the furrow widened, until the
proper amount is ground cool.
RoiMAj fmnumt i;K, ,;1ES., Th(ge who
;ire labonna to . an .. . i
,i , " ..... petroleum riches m
the southern oountie., will be interested U. read
'I'"1 whioh liussja is doing in the
-.neiliicc,,,,,,. A I'cnnsylvanian.wbotto
' , ; ,'l' n "''y; -tl,i.-k the developed
l territory as they were at Petroleum Center
MNpahny ay. He y. 0?e W.U ZXSi
in m , , , t"n. t t-c rate of
. ii ".oiig irom ner is as larce
Ik run; s ,, stream of oil free from
ga. am tr..t . f......i . .. u" irom
, ,,, " "l" "'- air to a hight of
' '" He say. them is allowed hi How
z;::: ''-mtelMte
I n ml tri, '."i aml w'u,tcf,,1 m""-
arU with wh.rl, ',7 , 'f' lon- uPn
nch a, IV nnl ., ,. '"a lU'8,an 01 field "
from, mark,, x." m biil W'! ' U
cat-, f the ga'a ,,,, ;;""U,Ubout
hn h rajMh s, S 1 t,lc ,I!,"in canals
ra.lro.,1 , ,, It,? ' "Ut 400 mil" f
inan ami h . 1' "-Ite. the Caa
''very Fur, ,' ' , , W,11In,t " thin reach
dowm, wine , , .' A ,MIT llne ld be laid
- .uch .:itt -''toth. Black
print, book abo4owN-S