The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, July 01, 1877, Page 211, Image 23

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The latest notes of the progress of the Pari
universal exposition of 187$ we find in the
Polytechnic Review, translate.! from a French
paper: While the East is aflame with the furies
of war, France steadily continues in preparing
the pacific work which is Intended to render
illustrious the year IS7S. The work of the BX
position advances with rapid strides. The Tro
eadero, despite the delay caused by ton lightly
conceived plans, has risen above the tirt story;
in six weeks the general OOtnmitel Otter, whose
energy has repaired the error of hii lieutenants,
will have all the Hour timber and rafter in
position; the inm framing has been accorded to
the house of ,loly, of ArgenteulL
In the Champ de Mare, the great work of the
four pavilions at the angle is finished; the
ante U true of the palace of Roe arte, which is
to occupy the center position. The COntfttCt
ProfeatOT S. P, Sharpies, the State Assayerof
Massachusetts, is making nine analyses of arti
cles of food, tthtoh are resulting in interesting
disclosures. Package coffee has engaged his
attention, hut lie has found very few tnuvs of
the berry itsell. The follow ing are some of the
results of his examination;
"Ray ward and Co. French breakfast collce,"
the InM of which sets forth that only three
quarter! as much of it need be used a" would he
required if ordinary Coffee was employed, is
found to contain no eotlee at all, but to be
made of green ias, burned inolassts and "an
occasional grain of rye."
A package of "Pare rotated and ground
t'ape coffee wai found to be made wholly of
peae and nutsneu, toe latter Boating when the
mixture wsj put into water.
I A pMlugeof "KimhaU'aflntqotttity aloeb.
the grains. lurc coffee will float and scarce! y
color the w ater, lieans and chiecory sink to the
bottom. Cbiooory colors the water at once.
Wans more slowly. Test the part that Hosts
ly chewing it- ( oltce will thus ne recognizee
by its taste. Nut shells, which also Hoat, arc
j hard and brittle. A species of nut which has
! lately come into use strongly resembles coffee
I when ground up. by floating on the water as
well as by its Idling between the teeth; bntthe
difference can easily be detected, bocauae the
adulterating ingredient is nearly tasteless. Af
ter ubjecting UM suspected article to the above
teat spread some of it on a sheet of iapcr and
examine it carefully for grains of rye, oats and
peas. The pea ingredient will frequently be
found in pieces one-eighth the sie of a pea and
I the rye in hall grains. I hiccory is tough when
lakct'i Mweeli the teeth nnd has a bitter taste,
different from the bitter i f coffee.
' Another article which has been looked into is
We give on this page a tine engraving of n
imported Norman stallion. This valuable
breed of heavy horses has bum Wfore our coast
farmers for several years, and the result from
breeding them upon the common stock has
greatly improved the work horses in some parts
of the State. The Norman horse is of noble
origin, and in connection with the Clydesdale
and English draft horse has ;ueomplished the
improvement of itock to which we have alluded.
The breeders of the Normans claim for their
valuable animals a share in the success which
the French armies won under Napoleon Nona-
parte, We Rnd the following in a book upon
the Norman hone; "Never in the world were
horses called upon to endure such hanMiips a.
were the horses in NajKileon's army. No other
horses in the world but Norman French horses
would have taken Napoleon's artillery and linn.
gage across the Alps at the time that he
iut. e ivo uhiihi il is auuuai iiicrcmoio to lK'
lieve thai any of them could have ever cot Iwrk
to French soil again. The faot that there can
not Ik! found anywhere in the world another
family of horses all hiscssing the same general
form, w ith such great power of transmit t inn to
tlieir iirogeu) all their characteristic, is proof
enough that they arc a pure and distinct breed,
the result of hundreds of years of careful breed
ing, The native horses of every other country
in the World except Normandy, so far an Wo
have a knowledge of them, are universally
small horses."
ira 'chared with the metallic covering, the
house of UaU. Oreutot, the factory of Fivus-
Lillo, MM. Biffel et Cie. hare crated their
trestle work and their rolling lOaffoldi. These
four houses arc supjriutcn ling the oonttruotlon
of the four great galleries which unite two and
two the pavUlont at the angle) their framing
and platform are mounted on woe ill and placed
on car tracks so tint they can In readily moved
alotis as the w rk progresses. Beside this
work, all the underground water and ga pqwa,
ventilating Huns, etc , are in poeltttttt,
"The question of the bridge of Jena has been
settled very simply by an enlargement obtained
by the help of metallic brackets; the execution
of this work is intrusted to the home of Joly,
as is also the construction of the bridges at the
iviliy ami wrsay w.iiirm.i. or; ri'v mimw
tion reiirns in the timber yard, and it is well
that it is so, for it is absolutely necessary that
the work should be pushed forward as rapidly
as possible, for it is already feared that the
buildings now under way w ill In IntufAoMOt to
accomm date all requirements. For group six
(implements and products of the mechanic in
dustries) a covered annex of 33,000 meters in
length has been constructed on Boordonnall
avenue on the tunk of the Seine, ami on the
Billy wharf. These constructions should effect
nally silence those who have be0 constantly
predicting the 000 completion of the buildings
in time for the opening of the exhibition. The
eople have responded most enthusiastically to
the apical of the government. The demand
for ipace, in the French section, not comprising
the fine arts and agriculture, exceeds .'li.iKNl,
and in group before referred to, exceeds
ll'J,000 meters, of which the administration can
supply but 8&000, which w ill he tilled w ith the
moat choice of the national industries.
and -lava coffee" also contained no coffee at all
but was made of peas and rye.
"tJlinee'a extra quality French coffc " was
almost destitute of any foreign subst nice, peas
and rye predominating, With a tew nits,
'Vhase's RnglUh breakfast coffee " is u large
ooosumer of pea, th traoee of ooffea ix-ing no
slight that the ass iyer pronounces thim acci
dental. Happily the analyses have not disclos
ed the presence of any positively injurious aub
stance, and if people who can uvsiiy liinl out
the cost of a pound of green coffee, exited to
buy a like quantity ntasto 1 ami ground for half
the price, they deserve to drink weak pea soup.
Fof detecting a Alterations the following rules
are given:
Take s i in cold water in a glass and throw
upon it about half a tea sp mii'iil of the coffee
to be tested, stirring it around so as to wet
oream of tartar in package. Much of it con
tain no cream of tartar at all, but is OOtnpoeod
of acid," phoshiite of lime, standi and gypsum.
As to the roasted peal and rye which an
s -Id instcadjof coffee, it is pretty certain that
they are mora wttoJeeoma than the fruit of the
coffee plant, being destitute of any narcotic
quality) hot the thing is a fraud, and it would
DO better for families cheaper at least tnroast
their own pea ami make their own weak ea
soup. As to chiecory, it is well known that at
the raetanrant in Paris and other French towns
all tin- Ooffee served to customers is largely
adulterated Mith the ' roasted root of that
plant, w hich is cultivated for that purpoae.
Till loe In the valuation of real estate mid
peraoual property in Huston, compared with lad
year, will reach WHUKIO.OOO.
There are two breeds of line WttOt that stand
"head ami bonis" over nil others. These are
the Merino and the Saxmiy. The former are
undoubtedly the beat hived of Hnewooled
sheep in the world. For many years they have
uBWtira wrunw uraou among new i.ngiaml
growers ol tine wools, and, taking into cons. der
ation the sie of the annual, weight and pialitv
of the fleece, and value tor mutton, there is no
other that can compare with it for the Pacific
coast grower.
The Saxony produces a liner WOO, but it in
not in such general demand, and the animal is
diminutive in lite, and where prneiQll w ith the
pure Merino has invariably prated detrimental
to tlie latter. It might succeed better hen
than in the more rigorous F.ustcrn climate,
but they ore nowhere so rigoroui a the Merino,
either with reference to vicissitude of climate
or oapaoity to travel or work for a living.
A Lwat QrjRanoH. A rather complicated
ca-se is alsuit to come Ik-fore the courts at
Frankfort on the-Oder. A lively young lioar
was recently sent there by mil from Custriu,
carefully shut up in a Wooden cage. On the
journey, however, be managed to break his
prison, and devoured no less than 8fj poiimli of
iierman yeast, Wliieli happened to lie in the
same carriage. The condition of the misguided
pig, when the yeast Ik-gun to rise, may Ik
imagined. He was quite unable to Utar bis
Buddenly-acipiired greatness, and gave up the
ghost ina multitude of sighs, which is quite
explicable under the ol rim instances. Put now
the qUaetion is, w ho ia to pay the damage for
that; The railway company repudiate all re
ponitbUity. is the owner of the enreuss to pro
ceed against the owner of the yeust for the loss
of his 00401 or is the ex-proprietor of the yeast
to priH'eed against the owner of the pig for the
loss of bis merchandise? Eminent counsel hold
that the olaim of both parties lies ngainst the
constructor of the cage; hut the hud lor con
tends that the cage was never calculated to
w ithstand the fraulie efforts of a pig stung into
frenay by the temptation of 'l't pOttOdl of yeast
placed under his nose.
Tests fob Heeswax. At a recent mcctiiig
of a Herman chemical society, Herr ('. Schmidt,
after having called the attention of the 8ciuty
to the frequent aiiultcratiiui of lieeswax with
resin, descrilwd a modification of the so-called
Danath's method of detecting the l.reseuee of
such adulterating OOtOpOUnd, rill Five grams
ofthcbceswai to lw examine.! is placed ma
vessel with live times its bulk of nitric acid
isp. gr. LM t) L83) and heated to a boiling
iKiint, and permitted to remain at this tenqn r
atore for moment; an equal volume of cold
water and BuUicicnt ammonia to give it a
marked animouiaeal odor is then aowd. If
this alkaline solution contain but pure wax, it
will be of a yellow cdor; while if ream be pres
ent it will, on aeoouut of the nitrogen 00
fonned, Iw of a more or loss intense
reditish-browu color. Since this test is a
eolorometric one, it ia well to prelre a solution
with chemically pure wax to be kept as a standard.
Sugar Baars ix mi Ewt. -There is just
now renewed interest in the question of N et
sugar production in the East The subject M
twing agiUto.1 in MassaehustU, and we learn
from a iwreonal letter that a company U being
- : . ll. .1 ,.!.', .1 i .
organ izeu nir eiperniicm u
Tn. tmmimm diatnrt in Hritiih India ia daily
dmnii better. Bala has fallen plentifully and
owing ha begun. The osition in Madras is
till grave, and oxer 1 ,000,000 persona are fed by
he raCM worKs