The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, July 01, 1877, Page 210, Image 22

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The American nation is Uku a vast garden; it
l-i. a largi extent of land; it has had a
vaiit deal of work expended on it, end it re-
quifCO still an mr .M amount nf I i i . i to develop
it resources. "The nation's gardener " lias no
easy jxiHt to till, requiring to know, as lie does,
that all tliu land in being utilized ami MOD
omixed. He may well have the ootulderation
and sympathy of every class and of every per
109 for whom lie in engaged to cater and to care;
and one cannot lie surprised if his mind is
troubled at times hy "liae,"und if lie longs
for uii easier life, fur a freer, lighter air. It is
a retponeiblfl and serious tiling merely to lime
to "eppoint" tint a nder -garden era and secure
tlieir fidelity to duty anil persevering diligence.
I 'resident QllUt told Win friend, ( 'liarlcs f'ndley
Warner, that bil was tJio Brit garden he hud
been In wbere the talk wan not of "appoint
incuts." When Warner offered him a cigur, lie
declined, saying, ho "didn't like a weed in a
garden." What a deal of hoeing President
Hayes will have to do beore he gets all the
weeds out of the national garden, tt appears
that he and Mrs. Hayes are each willing, even
somewhat defiroUl to go hoeing and weed out
all the whisky drinkers, from the nation. Thin
li undoubtedly a mighty tnd perplexing task.
If the whisky drinkers gave their time to im
prove thu garden, what an immense deal of
irrigation might bo carried on this dry year,
ana many maple might be upplled to hungry,
vacuous stomachs. What a hungry void in felt
thin year, an men are sighing tor next season,
h Diekene taid the waiteti did at the leaiide
hotels in the winter, "looking out of the
windows fur next siamm." President Hayes is j
"f the same mind an Warner, who says lie i
"dis-siit like to be Men in a garden with the
doad'beeta." Even these the Preeident de
signs to utilize. It Menu to us that all the
undergardenen may engage thetnoolvei from
time to time hoeing Up the "weeds" and pre
paring the ground for new ami nutritive pro
ductions. Muoh space is required for the
young shoots to he planted, and the rising gen
eration undoubtedly dooerrei a fair chance for
planting ami dovewtriiur, Preeident Havee
cares greatly that thu young he carefully nur-j
tared, educated and started in life. Vvarnerl
tells us he would like to have a part of the
"Toil Commandments " in large letters in In-
garden ami some trape ahw, Thieves troubled
film, and he could well sympathize with I'rcs
Ident Hayes in till irrepressible desire to banish
from or convert all thieves in thu national
garden. It is to lie hoped that the President
will be aide to refresh himself during thotfl hot
slimmer das with fruit out of his garden. It
should be the oare of every individual voter to
send to (he national Congress such men as will
be able to relieve the handi and the mind and
Hie nerves tit tile President. Warner tells lis
" by your faille you will know who your friends
are," and we mint hope the ripe things the
Preeident has to give away will go to true
friends and lovers of their country. CkarU
BtrwkJt in Rural I'rtA,
A WAttNtso. lie who champions the cause
of the WOrkingtlUUl, falls far short of his duty if
he fails to warn him against one terrible com.
moil enemy, the liquor unburn. If you are not
a temperance man, there is nil the more reason
why you should look this subject fair In the
(ace. The saloon is not an industrial concern.
It neither feeds nor clothes you. It adds
neither to your oomforti nor enjoyments, It
in a trap placed upon m arly every turner, to
eaten your money without giving a profitable
return, tt abeorbi a portion of your earnlngi,
and leaves you none the better for it, hut rOT)
likely mUOh the worse in morals, health, pocket
and self resect. Von know that this is no if
Von itoP to think. The seeds of iuuiiIhtIchs
uvila and none whatever of good to mankind
grow in these hot bcdl of corruption. We beg
our frienda, the worklngmen, to avoid liquor
saloons. If you can tind no other society uor
dace of resort, you are Indeed unfortunate; but
is'tter none than such as thus lowers your man
hood and your pinsc, Co. Ayrtculturixt,
Kashionaiuk Dixnur, There oan ! little
doubt that the very late dinner hour patronized
by modern society is highly unnatural, undesir
able, and perineum, The fatigues undergone
by fashionable 'oiks during the day do not tend
to whet apiietitc rather they MTVe to htiiut its
cravings besides, the stomach of such is untit
led from procrly fultUling ita function. Of
ooune tempting rianda are pnaentod on the din
ing table, prepared by praotieed and skillful
cooks, while the pleasures .it hue, friendship,
and siH-ial converse become added as incentives.
All the more dengetnaa, we should pay, it ia
iMWiible to cloy the stomach, and yet derive HQ
benefit therefrom, hut contrariwise. Better Iki
m (ho condition of the Cambridge students of
yore, and "diet upon faeting every day " than
cause tho human system to receive more than
it can digest. " 1 restrained myself," olawrvca
Bppob, "to so regular a diet a So eat Aeon but
once a day. and a bttlo at a time, without tali
or vinegar."
Rupttmo Punt Tho fTmatti fforHcek p
ttklirafm publishes some information respect
ing a plant of the tamily of payfoeiotni, wulah
grows in that OOtUtry ami which possesses
electro magnetic properties. W hen a branch
is cut oil, bo baud holding it experiences ail
olivine aeuaatiou to that (rum a ituhm
kurll Uttery. and tho electrical uttluenoe of tho
plant haa u observed set end pacca from tho
plant hy the dmiation of tho needle pfe small
coimu. W ben tho i iihuw w aa nlaoo.1 he ll...
penmen ter clow to the planta, tlio noodlo
lUMod cuiilpletolv round. The soil la aaid lv
tho VoHifmr lllnfl to contain no trac ,I
irun or other magnetic moUl, au that the prop
ortv is intierrut ut tho idant lUelf. Tin Pataa
aity of tho phenomenon varies) with the hour o(
tho day at night it ia lmot aW, and uiot
tt-Uai' during the tmo luidilav hitiira nr i
wind; during rain it was woak. No bmls or
uaocU liavo toeii scu to Txmi upun tlio '-,
i koi firrtneu.
A wild bee, which had flown far without hav
ing hrcAkfaHtud, at length entered a garden, the
flrit he had seen. "What a paradiae!"h cried.
The in t thing that attracted In- attention
wan a full-blown poppy but, accustomed only
to mint, wild thyme and such like fare, he
approached the gaudy beauty with diflidetice.
"A little pollen, plcaae," he at length ven
tured to say, in the humblest manner.
"lie off! be oil!" wab the ill-tiAtured reply.
The poor bee was almost fAinting with hun
ger ami fatigue, and Asked leave to rest himself.
"Be oil!" returned the haughty flower; "I
don't encourage idle vagrants like you. StAy
At home, And you will not liAve to complain of
lieing tired; sit upon your own stalk, and you
won t have to support yourself by begging. Be
off. "
Mid the "illv poppy imainne that WtcrhVs.
bees ami such like creatures, were nothing PUB
than wandering blossoms? However this may
be, it was overheard one day talking to itself
after this fashion:
"What is a flower born for, I should like to
know, but to see and be seen ami admired
These pansies, with all their pretensions, are
Hiieh a set t tlats! so low-born and ill-breil."
With the Hardener, the great jmlge of pknts
ami the arbiter of tlieir fortunes, the pansics
were especial favorites; and he took great pains
and no small pleasure in rearing thum,
The commission appointed by the Academy
of -Medicine of St. Petersburg, to study the
effect of the dillerent antiseptic substances and
disinfectants so-called, came to the following
conclusions, which are printed in the AntuxltM
iiu Omit Omt:
1. Carlouic acid is most efficacious in pre
venting the formation of ammonia, and the de
velopment of inferior organisms by the decom
position of organic matter; it is, in consequence,
the best antiseptic.
'J. Oil of vitriol, the salts of zinc, and char
coal are the most active for neutralizing the
foul odors originating from putrid matter.
H. The powders of Prof. Kittary, together
with the properties which they possess in com
mon with other carbonated disinfectants, at
tracted attention by reason of their isolating the
phenol and the mtick-Hnie which enter into
their composition. These absorb moisture, as
well as the gases which are formed by decompo
sition. 4. Chloride of lime and permanganate of
r ' . i act promptly in destroying the inferior
organisms found in putrid liquid.
5, These disinfectants retard, in a measure,
the development id putrefaction in organic mat
ter, but tlieir influence is but momentary. As
regards the purification of apartments, their iu
tluencc is but feeble, if not totally ineffectual,
by reason of the small degree of concentration
Our workers in lead and quicksilver will v
interested iu the following, from Iron- T
Belgian professor, M. Melsens, the Paris Acll
emy of hciences awariled, last April th
of 100 founded by M. Anget de MontyJ! Z
eotoiuuyu hiv iii.tun-'ii ui processes for dimit,
Jung the risks nf unwholesome trades. ThL'
" - whmsisj ior ma method
of curing and presenting lead aud niercuruj
appointed to examine into M. Mcldeus ' pJ
Thirty years ago Prof. Melsens pointed ont
iodide of potassium as a means for successful!
combating the ill etlects of lead or mercury !2
the human body, Experiments undertaken in
wuiuuuuvu ' "lu"Ml continued l.
results tirst obtained by M. McWr,, v(,0 i
since tor a long period Iwen pursuing his invlt
tigations and experiments.
Considering saturnine or mercurial affection
as being due to the presence of metal in ta?
organs which are the seats of those affection?
M. Melsens administers graduated doses ot
Iodide of poteeeium, The noxious metals are.
by the action nf this drug, carried away in the
urine in the form of double soluble iodides M
Melsens also advises the use of the iodide of
potassium as a preventive in eases where men
are exposed to the ell'ects of lead-dust or mer
curial emananpne.
Numerous experiments in the course of
years have proved the practical value of tj
system of treatment. Workmen affected with
lead paralysis have been cured; others who
were unable to fellow their calling from' their
liability to saturnine colic, have been enabled
to take it up again, lortilied by a regimen of
which a dose of iodide of potassium funned
part. The result of the observations made at
Brussels and Lille, and the letters and certili
cates sent to the Academy, leave no doubt on
the (Hunt.
VJ ith regard to mercurial affections the obser
ration made by M. Melsens m person have
been continued by those made at the mercury
mines at drift. The workmen engaged in the
. ......,,...., W W luwuiir anu mercurial pro
ducts at the Idria mines have been made the
subject of various methods id treatment cur
ative or preventive, and the good effects of the
Iodide are no longer doubted of.
At a social hospital in Vienna, ample occa
sion has been furnished to watch the action of
the iodide in freeing the body from the presence
of fixed mercury and preventing its fixation. It
lias been found that iu presence of the drug the
symptoniH characteristic of the mercury are
removed or diminished, or prevented from de
claring themselves.
The action of the iodide of itotaHsium, accord
nig to M. Melsens's idea, is a purely chciuioal
one. It consists in determining the metal
rendered Imolublo by tho formation of some
;ilhiitiiiiiiiix ii 1 fn i .1 .. .... . .l-i.i. i
r uu a DtllUMie lUnil
by the creation of a double iodide removable
r.,r- nrmurwm, i neiiier tins is the caw
or whether its notion consists iu determining by
destruction the evacuation of the morbid til
sues containing the tixed is not the
part of the committee to determine. It is suf-
Rnlimft tl,..t t1. k. i
,.,v ,v ,, u, , . Mli- muy
euooeeded in diminishing the danger of certain
miiiitur anil iii-Mmt'.,..i1iri.,, .,!
It so happened that he peeped just as the
poppy was exclaiming her last "Be off!" end
scornfully shaking her glowing petals after the
retreating bee,
Looking angrily at the flower, ho aaid:
"What is sweeter than boneyr and how should
we have honey without Ikvb? and how should
Uva live if all the flowers were as vain and
enijity beaded aa you!"
So saying, lie pwked it up by the root and
threw it over the garden wall.
The bee cheerfully resumed ita (light and
soon alighted in the midst of a pot of mig
nonette, where it waa regaled with the sweetest
A Mother's S utum e. 1 do not think the
community knows how really good and atdf-aac.
nliciug the majority of our public enhnot teeuli
era ai-. How, m winter, they gather clothing
and sho's tor liiauv of the inmriT pupils. ,iW
often they feed and help them, and visit them
in eickltcM. at their homes. Often but loorlv
taid themselves, they share the little that they
have with those s,, much worn- off After all.
how touchiiigly sad rv the struggleaof the pm.r
for education! What aacritici-s a destitute
Widow will make to iend her little OMH to
ahooll 0m day a wnmau who wpched for PM
caino without her shoe. aakisl her when'
they aero, She told me that " h.huuv haul
none to g to actioo! iu, and aa she did not like
to have him M l-.u. u-:, .1, she gave him here."
Oh. bnya, will you cxer rvalue what women
have done for youT How. at pvejy sm you
haxe beapj uourishiHl on their teaja, (n thrir
life? How, from the cradle to Uie grave, wo
man haa beep yourtwat dependence, your moat
faithful fnetid? Thiuk of it, and uuc-ver vour
heails with revereiuv, even when the oldeat
Ui HHnat and uglieat of the aei paatby.-'
I'hiUutrlfAM i.'i.i,i, 'inwa.
of their elements, and are also little employed
on account of their influeooe on the health of
the occupants.
ti. For buildings not inhabited, chlorine and
Wtroui aoid are the beet disinfectanU that can
be employed.
XriiAwiiKituv BhoPTOAKI. To a .mart of
Dour (enough for tWO Oakee put three heapinji
sisM.ifuU of baking-powder (Tavlor's). Sift to
gdlier OorOtmlif and nib in one ounce of but
ter. Wet With a iut of sweet milk, using a
Ipoon, Hie mixture will be somewhat softer
than common pie-crust. Do not try to mold
roil OUt the dough. Spread it on tin pic
p ate by patting with the hand, It should bo
Uottl an inch in thickness. Itake slowly at
hrst till the cakes have had time to rise; then
increase the heat, and exioet them to W done
withm twenty-tive liiinutra. Siilit the cake
hot from the oven; spread the halves with but
ter (UppfUly if giHtil), ami cover them with the
fruit previously sweetened. Place one ppj the
other (the upper half is rvvemil of conrae), or
PPPh on a plate hy ttpplt It ia a good nile to
V -' " yiu U gin to
make your cake, ami if they are large, r not
ripe, it is beat to cut them m tws lH-maah
them a little. Doal calculate for theae cakea
sUnding ou the stove hearth a minute They
should be served like gnddle-eakei no time
MPt between the oven and the table. Observe
these rules and you will have a dish as dainty aa
It Uv ior any but very honeat i.ple, "
W hen atrawbemj-s ar gone, rl raapuVriea
12? hlUletPh"t very nkplu their
lUk-e. W lute curranU arv ala,. van much liked
aa a institute, and peach .hortc-a'ke is harvlly
liquated hy theitrawU.m' itat lf, ,( the wachea
are tirat-rate. Theae fruiU should l pK-parl
by sweetening an hour or two before wanted.
The red healeil wood-pecker, shown in our
illustration, is well-known thnmghout the
United States. They prcmire their nests, in
the large limbs of trees, adding no material to
the cavity which they smooth out for the
found in the same tree; but living trees are
Wl" occupieu ny mem. me same tree li
these buds. The eggs, usually six in number,
riiiw) ui.tiivi-o m iue largest eim W1H red
dish sds, iu which lost particular they differ
from all others of the genus.
TitK pRXKOI! Pot-av-Pkl'. The ;w(-iiu
is tho most iinportiuit featuro of tho atuine of
the common people of V ranee, and is remarkable
for its economy and its nutritive value. The
following reeijH: is interesting aa coming from
Oaretne, one of the most celebrated of French
cooks: The good housewife puts her meat iuto in
earthen pot, and Hurs cold water on it, in the
proportion of two quarts to three pounds of the
beef, She sets it at the sido of the tire. The
pot grow s gradually hot, and as the w ater heato
it dilates the nniHcular fibers of the flesh by du
solving the gelatinous matter which covers them,
ami allows the albumen to detach itself easily
and rise to the surface id the water in light foam
or scum, w hile the savory juice of the meat,
dissolving little hy little, adds riavor te the
broth. By this simple proceeding of alow cook
ing, the housew ife obtains a savory and nourish
ing broth, and tender boiled meat with a good
tlavor. But by placing the ot-iu-jtu on too
hot a fire it Kills too soon; the albumen coagu
lates ami the BbeT hardens: the sad result B
that you have onlv a hard tslaaa nf tailed meat
and a broth without tlavor or goodness. AUttk
fresh water poured into the pot at interrahv
oviiw hn souiu to rise more abundantly.
A Nkw IIvlk Oovonmma Pardons. -Few
jieoplc have the hanbheartedneas to withhold
their signatures from a petition for a iiardon,
IKirticularlv when it ia preaeuted by inttuensud
peraoiiN who at the same time maie plauaibk
excuses for nie unfortnnato condemned man.
1 hey often aign agaiuat their conviction! of
Hgnl but aa there has lieen no publicity girii
to their names, they avoid public responsibility
lor the act. tiovernor Cullom, of lUinoia, weD
aware of the "dodge" practiced in many cat
ia determined not to be misled. He has, there
fore . adopted the rule of publishing the nam
of all signers to these wtitiona before exerciauw
clemency, an that those who might be inclined
afterwards to aaaert that they signed from
imaappreheoaion of the facto, will have oppor
tunity to make explanationa. It ia obeerred
that aioce this rule went into operation, the ap
plications for pardon are not near so numeroPJ
aa formerly, nor the liat of aiimaturea attached
ao lengthy by une-half.