The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, February 01, 1877, Image 1

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    VOL. 2-No. 6.
Editor "West Shore." I will en
deavor to give some information con
cerning this wild, romantic region. It
is about sixty miles cast of Eugene
City, thirty from the Three Sisters,
ahout twenty from the summit of the
Cascades, and four miles from the Mc
Keiuic bridge. The road is somewhat
rough up the McKcnzic, but consider
ing it is an Oregon mountain road, and
pretty new, it docs very well.
About eighty rods south of Horse
Creek, a stream that heads at the Three
Sisters and flows
into the McKcnxli!
n short distance be
low the
this great
ture, Bethesd
Springs, is
A stream of water
four inches in di-
amctcr gushes
hoi in Of nut nf n
down a ravine,
hundred yards it
falls about one
hundred feet, afl
that the descent
more gradual for
distance of a
dred rods to where
it empties into
Horse Creek.
There is a nice
slope of ground to
the cast of the
Springs, suitable
for an orchard and
garden: it is so
situated that hot
anu com water can
be easily led to it
in pipes for irriga.
tion by a small out
lay of money, and
I could then make
tropical flowers
bloom here the
year round.
A fine stream of
the best water in
the world runs
down another
gulch some six
rods east of the
Springs. In all
these streams there
rc great quanti
ties of trout, while,
H through the
woods an abun
dance of whortle
berries of the red
variety may be
found, and three
"dies from here,
on a high, flat
fountain, arc
great quantities of
the blue variety.
9n this mountain
also a fine prai
rie, covered with
uriiigc, ,' -v. PSSfcSivWW; r-im'''-. I
of na- :4ijtfaA;i-o;
located. S?&& 1
Ivi Y.a-.. Z' ' : '
,1 . v ' V r ' .v'
Stiv - 'l,?.9 - VP -
fc'V' - ' - 'hiW
1 fei, .
splendid grass. Three miles to the
southeast is Lookout Mountain, from
which can be seen the Three Sisters,
Mount Hood, Jefferson, and the most
wonderful mountain acenrry I ever he
held. I went on one high peak, from
which there is a perpendicular offset ot
three hundred feet: I threw a rock
down, and I think
yards before it stopped.
An immense canyon lies between
here and the Three Sisters. Anv one
wishing to view
mountain scenery,
' V VinJ
it went six hundred
the most wonderful
with deep canyons,
f 3
- "
mm :mmmsmmm-
and immense forests in them, bold and
towering peaks, cold brooks, creeks,
and the cold, dashing McKenic river,
with great quantities of the red-side and
speckled trout sporting in it, let them
take a trip to these Springs and thev
can have a chance to feast in one of
Nature' most romantic spots. The
hunter, too, can have fine sport here
bear, panther, conger and elk, are quite
numerous, and during the summer
season, deer are plentiful; sonic per
sons have killed three hundred iliiiiiiv
the summer, just for
their hides.
M bj w 8MeW AIM.
, - f
mkii. The beautiful scene so cleverly
porl rayed by our artist on page 117, is
located in the Willamette Valley, not
many miles from Salem, and only the '
extreme modesty of the owner of this
beautiful home prevents our giving his
name. It is but a few years since that
he arrived here a poor and needy im
migrant, and where now his lands yield
abundant harvests, a wild and thick
forest was located. Hy industry, econ
omy, and the help of our rich soil and
magnificent climate, he has been en
abled to accomplish the result as illus
I PKR AHSl'M 1 w
trated. This case
is by no means iso
lated. Most of
those who are now
our solid and
wealthy farmers,
came here it seems
but a few years
since with a not
over-abundance of
worldly posses
sions, and their
now beautiful,
peaceful and pros
perous homes, are
the best evidences
of the fact that ,
farming in Oregon
is profitable; and
let us add that 11
greater result can
bo accomplished
here with less la-.
bor than in any
other Slate in the
Union. It is true
that most of the
lands adjacent to
railroads arc now
taken up, and those
arriving here must
be prepuied either
to purchase im
proved farms or go
further back into
the interior, where ,
marketing facili
ties arc not so
good; but those
who arc willing to
"watch and wait,"
will sec that in a,
very few years, ,
and whilst they :
urc really clearing ,
the lands and plac- .
ing them in first
rate condition,.,
roads will he made
and citiubuilt that,
will make their
lands fully as valu
able, and as near
good markets, at
what are now con
sidered "the choice
persona who are
very atudioua arc '
apt to become un
social and selfish.
This danger
should be cau
tiously guarded.' 3