The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, May 01, 1876, Page 10, Image 10

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JbM thoii'lna Ihf TKillil nmt ytottOthi Mr'tn lit Hitr
imvlrr anil Thrrnvmuler, Minilhtn Velocity 0
Wind nwl tinwunt of llin nftill ', with tlv l'rryiulino
IMrcition o Wind for Iht Month ij April, MM;
is- bt 'tf
H H iH iii
! I I II: I15
si EjjJ a- 5
imii 5m 1 7 rn ft
JO. 177 ii.ll 7(1 .04 H
u:tl 4V N
W.U'l 47.11 til .... N
:t INK Ml. 7 tw .... N
ja.m VI .In sW
.liVi 472 (il .11 HW
Z'.IMI MS 7fl M
WMi 4:1.2 :n .-Ji H
30.IW7 4-Y3 71 .... X
;W.I7 4H.7 71 .... N
; 4.ft 71 .... S
ult.lll fcMJ f W M
Sli.1.2) US Wt .l1 HW
91.1174 67 9 7.) .1.1 H
m.m 7H .Si HW
3I.UI0 47.0 7:1 .12 HW
. IW SC.:t 71 .... H
;mm a:i n ,n N
ai.7"pl v.o 72 JUI N
MM) 5l'.0 72 .! 8
:mu.-.i .Vis 71! ,iv 8
mmpki w.2 no .11 H
au.iaj ,v..o 7 hw
ao.aai .V1.5 to .111 N
i.ani M.r -in .... N
ai.wfl .ins in ,:rr h
!i.K.Vi .fi2.:i 711 .! H
'Mi'H M.7 74 .IH HW
Mrmihly menu biron.pfoi.W.HJd,
Monthly mean lliernminf Tt
.iflMillily mean humidity, 71.
IHttfl'Mr. barometer, 'H.'iHiHiii fhf -Ith.
IjOW tmnimi'tiT, 'JH.t.TT, nit 1 he Hit.
'Mlglu-nl teinpiTuliire.HT.on theUlst.iTItliiiiidauli
Inv Ht tt'iiiiH-ntlurti, :t!. (in Hie :'d and lib.
H'n-vnlllngillreellmi of wlii'l, until.
liri'iili'tl vi-lH-i(y id wiuil, ;iU iiiIIcn per hour, on
the 61 li 11111I '."Jib.
Tutnl nuiiiljer of milt' traveled, 1,117.
Number of clear ilny.. I.
Number of cloudy day, other Hum those 011
Nmnlu r nl cluVHnn wlth li ruin Ml, 21.
Tot ill ruin full, ''.HI lin-he.
Nniniri4llvii Ti-iniKTiiIiirri April 1S7.'I, 61 .S
April InTI, M.!t; April l7."., HI i
(iimiuinillvd Pi.'rliJicullim Alrll lH7't, 2.W
inline; Arll Hffl.aiW In.-lif; April Ifii,
.LlH-li... HKNItV FKNTON, ,
Rcrirniiiil MiKtml SitvU-u, U.H.A.
In our lr;ivi:l. thruiiL,'lnHU ilie Stale we
.often come across a 1I.LS.4 of people (for-uinitcl)-
tlu'vjarc in die ininorily inOrcgoti)
win arc opjwseij lo every new enterprise,
iimply because lliev putled ihrouijli life so
far without ji, 'l i;e followinij is a fair
.ample :
"A i;ootl old l'uti 1 1 in. in was in the habit
-of jieiiiiinnlits w.m"HanH" to tlie mill every
."Satin Jay ufiernuun wiili a bag of Krain.
'I'liis was tthinif across tlie back of old Kaw
l tours, a sorrel ami sorry-looking horse;
hiuI in order to make the bag maintain its
balance a large stone was j ait in one end
'f the bag, while the grain was pendent in
the other. One U.ty Hans had the tank
f gelling the wheat ready lor mill, and by
chance torgellnig ihe sione, as he seized
lite lug the inchweil grain parted, and he
imitm the load (-tjuaiiy talanceil on the
Vack o( K.iwboues. 'I'ui ning, he spied the
Mone, aiul exannuing the luirden discov
ered lli.u ihf lau! ua tpiiic as well with
out it as with. In iv at his great discov
ery, Hans yelled a: the old man who was
in the ham.
"1'ader! fadei . ct-nie 'ere'."
Vut's von wain, ll inV" s.ud the old
farmer coming mi:.
"Looks here, fader! I've kot tor grain
lialancetl in ter ,p.ig miuui ter sthone in
ne em!
The old looked at Han's
strange innovation, and in a voice cliokeJ
with wrath at the presumption oftheyoutli,
"Dake tat oil'! d.tU' it oti, an' but d.U
Mb ne in ter lug, l;ke it was peforo! Vou's
gnnlader wen to mill init a Mhone in ler
pag ter balance it, and yot old fader too,
hii now you goet, ,m bets yourself up a
Vitu know s more dun Uuh of um! I wiujw
V 'O. Hans, u.ike it olt, in luit tor sthone
tn t r iuisV
Hans did as dire. ted, and with themon
mus iK'l'ble in one end o( the Kur. and
the giain in the other, old Rawlwnes weul
011 Ins journey and the world moved on,
The "Wkm S.iom " is. lasi elablishinj
iull in the gvnxl graces of the people of
Oregon. It lilU a vacancy long fell lv the
rea. ling public, ni;. if continued bv the
uflVUl mau.igen.cnt ot I., Samuel is
Jestincd lo meet ith unprcvedented me
res. The lal copv proems a tine view
rf l ionl Stieet, IVnland, (Oregon, inwhich
Mr. CigAn'i St. Ctartes Hotel ixvuties a
vol) coiisUiuou .,ie, h aUo furuihes
a jimJt oi the I'.uc A-iMiK-r published
an Ougon, whkl. is a relic, is well worth
ihe Miltrii'tion prive of $1.50. Addre-4
I.Samuel, Portland, (liegt.n, .1 t.i
In order to enable immigrant arrinag in this
State to obtaiu suitable lundi oiid farmi for settle
ment ini mediately after their arrival in Oregon,
the publisher of Thr Webt Suoxb caneed the fol
lowing juivertisetnuot to be inserted in all the
leading country paper:
Important Nolle
" Farmers and others haring improved or unim
proved farms to let or lor sale can have them ad
vertiswl free of churtce in Tub Wsjt 8HOBE, an
eitit-pH(e monthly illustrated paper published at
Purtlaui. State location of larm, wbdt improve
ment', price anked, naitifl of owner, and where to
inquire. Address " Pubiwher WisaT SboBk, Port
laud, Oregon."
Below will be found the answers received to the
advertisement. The publisher of the West Shobb
il not a real eittate or laud ageut, and tlierefore
iii no wii) uii'KTt:ik tbp wale or neKotiation for
sale of any of these lauds, nor does he verify the
accuracy of the statement made therein, but refers
purchasers to the owners or agents of same.
y All bona fiU owners of lands, who wish to
sell or rent the same, can have them advertised
free of churge id these columns.
Railroad Lands In Ores on.
The Oreiron k California It. R. Cora nan v have
a larire errant of laud from the United States Gov
ernment, wnicu lliey sen on very iiuenu couumoiw
at the low prices of tl-25 to 17 per acre, payable
in United States currency. The purchaser can
pay cash, in which case lie will be allowed a dis
count 01 ten per ceni. on me purcnuw pnw, wr uo
can have ten years' time in which to make up the
the same by small annual payments, with interest
at seven per cent, pur annum. Ju thiscase the pur
chaser piiys down one-tenth of the price. One
year from the sale ho pays seven per cent, iuterest
ou the remaining nine-tenths of the principal. At
tbe end of the second year be pays one-tenth of the
urincinal and one year's interest on the remainder,
and tU same at the end of each successive year
until nil has beou paid at the end ef the ten yeusr.
Government Lands.
Althoiiuh surveys have been carried 011 for ma
ny yvHr, vast tracts of public- lands still remain
uniturvcyed. Moru government land it, however,
now in the market than is likely to be taken up
for a long time to come. There are three land
oltices in the Htute, located respectively at Oregon
City,It(teburg,and La Urando (iu Eastern Oregon),
which afford the usual facilities to settlers wishing
to avail themselves ot tbe homestead and preemp
tion luws. Under the "Homestead Law," every
bead of a family, male or female, or single mau
over tweuty-oue years, a citizen of the United
States or having dcclured his mtontion to become
such, can enter, on payment of the registry fee, ,
ranging iroin seven to tweuty-two uouars, etguty
acres of any of the lands reserved by the govern- j
nient within the limits of the railroad grants, ex- j
crpting lands bearing gold, silver, cinnabar or cop-1
tier, and one hundred and sixty sores if the claim
is situated outside of the latter. After live years
Hon-fih residence upon and improvement of the
laud, the Oovuruniunt will give the claimant a reg- j
ulur title. Under the " pre-emption laws," persons 1
possessing the same 0,11111 ideations as claimants uu I
uttr the homestead law. ninv " enter " all laud-1
oHIcp, o payment of n feu of l'i.00, establish a pre
emption right, that is, a right to take a tract of
eighty acres, if within the limits of a railroad
grunt, or one iiunured ana sixty acres, 11 wituoui,
whenever the land ahull be ottered for sale by the
government, at J.-u per acre in tbe lormer, ana
at per acre tu the latter case. I
How to get to Oregon.
Kiiiigriints from the Eastern Stutesand Cunada
will do Ix-ot to puii'huse through tickets to Port-
laiiu, Dragon, at Uiu price namea below. Un
emigrant trains to San Francisco, and thence by
steerage on t earner to Portland, will lie as follows ;
From Haiti more, $76; trora lleiton, 176; from
Chnag, 7U,.')l); from Ualveston, I'JH; Montreal,
;.'; New York, tTfi; Omaha, ItiO; Portland
(Maine:, ; Quebec, 76 ; SL Louis, 170, United
Stutt-s rurreney. Emigrants from EurojM) can
rvmli Oregon eitJier via Paunma or Now York.
The steerage fare bv Kngbsh or Oerman steamers
from Himburg or Southampton to Colon, thence
by ruiliad to Punaina, and theiire by steamer to
Portland, Orr-goii, is ,.l .."0, gold, including food.
For the New York route, emigrauts can obtain
through tickets fnnn Ulasgow or Liverpool to
Portland, Oregon, for 7il, gold, by applying to Mr.
P. Fleming, Government Emigration Agent, 41
ltoftmil St m.t. Duiulee. Scotland, tin arriving in
Portland, immigrants should call at the Hooms of
ikwni ui iinmignit ion, where all infortuation re-
trnrdlhB lands will h (urnmhml frm nf plap
They will alno receive liinnigrunt Certiticats,
which t-nt i tie- them to halt fare rates on all the
lending hues of travel iu tint Stato.
nrntesi Cennly.
S3) At'rc". 10 tnlli'MiHlh of Oirvallh, well lm.
prm.-il; will rHlo (mm lo buliels of
niinii iinuMHMv. u rni-, tmeinmner uuwn. nni.
mv iu iiuiuunieiiu 10 mill Ail lire,
Jm:a lllttiK, CorvnllK
Hl .V'M omfoiirth mile south of Monroe.
House, Kim and orchard, nearly all fenced ; UN)
acres ot it under cultivation. Also 10 acres timber
laud three unlet et of Monroe. Term reason-
anie. r.nquire oi n m. specr, on the farm.
1.30 Acres Ave miles from Monroe. 400 of it
iu cultivation, the balance gnuing laud with good
soil. All tetieed. Five houses and two bams.
Orchard with varied fruit. Well watered and
wodl; ,VK of it can Its Irrigsted. Price 9i
peracre. uue-nancasn, naiancetime. Adilrees,
ALU LIU' HUMl'UltEY, Mouroe.
3iV4 Acree seventeen miles south of Corvallis
and one utile north of Monroe, ou the stage route.
All of the laud under fence; of It good tillable
laad, with new two-story frame house, two orch
ard aud siuall vineyard. Plenty of mtod running
water and firewood ou the plaee. Price f.'O per
acre ; ttnus easy Inomre on the premises, or ad-
iiitsb, DAJitbL maa.m.h, Mouroe. Cesmlr.
SV Acres 14 miles from Portland, T milet north
east of Orvttoa City, 4 W miles south-east of CUck
amas Station ou the O. A O. H. H. IM ni it
under cultivation, there is alto a utiall orchard.
"( ui a-siteo ami a good iruce enekwing
I ' nh croea fences. Price $.t,wa, -.',tH0
down. Ulauee ia one ami three years. This place
j J. r. APPERSON. Oregon City.
I CelasBkla ?.
(WA A.-res of giiod land at Scappoae, in Columbia
! County, li miles trom Portland, down the Colum.
. BieKiver. All tweed, 00 acres aader calUvatioo.
plenty of timber and good running water 4 W wr
I BA-n. ikF lHl.'lllt m 1 (I..
30 Acres, school land. Price M p acre
Inouire of EDWIN BUSSBUat Bank of British
Doaglas County.
200 acres, ten miles north-west of BoioW
00 acres under fence. 90 acres, good level land.
Price-IUOO. ICEANE(BowDurg.
... .. -ii. nf Hnuhunr.
218 acres, etgnt me" uuim- -. - -
200 of it fenced, and all of it good plow land,
with a good stock range, and orchard, lenaa
1"'1U"', W.S.CSANE.Ro.ebur,.
n . i ..1. Vnlf unlnn nf lam). BflVfln
j of rem or .
miles north of Oakland. 200 acres under fence.
11)0 in cultivation. A good dwelling house. 1 wo
Stock Darns, wiw ' iann
Oood water and lots of timber. Pnce-800 per
re"r' wtrcTPV ST.T.WW nnklaiid.
mn k rtn smith side of the CalapooEa moun-
tnin, known as Bates Station. Place ia well im-
nroved. Uood two-story nouse, coauug
r l-Jl. l,arl unit mnBilnWB. The
entire farm can be' bought for 12 per acre, or 100
acres oi u wr eiu .
J!j. A. Mli zuuibiw
Lane County.
a Mill. twflWa miles from Junction City.
The mill and damn are on solid rock, the race
running through the rock. There is eighteen feet
of wter, and from four to six feet more can be
added if desired. The machinery ia of the latest
imnmvMl nattern. with double circular saws, ca
pable of cutting 4,000 to 5,000 feet of lumber ner
day, alse another saw of a capacity of 2,000 feet
per day. With the mill, 320 acres of land ; 100 of
it excellent timber, and 160 that has been out over
some. Thousands of acres of good timber land all
around the mill, some of it Government, some
railroad and some school land. There il a good
range for stock, and a good road to the valley and
Junction City. There is a tale for all the lumber
the mill can saw, as there is only one ither mill
within 2o miles. Price, 13,000 ; half cash, balance
time. A reduction will be made to all cash buy
ers. Possession siven on first of J ulv. Inquire of
ownur, J. P. FBIEDLE Y, Corvallis ; or of JAMES
BKASSriKLU A uu., Junction uity. ine iarm
for sale at Uervais makes 420 acres.
IA0 anrrni 3W miles from Eusene Citv. all of it
good land suitable for wheat or oats plenty of
water. Within U mile from (Hist aud suw-niill,
schools and churches. Terms, HQ per acre, one
half down, balance time from 1 to 4 years. Laud
adjoining sold recently at $50 per acre.
277 acres (rood irrac nff. drain and fruit Innd. in
cluding a a-acre hop-yard, 000 peach and plum
trees, tolerably fair buildings ; close to churches
and schools. Within Z milet from Eugene City.
Price, 1 10 per acre. Land adjoining sold recently
for Inquire of Goo. H. Thurston, Eugene
City, or of A. 1. Grots, Portland.
320 Acres twelve miles from Junction Citv A
good stock range for cattle and sheep. There is
also a saw mill and sash factory, ruu by water
power, 6 to 8,000 feet of lumber per day, aud is
capable of cutting 20,000 per day, having one of
the best dams, millraces and water power in the
State. The land has on it some very tine timber
while adjoining there are thousands of acres of
good timber. Price for the laud, mill, etc. 83,000;
part cosh, part time.
j. r. x mr.iLtr. i,
Corvullis, Benton County.
1,700 Acres, Stock ranch, 100 of good fanning
laud in Willumette precinct, seven miles from
Eugene. On the place ia a two year old barn 48x62,
alto a good house nearly new 20x26, young orchard,
abundance of water and timber. Price o.50 per
sere ; half down, or will sell 320 acres of the unim
proved land at 4.00 per acre.
ilium uiaiuoui ii uiuineuu rorti.
480 Acres, nine miles west of Eunene : ttlO Der
acre in a Douy, or in iou acre ioib.
ii. M. rr.nn.ino, x.ugene uny.
Linn County.
240 Aercs tlx miles south of Albany, Price,
fi'j,uou. AiAHiJ. luixh, Ainany.
S40 Acres ten miles south of Dallas, three miles
west of Lewitville Post Office; nearly all under
fence, iou acres oi ii goou rarmiug iuuu, the bal
ance pasture aud timber. A stream of water runs
through the premises. Price, Vl per acre; one
half down, balunce on easy terms. U, C. Mc
TIMMONS, Lowitvilla, Polk County.
360 Acres six miles west of Halsey, on O. A C.
It. H., 3'20 of it under fence, 250 in high state of
cultivation, 30 acres timber, remainder pasture.
Ou the premises is a large orchard, good house of
nix rooms, barn 40 x AO, aud other outhouses. A
steamboat landing l'0 yards from the barn.
Price, 110,000; one-half cash, remainder on time
to suit purchaser. Address, W. D. IIOCKEX
SM1TH, Ualsey.
ftJO Acres. A desirable Ornln and IMirv riirni,
eimtaliilng.VJOaiTi'K.'J1- mile eusl ofSelo, miles
from Marlon Malum. i. A f II. li -ti i.,n..u
north-tUMt of Albany, 22 tulles Koutli-eiiHl of
nuit'iu. rtii iimier lenee anu crop leiieed, Willi
tuniMj nrul barn.nn orchard of several hiindrtHl
liees-giMtd vnrlely of fruit; NprliigHiuid running
water, plenty of Are-wood and rull-tliuUr. ISO
acn-B In cultivation, ;ij acres In meatiow; (tlie
place well niliiptitl to ihe growlh of tlnutthv,
bliu-gnwii an.l the dlnVreiit clovers.) church,
sohool-hoiHe, grtt, saw and pltinlng-iiillls-aif
wllhln a nnhimof Guillen of Ilie place. Kxeellent
wuttr-Niwir on (tie premise. Price, 117 50 icur
reneyi ht ucre. Half ,nh, half on time, with
place for tecurll. Purcliuner can nho buy ol the
undentlgmH, horsra, entile and sheep, together
Willi mrm iinplements, wheat, oats.lniy.pie and
al low llgurca, ;ai acres In fall grain, to be In-
wV'v'l'Jlu' 'or,r,,nnrl,"l-'ulni Inquire
of W . 1. AN l'lH, on the premises.
319 Acres, three miles west of Halter; 40 acres
ir. cultivation. All good own prairie" land, with
plenty of water, house and farm, with other im
provementa. For Bent, Price per year I7S.
hngluh or Scotch farmers prefered
Marian Cenatr.
700 Acres, three milea north of Scio, tire miles
irom Alanon Station, on the O. A C. K. It 300
acres of it plowed, balance bru.h and timber:
churches aud schools close by. On the place is a
1,000 house and a barn 4i i 75, also a good bear,
mg orchard. Place has been farmed for twrntv.
V!.". vJJ ,l" P'01 I'lre of BKOWjtf
JUlt90N, Scio.
70 acres prairie land, well improved, all under
fence and in high state of cultivation, edjoimns
Oervaia Station Close to a good school, churcR
and aaw-mill. Plenty of timber within 8 miles.
m acres, 7 milet south of Salem, of a mile west
of Turner autidti; jtM acres onder cultivation:
new well-nnuhed house, aud on-hard of 1 llW
tree. 300 acres of the above it Beaver dam, aud
i nice stream runs through the entire length of
theousB. Price, 1J.oO0. Inquire of
B. M. LAFOUKE, Salem.
33 Acres, 6 miles east of Salem, all under fence,
A good house and bam and young orchard of as
sorted fruit trees, one-half acre in strawberries,
one-half acre in other small fruits. Pot terms ad
Ores,, E. F. CAD WELL, Salem.
285 acres ef land, one mil and a-half from Jef
ferson, Marion county. 200 acres prairie, the
balance timber. Large orchard. Buildings need
repairs. Nearly all under fence. Good well ot
water, and stock water. Terms 15,000 cash, or
1,000 down, balance on short or long time. In
terest 12 per cent, to be paid annually, secured
by mortgage on the premises. Inquire of the
agent at B. R. Depot, Jefferson, or of the owner,
rtth. Court HohUm. JOHNSON.
Half block in Salem with fine orchard of grafted
fruits. Price 1,100; address G. W. Traver, Port
land, for further particulars.
Multnomah County.
Twelve nerea flue laud, two miles from
Portland, on Powell's Valley road. Six
nrrra or neavy iimwrwi. ens twre in
alrawberrlea, one In blackberries ale a
Hue yotina orchard. On tbe place la a two
year old bnrd nnlfthed house, cost 02,700
to build, Prloe tor tbe entire property,
1,000. Inquire of I SAM 17 EI,
5 Washing-ton Street.
80 Acres on Taylor Ferry Road, four and one
half miles from Portland, suitable for raising Teg
atables. Price 910.00 per acre.
IS Acres two miles east of Portland. Price, S7&0
Address Quo. W. TRAVER, Portland.
80 Acres nine miles east of Portland. Price 1800.
Address Gko. W. TRAVER, Portland.
Polk County.
A dcitlrnble stock form, coutnlnlng 600 acres,
situated K mllea from Dallas and 15 rrom 8alem.
All under fence, with house, barn, orchard,
springs mid running water. 100 acres tillable
Innd, balance open oak timber land. Price,
$5,000; half cash, balance on lime.
' G. H. LAMBBKSON, Portland.
320 Acres On Salt Creek, eight miles from Dal
las and eighteen from Salem ; half of it under
fence; 75 acres open land for cultivation, with
good outlet to mountain stock range. There is a
school within lj-tf miles, aud grist and saw-mill
within three miles of the place. Price, 5 per
acre ; half down, balance time. A baud of sheep
can also be had with the place, or can be rented on
shares. MARY H. BALL, Perrydals.
660 acres, 6 miles north of Dallas, Polk county.
Price, 90,000. Said farm is situatod on the head
waters of East Salt Creek, on the road leading
from Dallas to the Grande Ronde reservation ; is
well watered by a nice brook running through the
centre; also an irrigation ditch, running water
into the door yard ; 000 select fruit trees, together
with a fine assortment of small fruits ; good barn,
eto. ; dwelling-house ; plenty of ore-wood and rail
timber. If purchaser .desires, he can buy of the
proprietor horses, cattle and hogs raised on the
farm, together with farm implements, wheat, oats,
hay, etc. Inquire of
McMLNN DODSON, Dallas, Oregon,
Washington County,
lfiO acres b miles west of Portland. 100 acres
improved. Good bouse, extra large well-finished
bam. Well adapted for a dairy farm. Price,
7,000. Inquire of S. Walter on the place.
100 Acres in Washington County, 8 miles vteat
of Portland; 36 acres meadow lana, 60 in cultiv&r
tion, half of it fenced, good orchard, comfortabto
house, barn and other outhouses. Price, 3,600.
Inquire of W. GRAY, corner ol Fourth and
Jefferson streets, Portland.
220 Acres, about 60 acres bottom land, 40
acres improved, balance open timber. Price, 10
per acre.
150 Acres, about 60 acres bottom land and 6
acres beaver dum, in cultivation. Price, 92,000 ;
terms moderate.
100 Acres, unimproved laud; about 36 acres
bottom land and 7 acres beaver dam, balance
open timber. Price, 90.60 per acre.
87 Acres, splendid springs and branch water;
about 00 acres beaver dnm, 30 acres in cultivation,
fair house and barn. Price, per acre ; terms
80 Acres, adjoining the above; about 40 acres
beaver dam land, 20 acres in cultivation, splendid
water. Price, 916.26 per acre; terms fair.
The above tracts of land are situated from ten to
twelve miles from Portland, ou the road to Dayton.
D, (J. HATCH, Oowego, Oregon,
Yamhill County.
G40 Acres, all under fence, miles from North
Yamhill depot ; 1(0 acres of it under cultivation,
200 acres rolling pasture land, 40 acres oak and
ash timber. Terms, 925 per acre, 94000 down,
Balance time. THOS. BHOWN, N. Yamhill.
Thurston County,
5 nnd 2R-100 acres in the city of Olympia, W
T. On the laud is a comfortable one-story dwell
ing house 24x24 feet, several outhouses and about
100 bearing fruit trees, several varieties of small
fruits; a large stream of water running through
it. The place is enclosed with a substantial fence,
and is divided with other feaoes into convenient
lots for chickens, etc. Price, 91,000, gold coin.
Terras easy. Inquire of Fred Prosh, Portland, or
A. R. Elder. Olympia.
Hint County.
80 Acres, four miles from 8eattle, W. T. Price,
9U00. Address, G. W. Traver, Portland.
20 Acres, in Camana Valley, W. T. Priot,
150. Address, Q. W. Traver, Portland.
11 Acres, one mile from Bteilacoora. Price,
9200. Address, Q, W. Traver, Portland.
200 Acres, 4 miles north-east of Vancouver;
IB acres in cultivation, 150 fenced, with house and
barn. Price, 2,000.
J. H. ALLYN, Vancouver.
Yakima Cowaty,
640 Acres Opposite the county seat of Yakimi
county ; haylaud, all under feuce, with buildingt,
corrals, farming implements, etc. Price, 913 p
acre Also, if wanted, about 600 bead of one
Amorican cattle at reasonable price. Terms, half
down, balance oo time.
i 466 Acres-Fifty miles above Yakima City, oo
tbe Snoqualmie road to Seattle, 41 miles from the
summit of the mountain, and 100 miles frost
Seattle ; 46 acres of it in cultivation : also, dwel
ling, blacksmith shop and other buildings ; also
young orchard. This is a tine summer ranch tot
stock that cannot be crowded or eat out Term.
10 per acre half cash, balance time.
F. M. THORP, Ellensburt;.
275 Acres-Situated in the famous Chehetis val
ley; river bottom laud; 10 acres slashed and
cleared; splendid building site, with cabin, or
chard, etc Price, 95 an acre. TJ. 8. patent.
M. CHOIR, Seattle.