The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, February 01, 1876, Image 1

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    VOL. 1-No. 7.
I PUB .".XWM 1 1
A Limerick tobacconist, looking dole
fully at his poor 'neighbors groping around
among the smouldering ruins of his burned
out shop, noticed that some of them, after
trying the contents of certain canisters,
carefully loaded their waistcoat pockets
from them. He followed suit, and found
that the snuff had come out of the fiery
ordeal very much improved in pungency
and aroma. Like a wise man, he said
nothing, bttUook another place, set up a
lot of ovens, and before long " Black Yard
Snuff," otherwise "Irish Blackguard," was
all the rage with lovers of nasal tilillaliqn,
and in a few years Lundyfoot was a rich
man, owing to the accident he thought had
ruined him.
paper-maker for four years; then he sent it
to his London agent to be sold for what it
would fetch. The novelty was admired,
auu uic agem noi oniy sum ine wnoie siocn
of blue paper at a high price, but asked for I
more. Then Mrs. East unbosomed-herself,
claiming a new cloak as the reward of
her fortunate carelessness, and her husband
was enabled for awhile to reap a rich har
vest, until the demand become so great that
other makers devised means for the same
end, and manufactured blue paper as a
matter of course.
Even those now necessary utilities, envel
opes, originated accidentally. A Brighton
stationer took a fancy for dressing his win
dow with piles of writing-paper, rising
gradually from the largest to the smallest
size m use, and to finish his pyramids off
Perhaps the most extraordinary instance
of an excessive and depraved appetite on
Tecord is that of a French soldier named
Tarare, whose case is described in vol. xxi.
of the "f)ictionnaire des Sciences Medi
cates," by Dr, Percy. He was born near
Lyons, and came up to Paris, where his
first exploit was to eat a basket of apple
at a friend 's expense. )n various occasions
he swallowed a series of corks and other
indigestible material, which produced such
violent colic that he was obliged to attend
the Hotel Dieu,, and, while being examin
ed, almost managed to swallow the watch
chain and seals of the surgeon in atten
dance, Mr, Gjraud. Desault, on the oc
casion of one of these attacks of eolic,
and waste meat, but often slipped into the
dispensary to finish off a poultice or twou
One day lie was observed to seize a large
cat, and, after sucking its blood, left, in
short time, only cleanly-picked bones, the:
liair being rejected in the course of aboaSE
half an hour, like other camivora. lie'
was fond of serpents and eels, swaUowuia;
them whole. On another occasion he
consumed in a few minutes a rcpist, spread
out for fifteen German work-people, of
milk, etc., after which he was blown out
like a balloon. In the presence of some
officers he swallowed, at one sitting, thirty
pounds of liver and lights. His insatiable
appetite was for once in his life made use--ful
by bis being selected to convey a cor
respondence between General BeauhariiaiB
and a French colonel, which wan iiuertedl
s -.4''' .
THE THREE SISTERS-In Cascade Range, Oregon.
A would-be alchemist, seeking to dis
cover what mixture of earths made the
strongest crucibles, found that one day he
had made porcelain. Instead of transmut
ing metals, as he had fondly hoped to do,
Bottger transmuted himself" as if he had
been touched with a conjurer's wand, he
was on a sudden transformed from an al
chemist into a potter."
Mrs. East, the wife of an English japer
maker, is said to have been the first pro
ducer of blue-tinted writing-paper. Going
among the vats while the workmen were
away for their dinner hour, she let a blue
bag fall into one of them, and, horrified at
the mischief she had done, said not a word
about the matter. The spoiled paer was
hidden away in his warehouse by the angry
nicely, he cut cards to bring them to a
point Taking these cards for diminutive
note-paper, lady customers were continually
wanting some of " that dear little paper,"
and the stationer found it advantageous m
cut some paper to the desired pattern. But
then there was no space for addressing the
notclets when they were folded; and after
much cogitation, he invented the envelope,
which he cut with the aid of metal plates
made for the purpose. The sale increased
so rapidly that he was uuable to produce
his envelopes fast enough, so lie commis
sioned a dozen houses to make them for
him, and thus set going an imjartant
branch of the manufacturing stationery
Centennial kisses Hun Jred in a bunch.
tried to frighten him out of his gross habits
by declaring that it would be necessary to
open his stomach, and arranged the instru
ment; he ran away, and relieved him
self by copious draughts of warm water.
Soon after he found that his apatite had
realty increased to an excessive amount,
probably owing to the continued irritation
produced by these absurd tricks. Aiscven
teen years of age, when oniy weighing one
hundred jnund, he could eat twenty-four
pounds of beef in as many hours. He
now entered the army, and, being re
cognized by the surgeon-major, Mr. Cour
ville, of theNintli Kegiment of Hussars,
he was detained fonhe sake of curiosity.
From the day of his admission, he was
ordered quadruple rations, with pUking
in a box and swallowed; but lie was caugotl '
and soundly thrashed. He fell under
suspicion of having eaten a child fourteen
months old. It is stated tliat he was of
mild and gentle manners and aspect. After
death his stomach was found to be in
very diseased condition.
Area and KiKilation of the world is at
follows :
Europe, 5,700,000 square- mile; popi
lation, 303,000.006. Asia, 1 3,000,000 -square
miles, and population, 799,oooxx
Africa, 8,700,000 square miles; population,
106,000,000. America, 12,000,000 sqtia re
mits; imputation, 84,000,000. Australia
anil Polynesia, 1,500,000 square miles;,
Imputation, 4,500.000.